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Google has recently rolled out an open-source mobile application development SDK named Flutter. This new tool enables building cross-platform applications with a power to execute it in multiple systems like Android and iOS using a single codebase.

Jump into the flutter app development for your business that is written in Dart language that uses the language’s plentiful features. Make the first move with flutter app to stay ahead of the competition.

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Flutter App Development for Future

Change the gears of how your business application loads and work on a device with Flutter SDK providing an exceptional native user experience. Leverage its expressiveness, adaptable UI and best-in-class load speed of 60FPS. Majority of the business along with the React Native are swiftly onboarding get Flutter app developers to pace up with time.

Get the best out of Flutter thanks to its exclusive application development framework helping developers to apply Dart programming language, almost as similar to the Java development. The is in your hands with the power to offer users with the Flutter applications.

Now is the time to hire flutter app developer to create top-quality next-gen cross-platform mobile apps. Get the Flutter-edge for your business and experience the difference.

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Why Choose Flutter App Development?

Technology often moves faster than our thoughts. Get the first-mover advantage in your business with flutter app. It provides a simple yet innovative approach towards app development with features that are still unique for many industries. Here is why you should consider shifting to the flutter app development.

Fast Performance

Flutter does not use JavaScript which boosts performance at par with industry standards. Run apps faster on users’ device with dart compiling the script into native code without the bridge.


Perhaps the business’ delight – fastest cross-platform development. Now reach wider audiences with Flutter’s ability of UI Customization with preloaded widgets for each platform.

Flexible UI

Fluter apps can adapt user-define font sizes in OS settings for a consistent experience. Also, it has bespoke screen readers with spoken feedback to UI elements

Support for Native Modules

The UI Component and Development API of Flutter apps runs on native modules. Get the best out of the Flutter app framework having an API to access native modules easily.

Why Choose Intelivita for Flutter App Development?

We house a dedicated team of flutter app developers to help you get started with Flutter. While it is a new technology, the basics of JavaScript goes into developing flutter apps. We leverage our team’s JavaScript expertise for flutter app development.

Enhanced clients understanding

We step into your shoes to get the entire rundown your requirements and tailor a perfect flutter app development experience.

Personalized Approach

Empower your business with a personalized touch. We mend ourselves and blend our expertise to create a versatile Flutter app.

Quick and simple coding

No complexities! We share our Flutter code and involve you in the procedure. Make flutter app with us as a team and see your business grow.

Expert Guidance

Our Flutter app experts and consultants guide you through the entire app development journey and help you make the right decisions.

Precise Documentation

Everything from requirements to technology stack is documented. We follow a unique flutter app documentation process for a seamless app development experience.

Post-Development Services

We don’t stop at development! Our continuous flutter app support keeps pumping creativity in maintaining and smooth running of your application.

Hire Best Flutter Developer in the Market

Drive innovation in the business. Hire flutter developer to create a next-gen mobile app. Unlock the Flutter advantage with Intelivita boasting a team of experienced and innovative developers to deliver a reliable, flexible and fast Flutter app.

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Flutter is Used By

The industry giants are already experimenting with the flutter app development to drive faster conversions. You don’t want to miss out on the first-mover advantage.

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Cross-industry Experience

With us, you are assured an extensive and well-rounded experience team having worked across industries and technologies. Flutter technology requires an in-depth exposure to mobile app development and that’s what we excel in.


Flutter apps for education offer a plethora of opportunities for business to experiment with their ideas. With its ability to integrate with Fuschia (Google OS) you can drive your flutter app for education towards providing AI-driven learning experience. Crete fast, intuitive and immersive learning experience for students using Flutter technology and bring about a wave of change in the industry.


Create a seamless shopping experience for your users through Flutter app development for retail. Not many retailers are entering the Flutter zone. Take the first move and experience success. Our eCommerce app developers with blended expertise in JavaScript ensure leveraging Flutter for creative VR-based flutter apps for shopping. Kickstart your app retail app journey by offering your users close-to-real shopping experience.

On Demand

Fast, responsive and light! This is what defines the on-demand mobile application. Don’t get lost in the market trends by introducing another on-demand app for delivery and taxi. Get the Flutter app for your next on-demand app development idea and experience how Flutter app provides you with just the right ingredients to make a successful on-demand app.

Social Media

Cool widgets and custom UI is something that defines a social media app apart from its ability to be faster and lighter. Choose Flutter app development to create unique social media for your prospective users. And since flutter homes cloud storage with real-time database hosting options, all the user information stays secure even in large volumes.

Health and Fitness

Health freaks and fitness nerds are always on the hunt for something new, innovative and more real-time. Nothing gets better than flutter apps for real-time data lovers as it eliminates the bridge between OEM and JavaScript thanks to communicating directly with the native platform, user data transfer is quicker than ever. Those who wear fitness devices with integrated apps will love the performance.

Media and Entertainment

Give your media and entertainment users a lag-free app experience with Flutter app development. We understand your requirement of starting low and exploring rather than going with a full-feature launch for entertainment apps. Scale-up Flutter app faster without the need of additional server as it has firebase support for it supports running process like Fastlane for a quicker turnaround in case of expansion.

Our Flutter App Development Process

Our simple, 3-step Flutter app development process shortens the development-to-market time. And since we want you to be the first in your industry to launch a Flutter app, we stay agile and try to add value at every step.

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Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

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Showcasing what we are best at

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