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    Elevate your ROI with top-notch apps

    Flutter App Development Company

    Engage, interact and convert every app user to achieve business goals with advanced native iOS and Android apps with Flutter. Intelivita is a top Flutter app development company with a team of Flutter experts to leverage the same business logic across platforms without compromising native performance.

    • Leverage Flutter’s Skia to launch your app on any platform
    • Reduce the time-to-market for competitive advantage through declarative APIs
    • No compromise native performance across mobile, web, and desktop.
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    Build Immersive Apps For Any Screen Or Ios With Our

    Flutter Development Services

    iPhone. iPad. And the whole universe of Android devices. Building dedicated mobile apps for each operating system and device exclusively is not a wise business proposition. It is time-consuming, expensive, and also may not deliver the results that you are looking for. Is there a one-shot remedy? Flutter app development it is.

    With our Flutter app development capabilities, you can easily build, test, and deploy applications for mobile, web, desktop, and even embedded systems. We can help you prevent the need for exclusive app development for each of your targeted devices and user base. Also, all the apps can be developed and tested from a single code base which saves a lot of time and effort. Rest assured, you can release your applications to the world sooner than you want to.

    • Custom flutter apps from scratch
    • Flutter Development for iOS and Android
    • Flutter Cross-platform Development
    • Flutter App maintenance and support
    • Flutter App Consulting
    • Desktop app development
    • App Migration and support
    • UI/UX Design

    Perks of choosing Flutter App Development!

    Choosing the right technology for your application development is half the race won! Flutter is an open-source framework that provides the capability of creating native experiences across iOS and Android platforms with an elegant UI. However, what makes Flutter app development an attractive choice is its ability to deliver faster development at optimized costs.

    Language Bliss

    Unlike other hybrid frameworks based on Javascript, CSS, HTML, and others, Flutter has Dart programming language at its core. Dart offers compilation flexibility, concurrency of user request execution, and scalability to Flutter mobile app development

    Cross platform Reusability

    Flutter allows the reuse of a single code base across Android and iOS making it one of the finest frameworks for cross-platform development. Our Flutter app developers leverage the reusability of the framework with elegant native experience specific to a platform.

    Customizable widgets

    Flutter offers customizable widgets, precisely what developers need to create platform-specific features. Both iOS and Android are different platforms with specific design requirements, and Flutter makes it happen through support for Material design elements and the Cupertino library

    User-friendly apps

    It’s not just the attractive UI but Flutter enables the creation of functional and user-friendly applications. Our Flutter app development services leverage the framework’s user-friendly attributes and create an enhanced customer experience.

    Native experience

    Ahead of time(AOT) compilation capabilities offered by Dart allows Flutter apps to provide a native-like an experience for customers and support all the platform features.

    Faster development

    Flutter allows rapid development and making changes on the go with the hot reload feature. Speedier development means less time to market, providing your business a competitive advantage.

    Ease of Testing

    Testing a Flutter application on the go is easy and quicker than many other cross-platform frameworks. It means a lot to businesses looking to transform their ideas into reality and have an advantage in the market.

    Beyond apps

    Flutter is a one-stop solution framework for not just mobile applications but a unique experience across devices. Whether web apps, mobile apps, or desktop experience, Flutter offers a complete suite of software development tools for enhanced user experience.

    Apps We've Built With Flutter

    Being a well-known Flutter app development company, Intelivita is recognized for serving modern business needs anddelivering the best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost across the globe.

    Flutter Is Used By

    The industry giants are already experimenting with the flutter app development to drive faster conversions. You don’t want to miss out on the first-mover advantage.

    Why Choose Intelivita for Flutter App Development?

    Businesses, whether it's small, medium, enterprise, or even startups, need Flutter experts to deliver high-end digital transformations. Intelivita is a top Flutter application development company that offers high-end transformations and provides native UX. Our Flutter app developers and experts have extensive experience of more than a decade in delivering cross-platform, user-friendly apps.

    Enriched customizations

    Whether you are looking for a ready-to-use mobile application or need a fully customizable design, we leverage Flutter to provide tailor-made solutions.

    Dedicated Teams

    Customer success drives Intelivita, and we empower this success with dedicated Flutter teams that provide comprehensive development, testing, and deployments.

    Flexible Engagement Models

    Maximizing ROI for your business is not just about sales but also related to cost optimizations. We provide several engagement models which suit your budget and requirements.

    Integrity & Transparency

    Confidentiality and transparency are two vital factors you look for in a growth partner. Intelivita believes in the transparency of operations and the complete integrity of each project.

    Competitive Pricing

    Intelivita provides one of the most competitive pricing when it comes to Flutter app development services without compromising on the quality of delivery.

    Let's Discuss Your App idea With Our Flutter Experts Now

    Hire Flutter App Developer To Create Native Experiences & Proliferate Your ROI

    Flutter is more than just a framework! Its ability to deliver top-notch mobile apps, web apps and desktop experiences make it a good choice. Intelivita has a vast pool of expert Flutter programmers who know how to exploit the framework’s ability to deliver an elegant app experience.

    We are the best Flutter mobile app development company for customized development. Our Flutter app developers have highly adaptable, responsive, and customized apps for your projects.

    What makes us different from the crowded space of the mobile application market is our commitment to delivering experiences. Our team thrives on the idea of not just providing apps but an experience that powers client success! Looking to disrupt your market with a Flutter app? What’s stopping you? Hire Flutter app developers from Intelivita and transform your ideas into reality!

    Start Your Flutter Project!

      Flutter For Business Cases (Core Industry Experience)

      Intelivita provides Flutter application development for different business cases across industries from healthcare, retail, education, and more. What makes us the right choice for your domain-specific Flutter development is our cross-industry experience in delivering excellence.


      Delivering online education needs a reliable digital solution beyond the usual mobile app functionality. From enhanced streaming protocols to intuitive design, we provide end-to-end edutech apps for your business. A decade of cross-platform experience in delivering online edutech platforms makes Intelivita a reliable partner in your project’s success story!


      Online retail stores account for a massive $4.9 trillion economy. So, suppose you are planning to be the disruptive force in the market and have a competitive advantage. Intelivita can empower your project with highly customizable, flexible, and scalable mobile app solutions.

      On Demand

      In the age of fast-paced mobile experiences, on-demand services are commonplace. However, developing one for your startup needs experienced Flutter app development services. Intelivita delivers mobile applications across platforms leveraging its on-demand expertise for your projects.

      Social Media

      With more than 100 million active users across social media platforms, you need a reliable backend and elegant frontend for competitive advantage. We at Intelivita deliver interactive UI for your social media apps and backend architecture that can scale as needed.


      Looking to compete in an $87 billion worth market? Over the years, the health and fitness industry has digitized its platform to deliver remote services. Whether telehealth services or fitness apps, Intelivita provides high-end mobile applications for your business.


      Advent of OTT platforms has transformed the entertainment industry forever. Consumption of media is at an all-time high. In such a competitive market, what can be a make-or-break situation for your business is the technology at the backend! That is where we come in with years of experience delivering a customized experience.

      Our Flutter App Development Process

      Our simple, 3-step Flutter app development process shortens the development-to-market time. And since we want you to be the first in your industry to launch a Flutter app, we stay agile and try to add value at every step.


      Here we create a wireframe for your flutter app that helps to design a visually appealing UI that translates to a unique Flutter app UX.


      Coding for the Flutter app is fun for our developers. Here the knowledge blends with the expertise to work on Dart and Skia Graphics Engine.


      There is no delivery without testing. All our flutter apps go through a QA test before we release a bug-free and smooth Flutter application.

      Success Stories of OurFlutter App Development

      Pay N Park

      Want to have hassle-free parking on a busy uptown street? It can be an overwhelming thought at first, leaving aside the pain of finding a suitable parking space. PayNPark had a solution to all such parking issues, but they needed an on-demand app that could scale as per requirements. Intelivita helped PayNPark with enhanced Flutter app development to build advanced on-demand parking solutions that can scale as needed.


      Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.


      Get Free App Consultation

      Be it launching your first online store or crafting customer solutions for your B2B enterprise, or even setting up a B2B-B2C marketplace, Intelivita is geared up to deliver on all your eCommerce requirements.

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