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    Metaverse Development Services

    Ever thought of creating a realm where the metaverse is blurring the line of reality?

    At Intelivita, we believe in delivering what more than just reality is! Our advanced Metaverse Development includes a cognitive effort from Blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, and High-end graphics experts. Our offerings include extensive 3D animations and modeling, an NFT marketplace in the metaverse, and more.

    • Blur the reality
    • Build Multiverses
    • Transform User Experience
    Build A Yourverse Now!
    Metaverse Development

    Build Experience That Defies Reality With Top

    Metaverse Development Company

    Create a stimulating experience paired up with the top-of-the-line 3D virtual graphics building a meta world like no other. Intelivita offers a near-perfect reality for your metaverse, which is unmatched in the market. We are a top metaverse development company helping businesses, game developers, startups and enterprises build unique user experiences.

    Going mobile is just the first part of the puzzle! If you want to provide an immersive experience to your customers, switch to a more realistic environment with the metaverse development. We offer an excellent 3D virtual environment for your projects for higher user engagement.

    The power of AI meets AR/VR and amazing computer-generated graphics to create a synergy of a visual treat for your customers. Enhance and engage your customers, showcase virtual products, or create an NFT marketplace on the metaverse; Intelivita is your key to your verse!

    Metaverse Development Services

    AR/VR was the first step towards an immersive experience for many companies, but with the advent of metaverse- it's a realism realm! Join the modern world of virtual experiences by developing a customized metaverse.

    Rethink your engagement strategy by creating an immersive experience with top Metaverse Development Services from Intelivita. We provide comprehensive solutions for your metaverse development to build virtual spaces, events, parties, gaming conventions, and more.

    3D Modeling Services

    Create intuitive and interactive experiences with the state of the art 3D modeling services. 3D modeling needs an understanding of virtual space, graphics, isometric shapes, etc. Our designers have the correct design thinking to enable augmented reality for your metaverse and allow users to have a realistic view of your products.

    3D Animation Services

    Animations are at the core of your metaverse, which is breaking the blurry lines between reality and the virtual world. Our metaverse developers enhance the visual grammar of your virtual space through lively 3D animations. The best part of our 3D animation services is customizations that bring your ideas to life.

    Metaverse Application Development

    Intelivita’s experience of years in building mobile applications will help create the right gateway to your metaverse. Our metaverse app development offers a highly reliable frontend and robust backend to enable superior performance. Not just aesthetically, our metaverse apps offer advanced features to compliment your metaverse.

    Gaming Metaverse

    Gaming experience is getting closer to reality with innovations in computer-generated graphics. With the expertise in Unity 3D, Blender, and high-end computer-generated graphics, our designers provide the perfect gaming experience So, whether it's a move-to-earn (M2E) game or player-vs-player (PvP) game or a play-to-earn (P2E) game we help you build your gaming metaverse.

    NFT Marketplace

    Digital assets and artifacts are the new form of the financial market. Intelivita is at the forefront of providing metaverse solutions for the NFT marketplace.

    Create a space for digital artists and build a platform for NFT creators to connect with users with our metaverse development excellence for the NFT marketplace.

    Metaspace Marketing

    What is visible is sellable! We ensure that your metaspace not only outshines the competition in terms of immersive experience but also helps it market better—our team of consultants, marketers, developers, and experts. So, enter a new world of metaspace businesses with a partner like Intelivita.

    Metaverse Event Platform Development

    Whether it's meetings, social events, award shows, and virtual events, Intelivita offers an immersive platform for your metaverse. The best part of our metaverse solutions is flexibility and scalability, allowing large-scale events to happen inside the metaverse event platform.

    Metaverse Educational Platform Development

    E-learning and online education platforms are a growing market. You can take it to a notch higher with a metaverse educational platform! Our metaverse developers offer solutions across business domains providing innovative and advanced features.

    Decentralized Platforms

    Build decentralized platforms for gaming, social events, trading NFTs, and real estate with metaverse development services from Intelivita. Our team provides comprehensive solutions to your custom needs, including UI/UX< frontend, backend, intelligent contracts, and blockchain-based architecture.

    Offer More Than Just A Meta Experience!

    Benefits of Intelivita’s Metaverse Development Solutions.

    Innovative Communication

    An innovative experience for users with immersive communications fueled through amazing 3D graphics, animations, and virtual environments.

    Real-Time Experience

    A real-time engagement between several users in the virtual world will enable your business with a unique opportunity to improve conversions.

    Eliminate Physical Presence

    There is something about being in the comfort of your home and yet hanging out with friends. Remove the need for the physical presence of your customers through our metaverse solutions.

    World Without Limitations

    When it comes to virtual environments and the world of augmented reality, possibilities are limitless. So, transform your business interactions into a virtual world with Intelivita.

    Build Your Metaverse with Intelivita

    We specialize in building tailor-made metaverse solutions across all industries

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    Hire Metaverse Developers

    Metaspaces to need more than just aesthetic UI/UX. A scalable, flexible, and robust backend architecture is the most crucial aspect of your metaverse. The backend of your metaverse will enable the functionality of features to support a more immersive experience.

    Our metaverse developers provide your metaverse with exemplary architecture to enhance functionality. For example, integration of augmented reality elements, 3D modeling, communication features, and virtual eCommerce are some of the metaverse use cases where our developers offer market-leading services.

    Why Choose Intelivita for Metaverse Development?

    Intelivita is at the forefront of metaverse development with a team of designers, developers, and experts providing top-notch solutions.

    Metaspace communications

    We provide rich communication across your metaverse environments and features to enhance the overall virtual 3D experience.

    Real-Time Events

    Leverage our technology prowess and expertise in metaverse development to support real-time events for your customers.

    High ROI

    Immersive experience means higher engagement which means better conversions.Intelivita drives your ROI to new heights through metaspace excellence.

    Virtual excellence

    Boost your sales through higher user engagement with 3D avatars, virtual products, augmented reality, and top-of-the-line 3D modeling for your metaverse.

    Tech & Marketing Support

    Metaverse development is not enough as you need to promote the uniqueness of 3D virtual environments across channels, and Intelivita excels at both.

    Immersive Environment

    An immersive space for all the gaming, NFT marketplace, social events, and specific use cases your business needs is just a session away with Intelivita’s experts.

    Success Stories of Our Metaverse Development

    Metaverse App Name

    How about virtual gaming, avatars, and rewards all in one place? It’s the Popmoji Rooms- a metaverse development marvel by Intelivita which transforms the user experience. Users can access rooms with a single tap with online games, challenges, and avatars to play for rewards.

    Our engineers have used enhanced 3D technology and innovative solutions to build the metaverse experience.

    Metaverse Development Tech Stack

    Our hands-on technology experience sets us apart from the rest of the business. Our web developers have a
    knack of picking the right technology stack for the client and server-side.

    Unity 3d





    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Metaverse Development is still in its nascent stages. Queries about its performance and feasibility are common. Find answers to the most common questions that everybody has.

    Metaspace is a virtual environment that provides an immersive experience for your customers. You can integrate different features, visual elements, and specific functions based on the business requirements.

    A metaverse development package includes UI/UX, backend architecture, frontend development, and even marketing support.

    No, our metaverse development packages provide everything based on your requirements. We provide the most competitive pricing and flexible engagement models for your projects.

    The cost of a metaverse application depends on several factors like the size of the app, type of features, need for a decentralized platform, 3D modeling requirements, scale of the project, etc.

    Apart from that, the engagement of developers, designers and resource costs also affects the cost. The best way is to consult our experts and find the optimal package for your projects.


    Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.


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