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    iOS App Development Company

    Intelivita is at the forefront of creating native iOS experiences for several businesses. Whether you are a startup, an enterprise, or an SMB looking to leverage native iOS features, our iOS mobile app development company has customizable solutions.

    From the secure experience of using an iPhone to the unique characteristics of WatchOS, Intelivita provides Apple ecosystem apps that elevates engagement. Our iOS app development solutions are flexible, have robust architecture, and provide superior UX.

    Build an iOS app!

    Custom iOS App Development Services

    Developing an iOS application is not just an excellent option for higher ROI but also to provide a secure experience. Apple platform is known for its security and native features with the right iOS app development services that can help your business skyrocket in growth. Intelivita provides such customizable services for your iOS apps. We are an experienced iPhone app development company that offers customized, flexible, scalable, and secure iOS applications.

    Native iOS App Development

    Native application development is not just about building the user interface aligned with the iOS platform’s requirements. Intelivita will take it further to make unique native features that leverage native iOS capabilities to enhance app performance.

    iPhone Application Development

    iPhone is one of the highest-selling smartphones in the world, and developing an application for it means higher reach for your business. We provide state-of-the-art iPhone app development through experienced iOS developers and a platform-specific tech stack.

    iOS Software Testing

    iOS software testing is key to your application performance. This is where an iOS software development company with the proper knowledge and experience can help you improve engagement and scalability and ensure responsive apps.

    iOS App Development Consultation

    Having the right tech stack is essential for your iOS app development, and that is where our consultants excel. We have a pool of experienced iOS experts who leverage agile methodologies for optimized development. Our agile iOS app development services are designed to provide enhanced business capabilities.

    iOS App UI/UX Design

    User experience and higher engagement are two vital aspects of any application development process that every business wants to ace. Intelivita provides top-notch UI/UX design for your iOS applications based on the native capabilities of the platform.

    IoT-Powered iOS Apps

    Taking the iOS apps beyond iPhones can open your business capabilities to new avenues of customer engagement. We provide advanced IoT-based iOS applications to cater different needs of customers across the Apple ecosystem of devices.

    Let’s bring your iPhone app development idea to life

    Success Stories of OuriOS App Development

    Kloe - Friendships & Dating

    Friendships and relationships need enriched communications. Kloe, a friendship and dating app, wanted a platform for real people to connect without paid ads, swiping, or other gimmicky features. Intelivita leveraged years of experience in delivering iOS development to build a feature-rich app that simplifies connecting with your friends on Kloe. The best part of our solution was scalability, allowing Kloe to add millions of users to the app.

    Kloe Dating App build for iOS device

    Our Agile iPhone App Development Process

    We prioritize app security and App Store’s quick approval to get you to do business with our iPhone app development. For this, we have the following 3-step process in place. Apple’s app store has specific requirements that every application publisher needs to comply with. We ensure that your applications are platform compliant and provide enhanced performance through a 3-step process!


    First step to creating an iOS application is to design a product prototype according to your business-specific requirements.

    Prototypes + Feedback

    Wireframes are created based on your design plan, and a prototype workflow is presented for your review and approval.

    Coding & Testing

    Once the prototype is approved by clients, our expert, iOS developers code the application build with high-quality programming.

    Deployment Testing

    Through extensive testing, our iPhone app testers and QA team ensure that the app is free of any errors or bugs before it is released.

    iPhone App Delivery

    Finally, our high-quality codes merge with your business logic to create fantastic iOS apps which are Apple app store compliant.

    Industry Expertise

    Experience the growth with our iPhone app development services catering to over millions of users and having expertise to deliver
    an iPhone app – the right fit for your users.


    Leverage Apple’s technology as we help you build an iPhone app for the education business that blends in the latest technology like AR and VR for iOS apps. Transform the way how children learn and professionals are trained by connecting students to teachers for instant feedbacks and quick adaptation to concepts based on the coursework.


    People are getting more aware of their health and are equipping technology to help them with it. Offer something unique with our iPhone app development services for health & fitness to help users live a healthy life and stay fit. Time to outperform your competitors by driving traction and offering high usability with the health app & fitness app.


    Create compelling, feature-rich retail apps with our advanced iOS app development services to reach out to your users and grow your business. Our iOS app development company will have you integrate necessary features like reviews, scrolling pictures and safe transaction options. We ensure users will have high usability smooth UI for quicker checkouts.


    Cater to a wider audience-base as our iPhone app developers craft stunning media and entertainment apps. Users are always looking to consume content online, edit pictures and share memes. Give what your iPhone users demand with sleek, powerful and engaging iPhone app for media and entertainment.


    The world is revolving around on-demand mobile apps to perform daily tasks. On-demand iPhone app development brings everything to the users’ fingertips. Right from grocery services to food ordering, taxi booking, doing household tasks, on-demand applications provide end-to-end services for iPhone users to make life better for users.

    Social Media

    Users across the globe prefer social media apps over messaging and gaming apps with accumulating over 50% of the iOS users. With more social entrepreneurs and multiple media apps, engage our iPhone app development company to set foot into this industry by leveraging the experience and expertise of dedicated social media app development team for iOS.

    Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to iPhone app development, Intelivita believes in using the potential of Apple’s native capabilities. But, what’s unique about our services is the number of customizations you can opt for your apps without compromising on the quality.

    Custom Development

    We offer customizations that enable brands to build unique experiences conveying their vision to the audiences through enhanced iOS apps.


    Time is of the most significant essence when it comes to success in business.Putting out the right idea at the right time in the market is what Intelivita excels at with the high-quality codes.

    iPhone Expertise

    We have years of experience in delivering high-end iOS apps. So, leverage our expertise to build a highly advanced native iOS experience.

    Premium Quality

    A premium quality experience can make your business stand apart amidst competition. Intelivita provides premium quality iOS applications for your brands.

    Expert Support

    Keeping up with the competition needs higher app performance, and our experts offer comprehensive support for the maintenance and fine-tuning of iOS apps.

    UI/UX Design

    UI/UX is the gateway for users to interact with your applications, and that is where we enhance the entire experience through design expertise.


    We believe in delivering high-quality iOS apps rather than bragging about them. Here are some feathers in our flock of fantastic work and projects executed by our experienced team!


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    iPhone App Development is still in its nascent stages. Queries about its performance and feasibility are common. Find answers to the most common questions that everybody has.

    Intelivita does not take ownership of your application or intellectual properties. We are enablers for your business that help create the next best thing in the iOS environment.

    Whether you are a startup with a new idea to disrupt the market or an established business looking to create unique iOS apps, we accommodate every requirement with our solutions. There is no limit to the kind of use cases we cater to through iOS app development services.

    The cost of developing an iOS application depends on several factors like the scope of projects, size of the project, type of features, engagement model to hire developers, etc. Apart from that, the cost of resources and infrastructure also adds up. Intelivita provides a flexible engagement model and a comprehensive package for iOS development. Contact us to know the right package for your project.

    We follow a transparent and highly communicative culture where clients are provided regular updates on the projects. So, you can easily track the progress of your projects.

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    Be it launching your first online store or crafting customer solutions for your B2B enterprise, or even setting up a B2B-B2C marketplace, Intelivita is geared up to deliver on all your eCommerce requirements.

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