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    Custom-built Taxi App Development

    A tap on the smartphone is what users need to reach any destination! Modern taxi booking apps are going beyond the usual features. So, modernize your taxi booking app development with elegant white-label solutions.

    Join the “Uberolution” with the on-demand expertise of Intelvita you can become the next disruptive ride-hailing giant! We are a taxi booking app development company that believes in delivering the next big thing in the market.

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    Scalable Online Taxi Booking App Development Services

    The taxi booking app market differs according to specific business needs like location, customers, and drivers. There are corporate clients, office commuters, patients, and tourists with different types of ride preferences. Intelivita provides highly customizable taxi booking app development services to cater to varied customer needs.

    Taxi/Cab Business

    Create white label taxi booking services for your cab business and maximize earnings per ride with advanced features and elegant UX.

    Car Rental

    Leverage our skilled taxi app developers to maximize profits for your car rental business through interactive features and reliable performance.

    The corporate taxi business

    Provides the convenience of instant booking, priority pickups, and unique preferences through interactive taxi booking app features.

    Limousine Service

    Integrate the luxury of your limousines with a Limo app solution customized and designed for specific business requirements from Intelivita.

    Top On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Company

    Building a reliable taxi booking app solution needs top-notch engineering excellence, which Intelivita brings aboard for many businesses. Taxi booking companies face several challenges of development costs, delivering user experience, driver matching algorithm, and more.

    Intelivita is a Taxi Booking App Development Company with top-notch engineering and on-demand expertise. Our solutions provide rapid growth for your apps, optimizing the cost without compromising quality. The best part of our taxi booking app solution is the suitable customizations that enable an enhanced user experience.

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    Want to discuss advanced features for your taxi app and validate your app idea? Let us help you create a taxi booking app that suits your needs.

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    Taxi Booking App Features

    Taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft have been at the forefront of innovation with unique features. At Intelivita, we believe in going beyond the characteristics of these market giants to offer an enhanced experience.

    Raising a hand to call a cab or finding a ride on a busy street is an inconvenience that no user wants. We offer customized taxi booking app development services that enable users to book a cab with one tap. Our team of expert taxi app developers offers interactive features which allow users to follow every movement of the cab or a rental.

    Book a ride

    Instant ride-booking or scheduling option for users with a highly responsive and interactive interface.

    Ride estimations

    Customers get instant estimations of the total cost for a ride and the estimated time of arrival for the taxi, distance, and time to reach the destination.

    Location access

    Customers can easily add or remove pickup and drop points on the maps through advanced map API integrations.

    Real-time notifications

    Customers get real-time updates on ETA, location, communication details of drivers, and a live chat feature for enhanced coordination.

    Two-step verification

    Users can confirm the booking through SMS or email sent to their device from the customer application with a passcode.

    The convenience of payment

    Users can choose from a range of payment options, including digital wallets, online banking, credit cards, cash, bitcoin, etc.

    Booking rentals

    Customers can rent cars for a specific time with various vehicle types to choose from in the catalog and packages.

    Reviews & ratings

    Riders can share their ride experience and rate drivers through different aspects like driver’s behavior, the comfort level of the cab, and others.

    Taxi app features for passengers

    A driver’s app is not just about accepting ride requests. Our taxi app solutions ensure features that allow drivers to accept or decline requests, access rider’s location, track earnings, etc.

    Document management

    Driver’s verification is a crucial aspect of the taxi booking business, and this feature allows drivers to upload their documents for licensing and vetting process.

    One tap idle

    Drivers can choose their working hours and activate inactive status through a one-tap feature in the driver’s application as per their preferences.

    Route optimization

    Drivers can access optimized routes during peak hours and navigate easily through traffic with state-of-the-art navigation features and interactive maps.

    Real-time updates

    Receive real-time updates on the ride requests with the flexibility of accepting or rejecting a request through the driver’s app.

    In-app communication

    Real-time calling and communication features in the driver’s app allow them to coordinate with customers to start the trip.

    Monitoring earnings

    Automated fare estimation and earning tracking enable drivers to know revenue for the current trip, earnings per trip historically, and monthly average.

    Trip management

    Drivers can mark the start or end of a trip for every customer and the facility of canceling a trip from their end as per business policy.

    Rating riders

    The customer rating feature allows drivers to flag bad customers or specific rides affecting the business side.

    Managing every aspect of your taxi booking app needs advanced features and business intelligence. Intelivita offers on-demand taxi Booking App Development with enhanced agility, flexibility, and analytics.

    Rider management

    Admins can add, delete and manage different user-profiles and information about their preferences and communication details.

    Location management

    Admins can add or delete a location on the maps for service expansions, route addition, and optimized navigation.

    Business analytics

    Manage your taxi booking services with advanced business intelligence served through the top of the line and interactive analytics on the admin panel.

    Revenue management

    Admins can manage revenue from each ride, access historical revenue records, and even release partner commissions for aggregator business.

    Promotion management

    Admins can add promo codes and manage the complete promotional campaigns right from the dashboard, monitoring results for each campaign.

    Driver management

    Admins can add drivers for the taxi services and manage documents for verifications and a thorough vetting process.

    Partner management

    A full-fledged feature for cab aggregators to manage all the partner profiles and dedicated cab dispatch functions.

    Success Stories of Our
    Taxi App Development

    SN Lyft Taxi Booking App

    Imagine an app that delivers food, offers a fantastic ride to the office and helps deliver packages. It seems like a genie out of the lamp, right? However, Intelivita made this possible with engineering excellence and on-demand expertise. Our app developers created a highly customizable on-demand taxi app solution that provides multiple delivery services from a single app.

    SN-Lyft iOS App developed by Intelivita

    Custom Taxi Booking App Development vs.
    Ready-made Solution: What to Choose?

    Are you wondering whether to build a custom taxi booking app solution or white-label ready-made solutions? Well,
    here is what you need to know.

      Custom taxi booking app Ready-made solutions
    Target audience Custom taxi booking app development targets a specific section of customers A ready-made solution targets scattered and larger lot of customers
    Business control HIgher level control on the business Lower or no control
    Type of investment One-time investment for the development of application Payment towards subscription fee is required per month
    Level of customizations Higher level of customizations Off-the-shelf app with no room for customizations
    ROI More customizations means better engagement = high ROI Lower customizations and lack of scaling options = Low ROI

    What affects taxi booking app

    Building a custom taxi booking app development has several stages. Right from designing excellent UX to wireframing the architecture and developing and deploying apps has specific costs. Engagement models for engaging taxi app developers significantly impact the cost. It depends on,

    • Developer’s experience
    • Skills and knowledge
    • Technology expertise
    • Location-based pricing
    • Hourly pricing
    • App Security

    Fortunately, Intelivita provides flexible packages customized to your taxi booking app requirements.

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    Why Choose Intelivita?

    Finding a ready-made solution or a vendor that offers an off-the-shelf solution narrows your chances of growth and scalability. This is where Intelivita acts as more than just a vendor and beyond a technical partner. We are a taxi booking app development company delivering reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions.

    The tech expert

    Our team of top technology experts keeps growing with talents weel-versed in new and advanced innovations of tech stack for reliable taxi app solutions.

    Dedicated resources

    Intelivita has a team of dedicated UI/UX designers, project managers, QAs, and taxi app developers passionate about delivering value.

    Continuous innovation

    At Intelivita, we believe in continuous innovation integrating best practices, innovative technologies, and creativity for an enhanced user experience.

    Customer success teams

    Our customer success teams work tirelessly towards successful digital transformations of cab aggregators, car rentals, and taxi businesses.

    Continuous support

    Intelivita provides industry-leading after-release support 24/7/365. In addition, our team works hand in hand with your organization for continuous performance calibration.

    Feature identification

    We have a team of professionals who will help you customize your taxi booking app development and identify key features suitable to the business model.

    Technology Stack








    Vue Js


    CSS 3






    Android AR



    Google VR


    Mixed Reality




    Just InMinds





    Amazon AWS


    Google Cloud




    Our Process of Taxi App Development

    Our highly creative taxi booking app developers follow a proven, 6-step taxi booking app development lifecycle that delivers a refined app for you to drive growth.

    Building a customized taxi booking app should not be difficult. Especially when Intelivita is with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Questions related to food delivery app development services are natural. Find answers to the most common questions that everybody has.

    Yes. Our taxi app developers will help build customized and tailor-made taxi booking apps to suit your business model. Whatever your business model is, whether it involves a freemium, plan-based, or transactional business model, we are capable of building a truly customized taxi booking app.

    Yes. As your technological partner in providing customized taxi app solutions, we help build a white label taxi solution that can be built with all brand presets like color, logo, and unique brand assets. The app and its assets will belong to you once the project is agreed upon as complete.

    As a leading taxi booking app development company, we do understand the need for apps to have payment integrations. App taxi booking apps we build have the provision for including payment integrations. We can help you integrate your taxi booking with XX payment integrations. The app can also be built to have multiple payment modes like cash, credit/debit card, online banking, digital wallets, etc.


    Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.


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