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    On-demand Food Delivery App Development Company

    Empower your fast-paced food delivery business with customized app solutions from Intelivita. We enable customer-centric designs for your food delivery business by creating innovative features.

    Intelivita has an expert team with 11 years of experience delivering on demand excellence. We are a top food delivery app development company offering tailor-made food delivery app solutions across US and Canada.

    • Modern UI/UX for the rich experience
    • Enhanced customer journeys
    • Innovative delivery tracking
    • Intelligent menu search features
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    UK Eats Food Delivery App Developed by Intelivita

    Highly Customizable Food Delivery App Development Services

    We deliver a hand-crafted experience for your food delivery apps that is intuitive, interactive, and easy to use. Our food delivery app development services are designed to enhance customer journeys and operation capabilities. With our custom solutions, you can quickly adapt to changing customer demands for higher ROI.

    Food Delivery Startup Apps

    Build more than just any food delivery app with our application development experts and create disruptive features like contactless deliveries and real-time tracking.

    White label apps for restaurant chains

    Manage menus, orders, and deliveries across restaurants with an elegant white-label food delivery app and customize your brand experience for users.

    Dedicated apps for standalone restaurants

    Be that convenient food delivery genie for your loyal customers! Our food delivery app solutions allow you to serve more customers with a touch of your brand identity.

    Aggregator apps for cloud kitchens

    Scalable food delivery app development solution for your cloud kitchen so that you can focus on delivering quality while we provide technical excellence consistently.

    Maximize ROI With Tailor-Made Food Delivery App Development Solution

    The convenience of ordering food from the couch is the new norm! So, you need that extra edge over giants like Uber, Lyft, or Doordash. Intelivita provides that extra edge through innovative and customizable food app development services.

    So, whether you are a famous pizza house in the neighborhood looking to expand deliveries or a chain of burger restaurants, Intelivita has the right recipe for success. Food delivery startups have a lot on their plate with business-focused activities like partnering with restaurants and others.

    We ensure that startups focus on the business aspects while our team of experts enables elegant white label food delivery apps for them.

    Here is what you can expert,
    • Business-centric feature development
    • Optimized app development process flow
    • The dedicated success management team
    • 24*7/365 technical support
    • Performance monitoring and fine-tuning

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    Let’s discuss your food delivery business requirements and we'll help you create customizable food delivery software.

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    User-centric features for food delivery app

    A teaspoon full of technology plus business-centric approach the right recipe for your food delivery app development!

    If cooking food and serving tasty food is an art, we add the flavor of technology to your food delivery app development! Unlike any business serving food is more than just business and our expert developers understand the crux of your operations.

    We have a pool of food app developers who leverage decoupled architecture to offer reliable, flexible, and scalable food delivery apps. At Intelivita, we believe in providing an experience where ordering, tracking, and monetizing food delivery are simplified.

    Critical components of a food delivery app

    Planning your on-demand food delivery app development needs a special focus on the features that enhance UX. In addition, these components need to be in sync with your business goals. This is precisely what we offer with state-of-the-art food delivery app solutions.

    Users expect a food delivery app to make it easy to find the best and top-rated restaurants in their near vicinity. It should allow them to filter restaurants by food served, dishes, cost, and several other features. Further, the user should also be able to place the order from the app instantly and also track the progress of delivery through real-time geolocation tracking of the delivery personnel. Apart from this, here are some more user-centric features that a user might find interesting.

    Profile Management

    Customers can build their profile and add essential information about their demographics, contact information, location, and preferences.

    Advanced Search

    Users can choose their favorite dishes and restaurants through keyword input with advanced filters like delivery time, distance, and menu preferences.

    Scheduling Orders

    Customers can place instant orders for their favorite dishes or choose to schedule a delivery depending on their convenience with a specific time and date.

    Payment Convenience

    Advanced payment modes with the integration of different options provide customers to pay at a medium of their choice and convenience.

    Order Tracking

    Users can track orders and real-time movement of delivery personnel and the estimated arrival time through the app.

    Live Chat

    Users can communicate with delivery personnel in real-time and provide voice instructions for specific information or directions on food delivery.

    Guest Login

    Customers can log in from their social media profiles on the application or log in with their email addresses to place food delivery orders.

    Reviews & Rating

    Customers can provide reviews and ratings to dishes, restaurants, and even delivery partners through the application for instant feedback.

    App Features for Delivery Partner

    Most restaurants manage takeaway orders and dine-in customers parallelly. Undoubtedly, it puts severe pressure on the kitchen staff and also makes it difficult for the waiters to manage customers in a proper fashion. To make work easy for everybody working in the restaurant, the mobile app should come with specific features that make order taking, assignment, and delivery easier. Here are some such features.

    Menu management

    Restaurant managers can add or delete food items into the menu and integrate new toppings, add-ons, submenus, etc., in the app.

    Order management

    The in-app feature of order management allows restaurant owners and managers to schedule, edit, and manage orders with complete access to historical data.

    Real-time tracking of delivery partners

    Restaurants can track the location of delivery personnel, movement, and ETA in real-time with communication features to guide them if necessary.

    Rewards management

    Add, edit and promote rewards programs from your application for enhanced user engagement and improved customer loyalty.

    Payment history

    Restaurant managers can access all the payment history, including annual, quarterly, and manual revenues, to fine-tune services for higher profits.

    Push notifications

    Restaurant managers can get real-time notifications on every business activity ranging from order placement, delivery location, cancellation, etc.

    App features for Restaurant App Owner

    How fast can I go from the restaurant and deliver the parcel to the customer? How do I get a five-star rating from the customer? How do I find the next order from the nearest restaurant closer to the customer’s place? These are some questions that every delivery person asks while on their job. Real-time location, turn-by-turn navigation, location-based order deliveries, ratings and review management, are some of the key features a food delivery must-have. It is good to have some additional features as well, like the ones listed below:

    Profile Management

    Delivery partners can update, add details and manage their profile along with features to upload documentation for the verification process.

    Delivery Management

    Delivery service providers can access order information on multiple deliveries and use the app to manage different orders across locations.

    Order Archives

    Historical data of orders, user preferences for delivery, and location details are accessible for delivery service providers to provide seamless deliveries.

    Effective Navigation

    Top-of-the-line maps and navigation features allow delivery partners to track, navigate and locate orders across geographies.

    Cancellation Management

    Delivery partners can access cancellation requests in real-time and even choose the availability time for service through the app.

    Revenue History

    Partners can track revenue history through analytics, payments, earning patterns, and monetization per delivery of food orders.

    App Features for Delivery Partner

    The admin of a food delivery app usually works from behind the scenes. Sometimes there could be multiple admins who manage the everyday working of the app. Their task is to ensure that the loop between customers, restaurants, and delivery personnel does not break at any point in time. Also, they should be able to have a bird’ eye view of the operations on a real-time basis. Here are some features that help with that.

    Admin Panel of Food Delivery App

    User Management

    Admin panel dashboard enables app owners and business management to manage customer profiles, cuisines, preferences, etc.

    Restaurant Management

    The dashboard allows admins to manage restaurant profiles, the addition of new partners, location, menus, and removal of restaurants.

    Delivery Service Management

    Admins can add or remove delivery service providers and manage documentation, verification, licensing, and profiles.

    Revenue & Commissions

    Manage revenue and commission payments to partner restaurants and delivery service providers and access historical data to make changes in business strategies.

    Location Management

    According to partner agreements for enhanced process flow, add, remove, and manage different delivery zones for service providers.

    Advanced Analytics

    A 360-degree view of business activities, customer ordering patterns, delivery patterns, cancellations, and revenue sources to strategize better.

    Promotion Management

    There is an all-in-one marketing and promotional feature right from the dashboard to manage campaigns, promotions, rewards, and loyalty programs.

    Success Stories of Our Food Delivery App Development

    UK Eats - Food Delivery App

    Intelivita helped UK Eats create a unique food ordering experience for their customers. Users can find their favorite restaurants, cuisines, and dishes through the advanced search feature in the UK Eats app. What makes our on-demand solution interesting is the ability of users to track orders in real time without any lag. Intelivita powers the UK Eats with advanced features like search filters, user preferences, delivery, and order management.

    UK Eats Food Ordering App Developed by Intelivita
    Food App Developers available 24*7 days

    Spearhead the market with an expert team of Food delivery app developers

    We have a team of app developers with on-demand expertise to provide customizable food delivery apps as per business needs. Our team enables apps with high-end features like advanced food search to real-time delivery tracking and contactless deliveries. We leverage on-demand app development best practices to help your business spearhead in a competitive market.

    • Flexible engagement models
    • High-quality codebase
    • Complete transparency of project
    • Full technical and maintenance support
    • Industry-standard NDA
    Want to build your food delivery app?

    Cost estimation to develop a food delivery app

    Development cost amounts to 60% of the total budget spending on building an app. So, getting it right matters the most for any food delivery business. The entire process of food delivery app building has several stages like design, development, testing, deployment, etc. All the stages take a specific amount of time which can impact the cost of development.

    Food app developers charge on an hourly basis. It means a cost-effective food app development process should take less time. This is where our expertise in rapid development helps organizations with cost-effective solutions.

    Get Estimation
    Food app development cost

    Factors that affect
    Food Delivery app development cost

    intelivita, a leading on-demand delivery app development company, has developed custom on-demand solutions for the world’s leading enterprises and startups, such as Glovo. It has a valuation of $1.2 billion and 30+ million installs, making it the most downloaded on-demand food delivery app in Spain.

    • App Platform
    • Technology Used
    • Features Module
    • Third-Party-App Integration
    • App Hosting
    • App Maintenance
    • UI/UX Design
    • App Security
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    Why choose Intelvita?

    Intelivita is a top food ordering app development company that provides reliable solutions for your startups. Whether you are looking to improve the user experience of existing restaurant businesses or looking to scale the cloud kitchen user base, we make it possible. This is why at Clutch, our clients say we deliver the best food app development experience.

    Bring your own brand

    Have lasting impressions with consistent branding across the food delivery app with a highly customizable design language.

    On-demand expertise

    Build an immersive and engaging experience for your food delivery app with on-demand capabilities through top-notch development.

    Highly scalable solutions

    Scale your business without compromising on the user experience with top-of-the-line food delivery app development.

    Most advanced technology

    Leverage advanced innovations through reliable integrations with our expertise in customized APIs to create rich functionality.

    Time & Cost-efficient

    In an agile market, time is the top priority, and our rapid food app development solutions ensure time and cost-efficiency.

    Business intelligence

    Stay ahead of the curve with advanced analytics and business intelligence to fine-tune food delivery operations and ace the market.

    It's time to maximize and monetize your food delivery app with Intelivita. Turn your ideas into an experience with our food ordering solutions!

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    Our Process of Food Delivery App Development

    Our highly creative food delivery app developers follow a proven, 6-step food delivery app development
    lifecycle that delivers a refined app for you to drive growth.


    Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

    Food Delivery Apps Revenue Model

    Monetize your food delivery app with the best-in-class development solution. Whether you are looking for a food delivery app with a commission-based revenue model or want to add immersive ads, Intelivita makes it come alive!


    Earn higher commissions on each order and offer complete transparency to partner restaurants through excellent revenue tracking features


    Monetize your food delivery app with feature advertisements of relevant products through our UI/UX excellence

    Delivery Fees

    Alter delivery charges according to peak hours and help your delivery partners earn more through advanced features.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Questions related to food delivery app development services are natural. Find answers to the most common questions that everybody has.

    Yes, Intelivita can help you develop a food delivery application like Doordash or UberEats. We also go beyond the features offered by these market giants to offer customizable solutions as per your business needs.

    Food delivery app development can take about 25-30 days to develop. If the application has complex features, development time can go up to 50 days. However, the total time of food delivery app development depends on factors like

    • App complexity
    • Types of features
    • Customizations
    • Scale of the project

    Intelivita provides complete technical after-release support for your food delivery application for consistent performance.

    There is no separate charge for development or hidden charges as we offer a complete food delivery app development solution based on specific requirements.


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    Be it launching your first online store or crafting customer solutions for your B2B enterprise, or even setting up a B2B-B2C marketplace, Intelivita is geared up to deliver on all your eCommerce requirements.

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