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Intelivita knows how the on-demand food ordering business has grown in recent years. We made our foray as a food ordering app development company when mobile apps for food ordering were just getting popular. The first-mover advantage has enabled us to observe the industry from a close edge and build futuristic food delivery apps.

Our food app developers have an eye for detail and can build apps with custom features as required by your business model. From recommending nearby restaurants to users based on their geo-location to connecting nearest delivery personnel for faster deliveries, we develop food delivery apps that will help grow your restaurant or food aggregator business. Want to build your food delivery app?

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On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Solution

You can be a restaurant owner or someone who owns a cloud kitchen. A food delivery app solution will help you get closer to customers who are hungry for the dishes you cook. Gone are the days when restaurant orders were placed through phone calls or by direct walk-ins. In this mobile age, users want on-demand food deliveries, and a food delivery app is a best and only option available for that.

With our team of software developers, you will be able to build a food delivery app that is truly customized for your business model. If you want to be an aggregator who lists restaurants or cloud kitchens, we can bolster the app backend with admin-friendly features. If you are a restaurant owner, we can create a custom food ordering app with your restaurant’s brand. We can also help you build a complete end-to-end food delivery app that connects restaurants, cloud kitchens, users, delivery person, and the admin seamlessly. 

How will you monetize the app? Our food delivery app development services will ensure that there is enough room for you to monetize your app services. We can help integrate several monetization channels like restaurant listing fees, transaction fees, commission, advertising, delivery fees, or facilitating fees. There is no cap on the kind of business model you want to adopt. Intelivita’s food delivery app developers can build any kind of food delivery app you are looking for.

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A Platter of Appealing Features for Your Food Delivery App

Connecting restaurants and customers is not the only purpose of a food delivery app. It can do a lot more than that to make lives easier for customers, delivery personnel, restaurants, and the app admins.

For Customers

Users expect a food delivery app to make it easy to find the best and top-rated restaurants in their near vicinity. It should allow them to filter restaurants by food served, dishes, cost, and several other features. Further, the user should also be able to place the order from the app instantly and also track the progress of delivery through real-time geo-location tracking of the delivery personnel. Apart from this, here are some more user-centric features that a user might find interesting.

Easy Onboarding
Nearby Restaurants
Restaurant Menu
Order Tracking
Multiple Payment Options
Schedule Order
Takeaway Option
Ratings & Reviews
Promos & Offers
Manage Profile
Help & Support

For Restaurant

Most restaurants manage takeaway orders and dine-in customers parallelly. Undoubtedly, it puts severe pressure on the kitchen staff and also makes it difficult for the waiters to manage customers in a proper fashion. To make work easy for everybody working in the restaurant, the mobile app should come with specific features that make order taking, assignment, and delivery easier. Here are some such features.

Profile Creation
Manage Business Info
Manage Menu
Order Alerts
Manage Orders
Payment Management
Reply To Reviews
Manage Promos
Get Insights
Customer Details
Help & Support
Track Order History

For Delivery Person

How fast can I go from the restaurant and deliver the parcel to the customer? How do I get a five-star rating from the customer? How do I find the next order from the nearest restaurant closer to the customer’s place? These are some questions that every delivery person asks while on their job. Real-time location, turn-by-turn navigation, location-based order deliveries, ratings and review management, are some of the key features a food delivery must-have. It is good to have some additional features as well, like the ones listed below:

Create Profile
Availability Settings
Receive Order
Receive Delivery Location
Receive Multiple Deliveries
Manage Orders
Realtime Tracking
Delivery Status
View Order History
Payment History
Help & Support

For the Admin

The admin of a food delivery app usually works from behind the scenes. Sometimes there could be multiple admins who manage the everyday working of the app. Their task is to ensure that the loop between customers, restaurants, and delivery personnel does not break at any point in time. Also, they should be able to have a bird’ eye view of the operations on a real-time basis. Here are some features that help with that.

Restaurant Management
Menu Management
Customer Management
Order Management
Payments & Commissions
Feedback Management
Offers Management
Notifications Management
Reporting & Analytics

Looking to launch your on-demand food delivery app?

Technologies Used

We build food delivery apps using the most versatile tech stack. Our choice of tech stack has enabled our customers to scale their operations swiftly and also enjoy uninterrupted services without any downtime.

Our Process of Food Delivery App Development

Our highly creative food delivery app developers follow a proven, 6-step food delivery app development lifecycle that delivers a refined app for you to drive growth.

Why Choose Us Your Food Delivery App Development Partner?

Take your platform to a range of users and even scale it to different cities, made possible through unmatched, excellence-driven services by Intellivita.

Time to Market

Our existing food ordering app solution is customized as per your requirements that negates wireframing resulting in a quicker launch.

On-Demand Expertise

Leverage our key insights and expertise in creating robust and cost-effective on-demand food delivery app for your business.

Built To Scale

Our app grows along with your business as our food delivery app features cloud infrastructure tested to handle large data.


You need not worry about your recipe for success as it is secure with an NDA offered by intellivita.

Customizable App

Get a customized food delivery app that also pushes your brand forward with effective UI/UX in line with your offerings.

Dedicated Support

Avail maximum ROI as our dedicated food delivery app developers offer continuous support from idea to launch and even for maintenance.

Looking to launch your on-demand food delivery app?

An on-Demand Food Delivery App for Restaurants and Users

With our on-demand food delivery app development company, you are guaranteed a comprehensive app to help manage your restaurant on multiple devices. Offer various customer services with enabled features like tailoring their meal, make safe payments online, track delivery driver in real-time, rate the food and services along with feedback.

Create an app that benefits your business as well as your customers as it offers managing on-demand order details at the micro and macro level. Join the biggest on-demand app development revolution by creating a food delivery app for your business.

Build a food delivery app that will get food to customers before the food gets cold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions related to food delivery app development services are natural. Find answers to the most common questions that everybody has.

Our food delivery app development services include the whole nine yards starting from building the wireframe to launching the app in app stores. Intelivita would be your tech partner in seeing the app to production and not just a vendor who completes tasks within a rigid scope of work.

Yes. All mobile apps that Intelivita builds are customized and tailor-made to suit clients’ business needs. Whatever your business model is, whether it involves freemium, plan-based, or transactional business model, we are capable of building a truly customized food delivery app.

Yes. As your technological partner in providing customized food app solutions, we help build a white label food ordering solution that can be built with all brand presets like color, logo, and unique brand assets. The app and its assets will belong to you once the project is agreed upon as complete.

The food delivery app can be integrated with as many payment integrations as required to ensure smooth payment handling. A separate tipping system for delivery personnel can also be integrated into the app for customer and delivery person’s convenience.


Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

Showcasing what we are best at

Showcasing what we are best at

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