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Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented scripting language that focuses on simplicity and productivity. It is known for its elegant syntax, which is easy to read and write, making it a favorite among developers.

In terms of web development, Ruby is often associated with the Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework, a powerful full-stack framework that simplifies the creation of robust and scalable web applications.

Custom Ruby Development
Services We Offer

From stunning interfaces to clean backend codebases, Ruby on Rails is the perfect framework for your full-stack development needs. Our solutions include:

Ruby Development Consulting

Get the needed guidance to ensure your project’s success. Whether you need strategic planning or optimization best practices, our consultants are here to make your Ruby development journey as smooth as possible.

Custom Ruby Application Development

Why create cookie-clutter software, when you can enjoy a fully customized solution? Our developers will make sure that every element of your Ruby application is unique, separating it from others in your niche.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) Web Development

Building a dynamic and fast-performing web application has never been easier. From a simple personal portfolio to a complex e-commerce platform, we always deliver the best results for every project.

Ruby Mobile App Development

Make it easy for users to access your Ruby application anywhere, anytime. Build native software or a cross-platform solution that dominates Android and iOS platforms with our mobile app development services.

RubyGems Development

Looking to add more features to your existing Ruby application? Worry not, our RubyGem development solutions enable you to create custom plugins to enhance the functionality and overall efficiency of your software.

Ruby Integration and Migration

Seamlessly integrate Ruby into your existing ecosystem or migrate to Ruby for enhanced performance. Our integration and migration services ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

Ruby API Development

Deliver faster data transfer, streamline processes, and boost team productivity. Our Ruby API development is all about connecting different apps in your ecosystem, so everything works together perfectly.

Ruby Support and Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Ruby applications with our support and maintenance services. We provide timely updates, bug fixes, and continuous improvements to keep your software at its best.

Ready to Build Your Dream App?

Large tech companies like Airbnb, GitHub, Shopify have all used Ruby on Rails to build
high-traffic apps – now it’s your turn to create your own success story.

Ruby Development Services for Different Industries

We’ve been serving hundreds of clients across 20+ industries – now it’s your turn to build your own success story.

Why Intelivita As Your ROR Development Company?

  • 12 years of experience in software development
  • 60+ Ruby projects successfully delivered
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified software development company
  • 15+ skilled developers and designers backed by cutting-edge technologies
  • Expertise in agile methodologies to accelerate development process and reduce long-term costs
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Why Go For Ruby Development Services?

Choosing the right tech stack is crucial for the success of your app, and Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework for your full-stack development needs.

Rapid Development

Known for its convention-over-configuration approach, Rails allows developers to focus on building features rather than dealing with complex configurations. This method accelerates development, resulting in faster time-to-market for your software projects.


With fewer lines of code required for functionality, projects developed using Ruby on Rails often demand fewer resources and less time, translating into cost savings without compromising quality.

High Scalability

As your business expands, Ruby on Rails enables your app to handle increased traffic with ease. The framework gives you full flexibility to scale up server resources and integrate relevant features to keep up with user needs.

Active and Supportive Community

Thanks to its open-source nature and community-driven ecosystem, you will gain access to continuous updates, security patches, and a wide range of resources to keep your Ruby application performing at its best.

Ready to Build Your Dream App?

World-renowned brands like Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify have all used Java to build
dynamic apps – now it’s your turn to build your own success story.

Our Approach to Ruby Development

Enjoy a smooth development process from start to finish – we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Explore Our Portfolio

Explore stunning and user-friendly interfaces we have built for growing startups,
NGOs, and established enterprises over the years.

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Don’t take our word for it – discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience working with Intelivita.

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Tech Stack We Use

Our ruby developers use the latest frameworks, programming languages, and technologies for optimal results.

Ruby on Rails Development FAQs

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about Ruby on Rails development services.

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language known for its simplicity, readability, and elegant syntax. It gained popularity in web development due to the Ruby on Rails (Rails) framework, which makes it easy to build robust and scalable web applications with less boilerplate code.

Ruby on Rails, often referred to as Rails, is a web application framework written in Ruby. Rails provides built-in features for tasks like database access, routing, and templating, streamlining the development process and enabling rapid creation of feature-rich web applications.

Ruby uses a package management system called RubyGems to manage libraries and dependencies. Bundler is a tool for managing Ruby application dependencies. It simplifies dependency management, making it easier for developers to share and reproduce project environments.

Airbnb, GitHub, Shopify, and Basecamp are examples of companies that have leveraged Ruby on Rails to build and scale their web applications. The language's focus on developer productivity and Rails' convention-based approach contribute to its popularity among startups and established enterprises alike.

Ruby has a strong emphasis on testing, and several testing frameworks are commonly used. Test-driven development (TDD) is widely practiced in the Ruby community, where developers write tests before implementing the code to ensure robust and maintainable applications.

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