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    Be Mobile-first in the Digital Age of Changing Customer Dynamics With

    Android App Development Company

    An experienced Android app development Company is all you need to create the next big thing in the mobile-first market. Intelivita’s solutions allow businesses to build flexible, innovative, and user-friendly applications. Intelivita's reliable option is a team of expert Android App Developers that help clients with enhanced native applications.

    • Expertise in native Android development
    • Advanced innovations with robust integrations
    • High-quality codes for high-performance apps
    • Market-leading UX and higher ROI
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    To Improve Engagement Like Never Before

    Custom Android App Development Services

    Android is one of the leading platforms for mobile applications, with more than 80% market share. Our Android development services ensure that your business makes the fullest of a massive market. Whether you are an established business or startup, Android development from Intelivita is what you need for higher ROI!

    Custom Android App Development

    Android apps can be a vessel for your business growth if customizations are in sync with the branding and vision of your company. Therefore, we enable enhanced customizations for your branding vision to be realized by the users with each interaction.

    Android UI/UX Designing

    Aesthetics is always attractive, but functionality makes an application a magnet for repetitive users. We are an Android development company with the right experience creating innovative user experiences and enabling unique native features.

    Android Web-based Apps

    Looking to become the mobile-first website through the Android platform? Intelivita’s Android app solutions bring the best of both worlds through web-based application development, helping your transformations with native capabilities.

    Android App Testing

    Application testing is crucial as you will not like to offer customers a half-baked product or a buggy app. Intelivita has expertise in Android app testing with the prowess of tools like Appium, Firebase, and Selenium, adding the enhancement of test automation for your application development process.

    Android App Consultation

    Android application development has several aspects where you need an expert by your side helping in planning the design, development, testing, and deployment. Our expert consultants will help you figure out everything related to Android app development.

    Multi-platform deployment

    Android is no longer limited to smartphones; there are several platforms where you want to engage with customers. Intelivita’s solution helps you with multi-platform deployments with higher performance across environments and higher UX.

    Our Industry Specific Solution

    We are an android application development company since 2012 having served clients from all over the world and catering to different industries. Our android app developers are exposed to top industries that leverage android app development.


    Engage students and learners with your learning android app. With more schools and institutions focusing on eLearning, students and professionals prefer learning on the go. Reach out to your audience of android users with an intuitive learning platform that suffices their requirements. Tap into a new world of immersive learning experience with android app development for education and learning purposes.


    Looking to add more ways to engage your patrons? Choose android app development for your retail business to unlock business and brand potential. Give users a new way to connect and shop that enables more product-to-user interaction and even benefits brick & mortar stores with high retentive visibility. Consult retail app development experts at Intelivita and get started.


    The on-demand economy has its users splurging on it. Be it video-on-demand or taxi on-demand. Choose our android app development service to create an on-demand mobile app for android. Offer an exhaustive on-demand service app to android users. Our android app developers create a sleek design for improved UX using the right technology stack for your business app to succeed.

    Social Media

    Social media apps are more than a mere fad. The high success rates of social media apps speak about how users have made it a part of their everyday life. Our custom social media app development service translates your vision to reality for android users and our lean UI ensures user stickiness. Hire social media app developers to experience a big shift.


    Engaging content keeps your audiences glued to their mobile screens. With apps aplenty for media and entertainment, our android app developers customize such mobile app for your offerings. Being an experienced android app development company we provide consultation and execution to develop news, video, photo editing, sound editing and other such apps for android users.


    Want to offer your users something that they care about the most? Go with android app development for health and fitness. The readily-available fitness gear with integrated gyro sensors are connected to a mobile app. Fitness enthusiasts love monitoring all that they toil at the gym or even analyse their dietary habits. Talk to us. We can make an app for that.

    Our Agile Android App Development Process

    Our incremental approach of continuous integration with each iteration ensures higher agility, velocity, and performance for your Android apps.

    Requirement Analysis

    Our experts will analyze your requirements and preferences to design an Android development plan.

    Prototype + Feedback

    Based on the design plan, a wireframe is created along with a prototype workflow for your feedback and approval.

    Coding & Testing

    Our dedicated developers and experts use the approved designs and advanced tech stack to build reliable Android apps.

    Deployment Testing

    Once the app is ready for deployment, our Android app testers and a QA team ensure that there are no bugs or errors in the application through extensive testing.

    Android App Delivery

    We ensure continuous Android app delivery through automation and continuous integration of the feedback with each incremental iteration.

    Experience the power of genuine android app development like never before.

    Scale your business with dedicated Android App developers

    Native application features can provide an environment-specific and user-friendly experience. Our dedicated Android developers know exactly what you need to create such user experiences and improve ROI.

    • A dedicated team of expert Android developers
    • Flexible modes of engagement
    • Higher business agility and high-performance apps
    • Transparency on development progress
    • Problem-solving capabilities and consultations
    • Higher compliance and lower time-to-market

    Talk to our experts now

      Why Intelivita for Android App Development?

      It takes more than mere technology, the android app needs humans. We create an android application that breathes. Skilled, experienced android app developers make things work like magic.

      Best at requirement analysis

      We indulge in bouncing ideas, gathering data and analyse precise requirements at every stage for finished delivery.

      Proficient Team of Developers

      Our android app developers are driven by passion. What makes them do better is their experience, ability and creativity.

      On-time delivery

      We take deadlines seriously! Following phaseal output is the key to timely delivery which has its roots in scrums we do and sprints we follow.

      Sign NDA

      We sign NDA to ensure that all your crucial business information remain confidential for android app development stays safe.


      We take pride in our top-quality QA team for android app development. They keep your app bug-free for user retention and positive reviews.

      Best UI/UX

      A clean UI for android app is a key to enhanced UX. Our in-house team of UI/UX designers work to unlock the app’s true potential.

      Success Stories of OurAndroid App Development


      What if you get a reward each time by sharing your favorite food from the restaurant, bar, or diner? That was the idea behind Ttagz. When Ttagz came to Intelivita with an idea to build a reward-based influencer app, our engineers provided an advanced Android solution. A team of experts in Android app development ensured a customizable solution with advanced features for instant image sharing through the Ttagz platform.

      Technology Stack















      Adobe Illustrator

      Google Cloud


      Amazon AWS




      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Having several questions about Android app development is natural! Fortunately, Intelivita is one place where you get all the answers you need!

      Android app development costs depend on several aspects like feature type, the complexity of features, engagement models for hiring developers, etc. So, there is no fixed cost to your Android app development, varying from project to project. Please contact our consultants to know more about the cost of Android app development; please contact our consultants.

      Yes, Intelivita is a top Android app development company offering post-deployment support. Our team monitors your app performance and helps fine-tune the user experience to reach business goals.

      The native application provides specific features which perform well in the Android environment. However, at the same time, bringing the same level of functionality and native experience for cross-platform apps can be challenging. This is why if your project requires extensive native functionalities, Android apps are the better option.

      Intelivita is at the forefront of Android app development, so you can leverage our services to develop any type of feature. Whether a simple login feature or a complex one, including technologies like machine learning, we help you create a native Android experience.

      As a part of our development service for Android apps, we provide extensive testing, QA, and deployment without needing third-party services.

      Whether you want an Android app for mobile, tablet, or Smart TVs, we develop multi-platform compliant applications for enhanced user experience.


      Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.


      Get Free App Consultation

      Be it launching your first online store or crafting customer solutions for your B2B enterprise, or even setting up a B2B-B2C marketplace, Intelivita is geared up to deliver on all your eCommerce requirements.

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