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    Mobile Game Development Company

    Catching the gamers’ attention is tough since they have plenty of options to choose from. With a plethora of games readily available in the market, choose Intelivita as an experienced mobile game development company for your next big game.

    With a team of talented mobile game developers, you are assured of a mobile game development that is developed from the users’ perspective.

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    Mobile Game Development Services

    Leverage our range of mobile game devilment services to games that appeal to the youth. Hire mobile game developers to onboard more gamers with improved retention.

    iOS Game Development

    We started our game development journey with iOS game development, and our mobile game developers hold vast experience in using tools for developing iPhone and iPad games. Time to breathe in the new life to your creative thoughts imaginative ideas with our expertise in iOS mobile game development.

    AR Game Development

    Get ready for the next-gen gamers as Augmented Reality technology is all set to take the gaming market to a storm. Being the best AR game development company, we have witnessed the rise of AR gamers and high market demand. Yours could be the next big AR game in the market when you hire our mobile game developers.

    VR Game Development

    We have been developing VR games for the past three years and have designed games for Oculus, Vive, etc. With multiple full-lengths VR game titles to our credit, we are committed to taking the mobile game development to the next level with every project.

    Android Game Development

    Turn your android game development idea to reality with our game development company. Put your android game on Google Play, which lets your users integrate standard gaming features like leaderboards, achievements and saved games.

    2D/3D Game Development

    Through our experience with Unity platform and other game development frameworks, including Cocoa Touch and Cocos2d, we can create stunning graphics for game UIs, backgrounds, and animations.

    Our Game Development Expertise

    We are a team of passionate gaming enthusiasts and we help you design games for multiple mobile platforms that meet your marketing, design and gameplay strategy.

    Unity 3D Game

    Whatever your target audience is for game development, we have covered it. We leverage the powerful game engine Unity to create games for various platforms, including PC, mobile, and consoles. Our Unity game developers have the expertise in using Unity editor, scripting, and the best practices for creating engaging and performance-optimized games. In addition, we are an experienced game development company that provides management of the Unity asset pipeline with efficient 3D models, textures, and more.

    2D Game

    We offer 2D game development for different types of games, including side-scrolling platformers, top-down RPGs, and many others. Our developers are well-versed in game development using Unity and Unreal Engine engines. We also have experts in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate for enhanced graphics. Apart from the 2D graphics, our experience in mobile app development excellence enables our teams to offer reliable architecture for a real-time gaming experience.

    3D Game

    Developing a 3D game involves creating art, UI/UX design, reliable backend, testing, launching on the app store, and more. We offer a comprehensive solution for your 3D game development that covers it all. Our team of developers, designers, 3D artists, and QA testers ensures a superior gaming experience. Whether it's FPS, Arcade, or any other type of game, we develop it all for your projects and provide after-launch support.


    The gaming industry is creating new history with massive revenues, and if you want to enter the market, going cross-platform makes more sense. So your players can experience the same gaming across platforms. Our game developers offer a single code base for your games across platforms leveraging game engines, software libraries, scripting languages, and platform-specific SDKs.


    Wearable technology has transformed customer experience and user interactions. You need reliable game development services to ensure responsive integration of wearable technology. Our solutions offer a reliable and scalable backend to enhance user interactions during gaming sessions. In addition, we provide end-to-end gaming app solutions with enhanced API integrations for your projects.

    Unreal Game

    AAA games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Hero has been at the forefront of the gaming experience leveraging the famous Unreal engine. We offer end-to-end Unreal game development with top-of-the-line graphics, backend architecture, and reliable performance. In addition, our team of game developers are experienced in providing customized development for your projects to ensure enhanced user experience.

    Hire Our Mobile Game Developer To Redefine Industry Standards

    Being one of the frontrunners in the industry, we bring with us a team of game developers who possesses immense know-how and experience. Hire us as your mobile game developing partners for developing Android and iPhone mobile games. Our technology stack for mobile game development includes 3D game development engines like Unity3D.

    Create a mobile game from the range of genres as our mobile game development company holds expertise in developing action, arcade, trivia, puzzle, MMO, table, and board games. Know user demands and offer them precisely the game they want.

    Also, you can redesign your current game with our custom mobile game development services that equip the best in class technology. Take your 2D game to the next level with 3D, VR, and AR game development.

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      Why Choose Intelivita for Gaming App Development?

      The modern clients are smart and always run comparative analysis before placing a stamp of choice on a game app developer to establish long-term relationships. Our following differentiators are always tempting game entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage our expertise and experiences.

      Successful Monetization

      Our effective monetization strategy wins the hearts of clients approach us and game players play it. Thus, we always keep a balance between two ends beautifully.

      Performance-oriented Games

      We remove distractions in game development process like slack, crash, error, and frequent downloading requirements right before happening.

      Best Publishing Partner

      Our expertise in the game deployment has made us publishing partner of highly engaging and rewarding game titles.

      High-end Programming

      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers to deliver the best and futuristic code.

      Alluring & Engaging Game Design

      Rocky game titles in the market always design to mesmerize the gamers with first sight love and engage them as addictive players.

      The Mobile Game creation process

      Our services involves testing and implementation at every stage to deliver an optimized solution along with keeping a check on the game app development cost. So, kick-start your mobile game business with best virtual reality game development company.

      Game Requirement Analysis

      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers.

      Structure And Analysis

      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers.

      Game Development

      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers.


      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers.


      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers.

      Support & Maintenance

      Our expertise in native coding & Unity like frameworks enables our talented mobile game developers.

      Mobile Game Development Stack

      Our hands-on technology experience sets us apart from the rest of the business. Our web developers have a knack of picking the right technology stack for the client and server-side.









      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Having several questions about Mobile Game App development is natural! Fortunately, Intelivita is one place where you get all the answers you need!

      Games are conquering the entertainment industry as they are becoming popular with people of all ages compared to television shows, movies, videos, and many more. In this technological age, people use mobile phones to purchase necessities and consider them the best forms of enjoyment. Many gaming apps dominate the gaming market with the help of mobile game development. Hence, the mobile gaming industry is trending and evolving continuously.

      Do you know what tools are used by developers in developing mobile games?

      Intelivita has top-notch mobile game development tools with a team well-versed in their usage.

      Are you in the process of building a mobile game? Do you find it challenging to develop it? Have you ever wondered how long it might take to make a mobile game? Do you think it is an easy or a tedious task?

      These questions are tricky to figure out, so let’s understand the complete mobile game development process one by one. Juego Studios, the top mobile game development company with its capable team, is skillful enough to build a mobile game for its clients, meeting their specifications and deadlines. Shall we get into a detailed picture of this process?

      Let’s  dive into it!

      Various factors decide and contribute to making the mobile game. For example:- a complex game will take longer than a simple game. In this way, many such steps become the deciding factor, and these are the following

      As per recent statistics, the gaming industry is booming like never before. It is all due to the smartphone revolution because everyone loves to have it. In addition, it has led to a surge in game development, contributing to immense profit generation for gaming companies. The gaming community’s expectations are rising every moment with every other game launched into the market. So are you planning to develop a mobile game? Do you and your team possess the required skill-set with relevant experience? Don’t you find the development process expensive to start? An excellent alternative to overcome these challenges is outsourcing mobile game development services.

      So let’s understand the various reasons how & why outsourcing mobile game development services is helping and the possible factors to look for when outsourcing any mobile game development services. Here we go


      Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.


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