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About the Customer & Project

The client is the Owner of UK food delivery startup UK Eats, UK Eats brings you what you need for the quickest doorstep delivery of your favorite food. UK Eats is a food delivery platform for iOS, Android and Web platform for the United Kingdom.

This Food Delivery system is made for restaurants to enable their customers to order food from the App and have the food delivered by the restaurant’s own personal / delivery drivers.

The Challenge

  • Seamless integration with diverse POS systems.
  • Efficient assignment of delivery personnel during peak demand.
  • Ensuring uniform branding across iOS, Android, and Web platforms.
  • Synchronized real-time tracking and delivery updates for customers, admin, and drivers.
  • Smooth onboarding and training for new restaurants joining the platform.
  • Tailoring POS application to accommodate specific needs of different restaurants.
  • Scaling Super Admin Panel to manage an expanding restaurant base.
  • Ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations.
  • Strategic education initiatives for both restaurant owners and customers to encourage platform adoption

The Solution

Collaborating with UK Eats, Intelivita developed a food delivery platform for the UK market. The platform includes a branded website and app for customers to order food and track delivery. Intelivita’s expertise extends to web development as well, ensuring a seamless experience across both platforms.

App for delivery personal / Driver to manage food delivery assigned to them App’s UI will be branded specifically as per your company’s brand.

Restaurant Admin Panel for a restaurant to manage each aspect of accepting orders. assigning deliveries and managing drivers.

Point of Sale (POS) Android mobile application for restaurant partners.

Super Admin Panel for the platform owner to manage multiple restaurants and setting up commission rate (%) for each restaurant.


  • Increased Revenue: Easy-to-use platform boosts order volumes and restaurant commissions.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Seamless integration and real-time tracking ensure timely deliveries.
  • Streamlined Operations: Efficient delivery personnel assignment reduces delivery times.
  • Scalability: Super admin panel scales to accommodate expanding restaurant base.
  • Brand Consistency: Uniform branding builds trust with customers and partners.
  • Compliance and Security: Data security measures foster trust and loyalty.
  • Platform Adoption: Education initiatives drive user engagement and retention.

Client Review

Working with Intelivita has been fantastic! Their expertise and dedication shine through in the comprehensive food delivery platform they created for UK Eats. It's boosted our revenue and customer satisfaction significantly. We highly recommend Intelivita for top-notch digital solutions!


UK Eats

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