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What makes augmented reality an exciting technology is how it provides your customers with a sense of realism during the interaction with the brand. Enabling AR-based customer experience is like opening a doorway to continuous customer engagement. However, creating an environment that resembles reality can get tricky!

This is where Intelivita aces with advanced and innovative augmented reality development services. We have empowered several startups, small businesses, and enterprises with scalable AR apps. As an augmented reality app development company, we believe in creating an environment where digital renditions become a reality.

You also need an AR app development approach that ensures no stoned unturned on the technology aspect. We are an expert at providing visually stunning apps backed up by equally scalable architecture for an enhanced AR experience!

Innovation & Interactivity With An Augmented Reality App Development Services

AR apps provide excellent features like scanning real-life surroundings for specific 3D model placements, object recognition, motion tracking, etc. There is no end to the use cases of Augmented Reality technology. All you need is excellent AR development services that help create unique customer experiences.

AR Mobile App Development

Intelivita provides a secure, scalable, and reliable AR mobile experience across iOS and Android platforms. We leverage top-of-the-line AR-based technologies to help you create immersive app experiences for higher UX.

AR Consultation

Choose the AR development experts from our team and get the proper consultation on aspects like app development, 3D modeling, animations, backend architecture, and testing. We help businesses align their business logic with AR technology for unique and tailored solutions.

AR Game App Development

Build a gaming experience that puts your users right into the environment with a sense of realism. Intelivita builds immersive games by providing scalable architecture, high-performance graphics, and gameplay.

AR Apps For Desktop

Delivering AR excellence across platforms is our forte. We have a vast pool of professionals that help you create augmented reality apps for desktop environments. The best part of our AR solutions is their assimilation into the OS and native compatibility.

AR Integration To Ecommerce

ECommerce is all about customer engagement and conversions. AR integration into your eCommerce offering makes it a realistic buying experience. We enable your apps with an AR-based product experience for your customers to make purchasing decisions faster.

Location-Based AR

Leveraging location-based technologies for your apps are more intuitive with AR technology. We integrate GPS, accelerometer, and digital compass capabilities to elevate the location-based AR applications.

Training & Development Modules

There is no better training than a practical one. Our augmented reality development services help you with immersive training modules that ensure practical learning. We enable a realistic learning environment for your employees through AR-based technologies.

AR Visualization Solutions

Visualize your products and services through the 3D modeling capabilities of an AR solution. Customers can have a 3D avatar of the product in their environment and all the visible features. We enable these visualizations through advanced graphics and scalable architecture.

Are you looking to build an Augmented Reality app for your business?

Explore limitless possibilities with our Augmented Reality development services tailored to elevate your business. Get started on your AR journey with us today!

Augmented Reality App Solutions for Different Industries

AR is transforming the way business offers its products and services. Our AR app development company has industry-wide exposure that helps a business to drive higher conversion and retention.

Types of AR Apps We Develop

Our expertise in AR app development helps businesses to create a custom application using the latest technology. We cater to different types of AR applications based on your requirements, objectives and areas of concern.

Marker Based

Marker Less

Location Based




Why Intelivita for AR App Development?

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Augmented Reality Development Tools & Platforms We Use

With a proven software development process refined across numerous projects, we employ a comprehensive tech stack at every stage, ensuring the creation of exceptional AR solutions.





Apple ARKit



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Our Tech Stack for Augmented Reality App Development

Explore the tools, languages, and platforms we employ to craft high-performance, scalable, and innovative software products.

FAQs About Augmented Reality (AR) App Development

Find answers to commonly asked questions about AR app development.

AR (increased the truth) is an innovation that layers pictures, text, designs and video over printed content or actual items.

Set forth plainly, it offers a live optional point of view of this present reality with expanded highlights. These are produced utilizing PC created inputs.

Increased reality stages capability on various innovations, like SceneKit, Vuforia, Unity 3D, and Unreal Engine.

However, there are different sorts of AR, for example, markerless and marker-based, that can be utilized relying upon your business prerequisites.

The group of engineers has aptitude in AR/VR improvement administrations.

They are exceptionally capable in moving advances and along these lines assist you with overcoming complex business issues.

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