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Blend in the real world and digital to give an alluring AR app experience to users. Make a move towards the future with Augmented App Development Services to stay ahead of competitors in the technology game. Immerse and hold users like never before as our AR app developers pave way for two-way app interaction to connect users with the brand.

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Why Choose AR App development Services?

If you are looking to the next-gen app development then AR is the way. Carve a brand for your business as you leverage the technology for marketing, customer engagement and integrating innovative solutions for the business. Being an augmented reality app development company, we create high-end AR app that stands worthy of your investments by tapping into the available technology resources.

Capture the users’ imagination and go beyond their expectations through AR app development for iOS and Android. Our AR app development services ensure your business is guided with flexible engagement models and cutting-edge technical expertise. This will have well-defined project execution methodologies for your app to do more.

Choose AR app development and change the way users see the world around them. Our AR apps blur the line between real happenings and digital offerings. Leverage our expertise to boosts user senses in terms of what they see, feel and listen to.

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Industry Expertise

AR is transforming the way business offers its products and services. Our AR app development company has industry-wide exposure that helps a business to drive higher conversion and retention.


Build an AR application for designing and engineering purpose to boost your manufacturing capacity. AR app development help to create a design that is close to reality which in turn assists engineers to make the right choices. With its ability to provide near-accurate spatial information and usability the end products are produced better and faster.

Also, our AR app developers listen to your specific manufacturing queries to eliminate production issues. The result is a visually appealing product that stays high on functionality as well.

Real estate

Buyers want to look at the property inside-out before investing. 3D modelling is only as good as a product prototype and not give the actual feel. Bring in AR app development services for real estate to offer buyers a virtual tour to their future property. The 3D property views give them the inside out feel of the floor.

Enable prospective buyers to step into their next home or office with the AR app’s ability to install interiors of choice and see it come to life.


Add a dash of realism in your restaurant menu with AR app development for the restaurant business. And once the order is served, just by looking at the contents of the dish customers can see its ingredients contents and nutritional information. 3D images of dishes are possible through AR app which gives the look and feel of the item before the patrons order it.

This is your time to be a trendsetter in the restaurant industry and offer customers something that following latest and interactive trends are always paid in terms of customer satisfaction and engagement. Augmented reality in restaurants is getting popularized amongst the industry as it is creating curiosity and customer engagement.

Travel & Tourism

Holidays are synonymous to experiences. Now, what if you offer near to holiday experience to users before they book the same with you? Get an edge over the rest in the business by making users’ holiday booking more exciting. Choose Intelivita, top Augmented Reality app Development Company for your AR-driven travel and tourism app.

Give virtual tours to travellers and give a closer, real walkthrough of their itinerary to help them plan better. AR enables augmented city and destination tours, interactive travel guides and close to the real feel of places and people there.


Take gaming service offerings to the next level as you choose AR technology for game development. Our AR developers excel in gaming services and AR gaming just blend both their world to you good. We use tools like Unreal Engine, Corona, Unity, etc for AR game development. Immerse gamers more into the game with over the top AR gaming experience like never before.

The future of gaming is AR as players do stuff in real life to get the rewards – Pokémon Go, for example. Bring in the wow factor in your game by blending in the AR element to it.

Social Media

The success of social media speaks a lot about the medium’s engagement levels and user preferences. Thought about offering something that overwhelms users on Social Media? Toss in AR filters, let users play and share selfie games and do more. Social media AR app development helps businesses to promote their brand in an engaging way using AR videos, events and virtual stores.

Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are already using AR and are also helping users to create their own social media AR experiences by giving them the necessary tools.


Help to make education fun and engaging by tossing in the augmented reality app development services for the offerings. For example, superimpose the text and graphics, design a real surround voice and make the video more intriguing. All these integrate into a real-time environment for the students to have flashcards and textbooks with embedded “markers” upon AR device scanning.

The AR-driven multimedia technology gives students hands-on learning experiences in simulative environments negating the real equipment requirements. Offer teachers and institutes with a real-life immersive training experience for their students.


Fascinate users with visual storytelling that sits on top of their real-world to provide a captivating entertainment experience. Aided by AR headsets, we provide Augmented Reality App Development Services for entertainment purposes like AR music, AR on TV and AR in eSports. The scope of integrating AR for entertainment is huge as it can go as far as your imagination.

Want to develop an idea for entertainment AR app development? Talk to AR app experts at Intelivita to get the right guidelines for creating successful Augmented Reality Application.


Creating an AR healthcare app is quite revolutionary for it enables the healthcare personnel to try their hands at procedures. AR app for healthcare offers an augmented setting for doctors and practitioners to run through the virtual process using AR to better the quality and safety for patients when performed in real life.

Choose our Augmented Reality App Development Company to give the medical experts a controlled environment through visualizations. It also improves sensory perception and thereby bring down the chances of failure in operation.

Are you looking to build an Augmented Reality app for your business?

Types of AR Apps We Develop

Our expertise in AR app development helps businesses to create a custom application using the latest technology. We cater to different types of AR applications based on your requirements, objectives and areas of concern.

Marker Based
Location Based
Superimposition Based

Why Intelivita for AR App Development?

Our comprehensive AR app development services are targeted for startups, small businesses and enterprises alike to pump in fresh technology. Know what makes us different when it comes to Augmented Reality app development.

Custom AR Solutions

Create a custom Augmented Reality mobile app for Android, iOS and wearable devices with latest features enabled to stand apart from the rest.

Agile App Development

Our team of AR app developers are fast and robust who uses agile methodology to deliver quality Augmented Reality apps.

Technology-driven Process

We keep ourselves up-to-date with the industry standards and engage only the best and latest technology stack to develop your AR app.


Stay updated with every movement that our developers and designers make thanks to our project management tool that provides real-time app status.

Technical (AR) Expertise

Leverage our AR developers brings technical proficiency across diverse platforms along with their experience in implementing cutting-edge technologies for businesses.

Ongoing Services

We don’t stop ourselves at development as we help you keep your AR application secure and to the mark with industry updates.


Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

Showcasing what we are best at

Showcasing what we are best at

Hire the best Augmented Reality developers to change your business experience

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