WordPress for Travel and Tourism Website Development

Tuhin Bhatt

Co-founder of Intelivita

  Published on June 25, 2024

  5 min read

The travel and tourism sector is on the rise—even more so with the convenience of technology.

Every moment, travelers are booking their transportation, accommodation, and itinerary.

As a travel agency, you’re holding the ticket to make their dreams a reality.

But, if you’re not digitizing your travel and tourism services, you’re missing the chance to connect with thousands of travelers planning their trips online.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s explore how web development services, particularly with WordPress, can be the next step in your business journey.

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Travel and Tourism Services?

Nearly half of the websites that exist today are built on WordPress.

It’s a popular platform even among travel and tourism business owners.

This CMS has all the characteristics business owners are looking for in an ideal WordPress website development for travel and tourism:

  • High-grade security to protect confidential customer and business data
  • User-friendly editor to build the website of your dreams
  • Plugins and tools to promote your tour packages and scale your business

Be mindful that there are two WordPress versions in the market.

The one we’re referring to is WordPress.org, which is open-source and self-hosted, giving you more control over your travel and tourism site.

How to Set Up a Travel and Tourism Website in WordPress

Ready to promote your travel booking services online?

Follow the step-by-step below.

1. Build a Branded Site

Every travel and tourism service is unique with its own style of branding.

For instance, do your trip packages appeal to 20 to 30-year-old travelers or elderly couples looking for a youthful adventure?

In any case, WordPress has many theme selections that will represent how your travel and tourism services spark wanderlust in the minds of travelers.

The free and ready-made travel and tourism theme is one example.

However, it’s a template used by hundreds of sites and blogs out there.

So, if you aim for a more distinctive branding proposition, go with a dedicated WordPress theme development.

Talk to us about your target market and how you’d like your travel and tourism business to be perceived.

We will build you a website that matches all your criteria.

2. Promote Your Travel Packages and Deals

When showcasing your travel packages and offers, make sure to leave a lasting impression on travelers as they’re seeking unforgettable experiences.

But how can you do that exactly?

Thankfully, WordPress has a couple of travel and tourism plugins that’ll do the job for you.

First off, there’s WP Travel Engine that packs a punch with its full-fledged trip booking and selling features.

The plugin empowers you, as the travel agency, to add destinations and prices and seamlessly collect payments in one smooth navigation.

Thinking of offering more to the users?

Add room upgrades, airport pick-up or drop-off arrangements, and more special services to enchant your guests during their stay.

As for travelers, they can take the stress out of trip management as the plugin helps them browse through the tour selections with in-depth filters (budgets, date, location, etc).

If the plugin does not have specific features to promote your travel and trip booking offers, let us know your requirements.

No matter how specific it is, we’ll surely have the team to help you out.

3. Reach Your Go-To Audience

Having an online presence will help your tourism business be discovered by the increasing number of travelers who are beginning to prefer booking their trips online.

The cost of WordPress website development that you’ve invested in, however, will only yield significant returns if you get serious about marketing.

First, before discussing how to increase your average order value (AOV), you’ll need to find the users or generate the traffic that will take you to your destined goal.

And this is where things get interesting with WordPress as it’s already engineered for marketing in the first place:

  • Search Engine Optimized. WordPress is built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. Focus on following the best practices, and your website will be well on its way to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Social Media Marketing Optimized. It’s easy to integrate your site with social media in WordPress. All you have to do is add social media handles that’ll allow travelers to share the trips they like and create a community from it.

There are many more strategies that you can creatively try out.

But if your brainstorming gets stuck, Intelivita can be your partner not only in terms of the web but also in business development.

Reach us out.


The world of digital travel and tourism is full of wonders to explore.

As a travel agency, you should take your customers on this path.

Enchant them with a website that sparks wanderlust and provide them with the trips they’ve been searching for.

All of those can easily be done in WordPress, an easy-to-use and scalable web platform to kickstart your travel and tourism journey.

Let us know if you need help in any step of the way.


Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. He helps passionate entrepreneurs build amazing tech products. Tuhin being a peoples man who has a passion to share his technical expertise with clients and other enthusiasts.

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