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    Build Fast and Functional websites with Top-notch WordPress Development Services

    Building a fast-loading website with seamless user experience, and high functionality requires more than just tech expertise- an understanding of business aspects!

    Intelivita has years of experience in providing robust WordPress development services that help your business better engage with customers and improve conversions.

    • User-friendly frontend
    • Robust WordPress backend
    • Seamless user experience
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    A Wordpress Development Company For Scalable Websites

    Building websites at scale takes work, especially on a WordPress website. You need to have enough technical expertise to deliver superior functionality and seamless user experience at scale. This is where an experienced WordPress website development company can help. We are one such company that provides reliable WordPress development for businesses across the USA, Canada, and India.

    WordPress platform comes with tons of plugins and themes with different functionality. However, choosing the right plugin or customizing them according to your business needs can get overwhelming. We are a WordPress development agency that simplifies critical aspects of your project and offers tailor-made solutions.

    Our WordPress developers have years of experience in creating faster-loading websites. However, it’s not just about speed! We enable your websites to handle peak loads, integrate highly functional WordPress plugins, improve search engine rankings and customize them according to your project needs. So, what’s stopping you from building a scalable, user-friendly, and highly functional website?

      Robust Wordpress Development Services To Build Advanced Websites

      Custom WordPress Development

      Customization is key to improving user experience and aligning your website with the brand style. We provide tailor-made WordPress development, including plugin customizations, high-quality code, secure backends, and themes. Our WordPress developers are experts at customizations using HTML5, Javascript, PHP, CSS, and more.

      WordPress Theme Development

      Aesthetic appeal with responsive functionality makes websites a traffic magnet. We help you develop highly responsive websites and theme customizations. Our solutions are designed to deliver higher functionality that improves not just the visual aspects but also improves SEO and offers full support for responsive design.

      WordPress Plugin Development

      WordPress websites offer basic functionality pre-built. However, if you need advanced functions, plugin integration is essential. We offer unlimited plugin support, upgrades, enhancements and customizations per business requirements. We handle everything from plugin installation to monitoring the functional performance for finetuning the website functionality.

      WordPress Migration Services

      WordPress offers a ton of plugins, themes, and tools which make websites highly functional. So, migrating your website to WordPress makes more sense. However, migrating an entire website without losing data and disrupting operations requires expertise. Intelivita offers WordPress migration services tailor-made for your business.

      WordPress eCommerce Solution

      eCommerce businesses need advanced websites with features like seamless checkout, easier product discovery, and faster loading sites. We provide enhanced eCommerce WordPress development which offers unique shopping experiences for your website.

      WordPress API Integration

      Service integrations are a vital part of developing advanced eCommerce WordPress websites. Apart from the eCommerce functionalities, API integrations allow you to integrate technologies like Artificial intelligence and NLP and automate key activities like inventory management.

      Leverage the excellence of expert WordPress Website Development Services for your projects

      Quick and Convenient WordPress Website Development Process

      Requirements gathering

      Our experts gather essential business requirements from you for professional WordPress website development

      Wireframe and web design

      Our WordPress experts create a wireframe for the entire project. We have a team of designers that generate responsive WordPress web design.

      Development of website

      Our team develops the website based on the wireframe and WordPress solution. We also install plugins and help customize themes as per requirements.

      Testing the website

      Our WordPress developers and testers test your website for errors to ensure seamless performance.

      Maintenance of WordPress website

      We monitor your WordPress website for performance bottlenecks and finetune it to ensure higher availability.

      Custom Wordpress Development Case Studies

      Clued App Games

      We worked with Microsoft to create Art of Work 360-degree, a 3D virtual reality app. It was aimed at demonstrating how effective is the SAP and Microsoft Azure collab. This app offers a walkthrough of small businesses in the UK and how they harness two of these cloud technologies collectively to help evolve their business.

      Perks of Excellent WordPress Development Services

      WordPress is used to develop 43.2% of all the websites on the internet. One of the perks of choosing robust Wordpress development services is the creation of a platform which enable enhanced user interactions.


      Developing a website with WordPress can be cost-effective with the right plugins and theme selection. Intelivita helps your business optimize costs through enhanced WordPress development.

      Higher extensibility

      WordPress provides enhanced tools and API integrations for higher website extensibility. You can also use plugins to extend the website functionality through enhanced services.

      Update anywhere

      WordPress allows the ease of updating your website from anywhere you need an internet connection. It allows easy access for multiple contributors to the site without hassle.


      WordPress websites come with enhanced tools and SEO-ready themes that make your sites rank higher in the search engine result pages. It enables better traffic and higher visibility.

      Enhanced integrations

      The WordPress website development process allows you to integrate different services, APIs, and functionalities, which improve the user experience. It also supports responsive design for your websites.

      Why Choose Intelivita?

      Intelivita is at the forefront of developing robust WordPress websites for digital transformations. Our team provides professional wordpress development services that fit your business needs. We offer end-to-end customizations for plugins, themes, and tools to enhance WordPress development projects.

      A reliable backend

      WordPress development platform requires a reliable backend that can handle peak loads when required. Intelivita offers engineering excellence for robust websites.

      Higher customizations

      We provide end-to-end plugins and theme customizations, improving your WordPress website's user experience.

      Responsive UI

      Our web designers, and WordPress experts help you develop a responsive user interface for the website that elevates the UX.

      Smoother WordPress migration

      We ensure a smoother transition to the WordPress platform through extensively planned migrations of workloads, data, and more.

      Custom APIs

      Our engineering excellence enables you to integrate any service to the website and social media platforms through custom APIs.

      End-to-end website maintenance

      Our team of WordPress experts offers end-to-end maintenance of the website, monitoring, and finetuning to enhance performance through the dynamic load.


      Intelivita has been the go-to WordPress solutions provider for many clients over the years and here are some of the gems from our projects.



      A WordPress web development company provides ease of developing your website while you focus on the business aspects. There are several key activities of WordPress development like designing UI, backend, front end, plug-in integration, and more. We help you with end-to-end WordPress development for your business as per requirements.

      Customizations help you improve the customer experience for the websites and improve functionality. WordPress development requires integration of plugins for different functions security, and using themes for a unique design. Custom WordPress development will allow you to function design, functions and entire experience according to your brand vision.

      Building WordPress websites require analysis of business requirements, designing the wireframe, developing the site based on the wireframe, test and maintaining it. The entire process will also require the installation of plugins, theme customization, and making it SEO-ready to improve traffic. However, you don't need to worry about all these activities as Intelivita takes care of the entire WordPress web development project.

      Typically, it costs between $5000 and $150,000 to develop a WordPress website. However, depending on your required features and design, this price range can fluctuate significantly. Some of the more common add-ons that are commonly required include a domain name, hosting, theme customizations, and an SSL certificate.

      So, if you're looking to create a bespoke website or build it from scratch, then consulting with an expert like Intelivita could be advantageous in terms of cost savings and quality control.

      We do a few key things to ensure high-quality code. Our team makes sure that your code is well-organized and easy to read. We use descriptive variable names and meaningful comments which are easy to understand. Our team of WordPress experts and testers always test your code thoroughly before releasing it. This helps us identify any potential issues before the release.

      We have a set of coding style guidelines when writing in a particular language or framework for standardization and high-quality code.

      Our professional WordPress development services do not end at the launch of your website. We ensure a high-performance website experience and seamless operations. Our team is available 24/7 via phone, chat, or email at any time. We also provide detailed documentation and tutorials so that you can easily find answers to your questions.

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      Be it launching your first online store or crafting customer solutions for your B2B enterprise, or even setting up a B2B-B2C marketplace, Intelivita is geared up to deliver on all your eCommerce requirements.

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