10 Amazing Apps Built with Flutter Framework

Introduction to Flutter

The critical thing to know about Flutter is that it’s a developer-friendly alternative for cross-platform app development introduced by Google. You can develop a flutter app once and cross-compile them for multiple platforms with Flutter. Developers are eager to use Flutter because of the extensive documentation. It was made available for the public in version 0.6. The latest version has stabilized, and the new features are beginning to emerge.

The additional benefits of Flutter framework include:

  • Being able to preview changes.
  • Highly delivering performance applications.
  • Working with less-resource-intensive designs.

Google developed this open-source framework in 2015 (at the time, it was dubbed “Sky”). Flutter is a cross-platform solution, which means that you can build apps with a single codebase that runs on multiple platforms. Additionally, flutter framework serves as the primary platform for Fuchsia, a new Google operating system expected to replace Android eventually.

Flutter, like other cross-platform solutions, is gaining popularity among developers. How come? Since it’s an easy-to-use SDK (software development kit) that enables you to quickly create an app and then run it on Android and iOS. Additionally, it is continuously strengthened.

Additional apps built with flutter will benefit from the native assistance of developers; however, those who focus solely on creating one platform will not need extra help.

Top apps made with flutter framework

As a feature-rich and novel SDK, Flutter aided in the creation of many modern applications, including Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, and Hamilton. Flutter’s benefits will help accelerate the growth of any app.

Developers who haven’t tried Flutter yet are always blown away by what others have done with it and how Flutter can simplify and streamline the mobile application development process for everyone.

Flutter CTA

1. Google Ads

This is a mobile application that allows you to manage Google ad campaigns directly from your smartphone. It’s a condensed version of a desktop platform for you to track ad output from any location – you’re not restricted to your workplace.

The app includes campaign statistics, the ability to update bids and budgets in real-time, live alerts, keyword editing, and the ability to contact a Google expert. It’s both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

2. KlasterMe


Flutter framework can be used for the social media website designed by the developers. It’s a popular content-sharing site where people can build their page and add images, blogs, essays, surveys, and entries. The program enables users to share creations with the general public.

The KlasterMe interface uses only content from other KlasterMeers, simplifying the posting process and creating an attractive design. For the time being, KlasterMe is simply a work in progress.

3. Reflectly


Reflectly is an AI-powered personal journaling application that combines cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and positive psychology to help users cope with daily stress, resolve negative thoughts, and remain positive. It enables you to express your emotions and care for your mental health.

This Flutter app provides detailed insights into how your days are going and valuable insights from leading self-help experts to assist you in coping with any mental health issues.

4. Xianyu by Alibaba

Xianyu by Alibaba

When we think of Jack Ma, we picture Amazon and world domination. To carry out their plan, the developers launched the Xianyu platform.

As Flutter has signed on, over 200 million registered users are taking advantage of it!! There must be a lot of Chinese merchandise in the air around here today.

When looking at a robust system to implement and scale, they decided that Flutter framework was an excellent option. Apps with hundreds of millions of monthly active users have switched to Flutter.

5. Postmuse – Instagram photo editing app


Instagram is about to become the next Facebook. That is not an exaggeration; it is simply the way things are. Facebook is seen as a tool used by your elderly uncle to snoop on your high school graduation photos.

And with so many new companies now using Instagram, it’s only natural to have professional-looking Instagram images for. This is where PostMuse enters the picture.

Instagram allows you to view, edit, and design multiple Instagram photos. If you can’t find anything to agree with, then PostMuse protects it. This app built with flutter also helps recommending the best picture, so your social media marketing looks authentic.

6. Hamilton

Hamilton App

This is the official application for Hamilton, one of the most well-known and award-winning Broadway musicals built with Flutter framework. It was created especially for the band’s massive group of fans to keep them informed of all music news.

The Hamilton app includes a karaoke function for those that want to sing along to their favorite songs, a regular quiz game, access to a variety of Hamilton lottery games, as well as exclusive videos and slideshows. On both platforms, the user interface is superb.

7. Lunching

Lunching App

Source: netguru.com

Launching is a smartphone app that makes it easy to order delivery food. It is one of the successful food delivery apps made with flutter that experiments with the new architecture. One person inside the organization can create an order using the app. Bulk payments can be made or paid users can also make payments in smaller instalments.

After completing the first edition of the Launching app, here are the key takeaways of developers who used Flutter framework.

  • Providing a consistent framework.
  • Enabling a fast and seamless development process on both the platforms.
  • Smooth animations and rich UI.

There was, however, a significant obstacle. Due to the relative youth of the technology, it can be challenging to find solutions to emerging issues, such as those on Stack Overflow. As a consequence, you’re on your own to come up with ideas when developing a flutter app. However, as previously mentioned, the flutter community is rapidly growing, which gives us reason to be optimistic about the future.

8. Pairing


Pairing is a dating social app that is one of the most intuitive and basic examples of Flutter apps available. Dating is better with Pairing since links and matches are made via the users’ real-world communities.

Developing apps with Flutter feels eerily similar to native production. For instance, if you create an Android or iOS, they can require numerous interactions with both the operating systems. Otherwise, Flutter allows you to create optimized applications for both platforms using the same resource code.

Additionally, Flutter’s Instant Run feature is advantageous. When you modify the code, your system will automatically update.

9. Watermaniac


Watermaniac is a lightweight water monitoring application made possible by Flutter framework. It assists consumers in keeping an eye on their frequent water use. Users may create recurring targets, track their usage history, and get necessary reminders for their next consumption.

Because of Flutter, developers can easily manage and upgrade this application as desired. This app allows people to use their mobile device as a tracker, recording how much water they consume during the day, allowing them to maintain an optimal health balance.

10. Cryptograph

Cryptograph App

This Flutter app provides top-notch results in monitoring and tracking the latest updates on over 1600 global cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. The Cryptograph smartphone app, operated by Flutter, provides real-time information in the form of exchange rate maps, enabling users to monitor the market movement history of their desired cryptocurrency.

Cryptograph maintains up-to-date reports and statistics on over 1,600 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), among others. The software displays currency exchange rates, allows you to pick and add coins to your Favorites for fast monitoring, and many more.

Flutter app development for Android and IOS

Creating app designs will include making trade-offs between the designer’s artistic vision and the realities of development. Mobile designers and engineers often operate in parallel universes, isolated by a rigid distinction between the software they use and the difficulties inherent in iterating a concept during the development process. Occasionally, the designer’s imagination is harmed by constraints in the APIs or frameworks used by the developer; sometimes, graphic polish is postponed until “later” due to other programming work (and “later” often means “never” in practice).

From the start, Flutter app development gives you complete control over any pixel on the device, including a comprehensive collection of widgets that offer pixel-perfect interactions on both iOS and Android. Designers are using Flutter to develop visually appealing products such as Reflectly which is the number one journaling tool on the Apple App Store.

Flutter CTA 2

I. Fast apps on each platform

Rather than adding an abstraction layer between the code and the operating system, Flutter apps are native apps, which means they compile directly to iOS and Android devices.

Dart, Flutter’s programming language, is geared toward the needs of global audience users. It’s simple to learn, includes a comprehensive collection of libraries and bundles that significantly reduces the amount of code you must write, and is optimized for developer success. When you’re ready to release your app, compile it directly to the ARM machine code on your computer with the Flutter framework. It means that what you write is exactly what appears on the system, allowing you to use the full power of your phone to develop a Flutter app rather than using a language like JavaScript that requires a different engine to run.

II. Productive app creation on each platform

As a mobile application maker, you can feel as if you spend more time waiting than coding. When you update the code, you must recompile it, deploy it over to a mobile device, and then restore the software to its previous state to see the changes. In comparison, Flutter app implements a new feature called Stateful Hot Reload that revolutionizes this production period by enabling updates to be executed in milliseconds—not minutes.

Additionally, a stateful hot reload enables improved communication between developers and designers when they choose to refine the app’s functionality and immediately see the results.

When developing applications, teams that use Stateful Hot Reload report significant efficiency gains. By combining rapid change management with the opportunity to release on both iOS and Android, we’ve seen applications from brands like Hamilton and Reflectly goes from creating their first line of code to being released in just weeks.

III. 3 Quick tips for Flutter mobile app development

Given that we’ve spent considerable time exploring the possibilities offered by Flutter framework and thoroughly testing the system, we figured we’d share some tips with anyone considering creating a Flutter-based application:

1. While Flutter offers an easy way to create a beautiful user interface, you must exercise caution with pixel-perfect info. Occasionally, a flutter app needs some additional work due to the fact that there are still problems with designing fonts.

2. You must also be familiar with the Dart programming language to begin developing with Flutter. However, there is no need to be concerned — it is elementary, and a professional mobile developer can pick it up quite quickly.

3. You can use Visual Studio Code or Android Studio for production purposes.

Key takeaways

To summarize, developing apps with Flutter can benefit your company, as demonstrated not only by us but also by some of the market’s largest players. Flutter, in our view, is a particularly viable choice in the following circumstances.

  • When you are looking to create a Minimum Viable Product for startups.
  • Requiring the quick market launch of your mobile app.
  • Needing an Android and iOS app with a top-notch UI that offers seamless UX and reliable, faster results.

Flutter enables you to achieve greater functionality with less coding and a new, expressive vocabulary. Flutter is already gaining traction and gaining the community’s interest. As a result, the number of young developers uses this technology, making it easier to recruit the best team.

Therefore, if you’re interested in developing Flutter applications, contact us to see if we can collaborate. Or, at the very least, discuss your choices.

Still, if you are wondering how Flutter can be a suitable solution for your app idea, then we suggest you to check out our in-depth comparison of Flutter vs React Native.

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