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About the Customer & Project

Client is the Founder of an App Development Company with eight years of experience, sought outsourcing services for app development. Choosing Intelivita as their outsourcing partner, the collaboration focused on designing and developing the web version of a meditation application. Intelivita seamlessly translated specifications and sketches into a cohesive framework, constructing the app using HTML and PHP, and conducting thorough testing.

The Challenge

  • Translating outline and sketchy images into a cohesive and user-friendly design.
  • Selecting appropriate technologies for web app development and ensuring compatibility.
  • Coordination and collaboration between the client and Intelivita throughout the development process.
  • Ensuring comprehensive testing and quality assurance to meet standards and deliver a reliable product.
  • Integrating a user survey into the web app effectively to collect meaningful feedback.
  • Implementing a system for sending sample meditation tracks to users based on preferences and stress levels.
  • Building the web app in HTML and PHP, aligning the chosen technology stack with project requirements.
  • Managing client expectations, especially regarding design elements and technology choices.

The Solution

Intelivita provided development support for the web version of a mobile application, developed separately by the client. The web app features a user survey for feedback collection and sends users sample meditation tracks tailored to their preferences and stress levels.

In design, testing, and delivery, Intelivita played a pivotal role. The client presented an outline with sketchy images, and Intelivita transformed them into an agreed-upon format. Additionally, the team recommended suitable technologies, building the web app with precision using HTML and PHP. The collaborative efforts resulted in a successful and intuitive meditation application.


Customer gets positive feedback on the platform and what Intelivita has delivered. People have found the app intuitive to use.

Client Review

Intelivita delivered on time and quickly ironed out any small obstacle we might have had. The web app launched and met praise for its easy-to-use design. Intelivita delivered a high-quality product against tight deadlines and with top-notch management.


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