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The client, a Director at QualifyFAST, focuses on helping individuals pass pharmacist exams through practice questions and educational resources. The need arose to build a user-friendly website to enhance the learning experience.

The Challenge

During website development, the team faced challenges in integrating a dynamic system that allows quick addition and deletion of questions. Ensuring a smooth and glitch-free user experience while incorporating specific functionalities and customer preferences posed additional complexities.

The Solution

Intelivita, with expertise in web portal development, addressed the challenges by building the entire website from scratch. Our web developers crafted a robust backend system that facilitates the seamless addition and removal of questions.

The platform was tailored to the client’s preferences, offering a free trial with 20 questions and a subscription model for access to thousands of practice problems. Users can also engage with a team of pharmacists through the website for personalized assistance.


Intelivita not only met but exceeded client expectations. The website operates flawlessly, exhibiting responsiveness and stability. The implemented backend aligns precisely with the client's specifications. Quick adaptation to change requests during development showcased the team's efficiency. The end result is a brilliant educational platform that fulfills its purpose seamlessly.

Client Review

Intelivita delivered a functionally flawless website that surpassed expectations. Throughout the development process, the team adapted to change requests, which enabled them to produce a platform that realized the client’s vision. Intelivita is not only dependable but also experienced and efficient.

Mohammed Alsadi, Director


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