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The future is knocking at the door, are you ready? The next technology in the world of mobile is the virtual reality app development. Dedicated VR devices are already a big success in the market as users seek neat VR experience. Bridge the gap between reality and the virtual world with VR app development to better business performances.

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The only key to sustain and thrive in the rapid age of technological expansion is being different. And one of the ways to do so is to offer your users something unique with virtual reality app development and stand out amongst the competition. VR applications mark a distinctive business presence in the market and drive growth by offering better customer experiences. Start with brainstorming all the possible approaches for Virtual Reality development, and you’ll soon realize that possibilities are endless.

Bring us in as your Virtual Reality app development company to leverage the expertise of our in-house team; experienced VR developers, UI/UX design experts, digital produces, and 3D artists. Everything that goes into creating a neat VR application for mobile will be at your disposal to unlock the power of VR to its full potential.

Get advanced VR app development solutions as you bridge the imaginary and real-world with your vision and our efforts. Time to take a step towards the future with VR app development and write the growth story for your business.

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Why Choose VR App Development

Change is the only constant, and choosing a Virtual Reality app development company is bound to transform your business. Startup or enterprise, creating Virtual Reality application for your users can help you reap numerous benefits like;

Unique Experience

Create a significant, 360-degree immersive user experience to keep them coming for more and stick to your VR application as we unleash our cutting-edge tools and expertise.

Unlock Marketing Potential

Use VR technology for mobile apps to create a unique brand identity and perception amongst the prospective buyers by enabling them to try products before they buy it virtually.

Redefine Workforce

Create a simulated training environment for the workforce and blend in VR apps to leverage its interactive elements in rendering the lifelike experiences.

Save More

VR development can help to trim product development and operational costs by enabling engineers to implement mechanism on a virtual platform before trying out in real life.

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Industry Expertise

VR app development is significantly getting a reputation in the business fraternity as they look to utilize the growing technology. Our expertise in VR development and a proven record of catering to diverse clientele make us an ideal Virtual Reality app development partner for your business.

Real Estate

Simulate real-life home and office space experiences to your prospective buyers through a VR app. This technology can create home demos to give the lifelike feel and providing buyers with a good idea about architectural and interior design. Virtual Reality applications for real estate are gaining momentum amongst the builders as it drives faster conversion by enabling a better estate understanding for buyers.


Giving a literal presentation of the product is the best way to let prospective users understand the business offerings. With Virtual Reality app development, it is possible to create live demos, give a virtual presentation, and even design an immersive and interactive walkthrough. Offering a close-to-real experience is the best way to present prospective users with product information and VR development.


VR app development makes way for a virtual 3D/360-degree advertising platform to communicate effectively with your users. VR ads can draw in users to virtually experience the simulated environment using real-life images and locations. Putting on the VR headsets like Oculus Rift can enhance the novelty feature of VR technology to be utilized as a crucial advertising tool that can create a difference.

Travel & Tourism

The best way to utilize VR app development for the travel business is by offering virtual field trips to prospective travelers. Creating location-based VR apps is a great way to let users feel the location, wind, and scenery around the place by simply putting on the VR gears. Also, tourism-based businesses can create a simulated virtual hospitality tour to let buyers experience the kind of services offered.


Create a stunning gaming experience for your users with Virtual Reality game development. The VR technology puts gamers into the front seat to experience the real adrenaline of video games. Our gaming experts have experience in creating an intuitive gaming environment, 3D characters, and immersive narrative to bring in more gamers to your platform. Experience the power of VR gaming at its best with Intelivita.

Education & Training

Students and learners need the touch of reality to understand things better. Here, the VR apps for education and training comes to play. Students in schools and colleges can benefit from using VR apps that provide interactive walkthroughs, lifelike field trips, and immersive tutorials. All these blend to create a fun learning experience for students.


Extend VR development services for providing a wholesome, vibrant environment to your users. Our Virtual Reality App Developers help you leverage premium immersive formats to captivate user attention and drive retention. Create VR video streaming apps, photo editing apps, and do much more to engage users and have them coming for more.

Technologies Used

Adopting technologies as per the latest VR trends is critical to provide the best Virtual Reality Application. Our hands-on commitment and expertise in technology trend is a winning combination that guarantees the success of your VR development.

Intelivita for Virtual Reality Development

It is essential to choose the right technology partner for your business, especially when you foray into VR. Being a Virtual Reality App development company, we have dedicated resources crafting brilliance in the industry every day.

VR Experience

Our exposure technology stack and the ability to pace-up with time have us catering to clients from across the globe, giving us necessary experience in different industries.

Agile Approach

Our agile approach towards Virtual Reality development has us channeling our efforts on delivering the best work within the given timeline in a dynamic environment.

VR Expertise

Team of dedicated VR app developers with equal expertise to match your demands and ensure your app remains up to the mark.

Tailored Solutions

Offering custom VR apps and gaming solutions for dedicated devices to give your business an edge over the competitors.


Everything revolves around the end-users! We understand your requirements to create user-centric Virtual Reality applications that provide solutions with a difference.

Holistic Infrastructure

Providing your VR app development project with everything that it needs – development, design, and consistent testing that translates to business growth.

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Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

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Showcasing what we are best at

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