12 Questions to Ask Your Web Development Team

Shaunak Shukla

Project Manager at Intelivita

  Published on February 16, 2024

  8 min read

Every business needs a strong online presence, but finding the right web development team can feel like a guessing game.

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled 12 questions you need to ask before hiring a web developer.

This way, you’ll be able to break down the crucial aspects of your web project and identify potential problems before they start.

By the end, you’ll be able to confidently ask the right questions, hire a professional web development agency, and launch a website that truly represents your business.

Let’s get started!

What Questions to Ask Your Web Developer?

Here are some important questions you should ask to a web development team before deciding to hire them (or not):

#1. What Are Examples of Projects You’ve Completed in the Past Years?

This simple question can reveal crucial information about a web development team’s relevant expertise, helping you decide whether they’re the perfect match for your project.

Explore the types of websites they’ve built, their industry experience (if relevant to yours), and the complexity of the projects. Also, look for projects that share similarities with your vision.

More importantly, ask them about specific challenges they faced in past projects and how they solved them.

This can reveal their resourcefulness, adaptability, and ability to overcome obstacles, which are crucial qualities for any web development team.

Beyond the finished product, it’s equally important to see the process behind each project, their workflow, and how they collaborated with clients.

#2. Can You Tell Me About Specific Tasks You Can Handle?

Understanding the full range of services offered gives you a clear picture of their capabilities.

Do they provide web design, development, and hosting all under one roof?

Do they offer additional services like content creation, SEO optimization, or maintenance?

Some teams also specialize in specific industries or website types.

Therefore, understanding their service focus helps you determine if they have the needed skills for your project.

By asking this question and exploring the answers thoroughly, you can also gain valuable insights into the team’s service capabilities, their approach to projects, and the potential value they can bring to your website.

3. What Is Your Standard Process for Developing the Website?

Finding a web development team isn’t just about finding skilled individuals; it’s about trusting a proven system.

Dive deep into the development stages, including how they conduct effective communication and which web development tools they use.

By working with a development team with a well-defined process, you can minimize errors and delays.

Understanding their process will also shed light on how they identify and address potential risks.

Do they have contingency plans in place?

And how do they handle unexpected challenges? Don’t be afraid to express your concerns and ask how their process addresses them.

#4. What is the Estimated Timeline for the Project?

Time is the ultimate currency, especially in business. That’s why you need to ask the estimated timeframe of your website project.

Not only is it crucial for planning and allocating resources, it will also help you understand how the development team manages their time.

By knowing the estimated project duration, you can plan your internal resources, avoid unnecessary delays, and launch marketing campaigns at the right time.

#5. Is This Website Going to Be Custom-Made or Based on a Template?

Choosing between a custom-made website and a template-based one is a crucial decision that will impact your website’s functionality, design, and budget.

Custom-made websites offer unique design and flexibility, but come with a higher cost and development time.

Meanwhile, template-based websites are faster and more affordable, but offer limited customization.

It might also lack the unique identity you desire.

If your website requires complex features or unique functionality, a custom solution might be necessary.

However, for simpler websites with standard features, a template could be sufficient.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a unique solution, consider mixing both options.

Start with a template, and ask the development team to customize each element to match your branding identity and business needs.

#6. Can You Optimize the Website According to SEO Guidelines?

Having a website that ranks well in search engines is crucial for attracting organic traffic and potential customers.

Asking about a web development team’s SEO expertise helps you understand their ability to create a website that not only looks good but also attracts visitors.

SEO optimization is an ongoing process, but the initial setup during website development plays a crucial role.

And so, choosing a team with SEO expertise ensures your website has a solid foundation for long-term organic growth.

Dig deep into their past projects, and check their technical SEO expertise and experience with various SEO tools.

Also, clarify if their SEO services are included in their quoted price or if they require additional fees.

#7. Can You Make Sure the Website is Secure?

Data breaches and cyberattacks have devastating consequences for businesses.

If not handled properly, they can damage your reputation and cause financial loss in a blink of an eye.

That’s why asking about a web development team’s security expertise is essential.

Because it will help you understand their commitment to building a safe and reliable online presence.

Explore specific security measures they implement, such as HTTPS, secure coding practices, regular security audits, and malware protection.

Also, discuss your specific security needs and concerns, especially if your website handles sensitive data or online payments.

#8. Can I Modify the Website Directly?

Website ownership doesn’t stop at launch. Content updates, minor edits, and adjustments are often needed to keep your website fresh and relevant.

So, asking about the web development team’s perspective to content management will help you to understand your level of control and flexibility after the website is built.

However, don’t just ask if you can modify the website. Instead, clarify the level of access you’ll have to the codebase.

Find out if direct code editing is possible or if modifications require their involvement.

#9. How Many Rounds of Revisions Are Possible?

Revisions are an essential part of the web development process, which allows you to refine your website and ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision.

By asking about the development team’s revision policy, you will know their flexibility and commitment to achieving your desired outcome.

A reasonable number of revisions indicates the team is willing to adapt to your feedback.

However, too many revisions might suggest lack of effective communication. You should also clarify what constitutes a revision.

Does it include minor text changes, layout adjustments, or major design overhauls?

This will help you prioritize your feedback and ensure your requests fall within the agreed-upon scope.

#10. Will You Be Able to Collaborate With Our Team?

The web development team’s collaborative approach is another thing you should ask.

By doing so, you can assess their ability to work seamlessly with your internal team and ensure a smooth project journey.

This is because your team might possess valuable insights into your target audience, brand identity, or specific needs.

On the other hand, the web development team can tap into this expertise and create a website that truly resonates with your business.

So, ask how they typically collaborate on projects, and be clear about your desired level of involvement, decision-making process, and preferred methods for resolving disagreements.

#11. What Is the Estimated Cost for This Project?

Asking about the estimated cost of website development will help you set realistic expectations and manage your budget effectively.

Start by contacting several web development agencies or freelancers, and ask them to provide a quote.

Knowing the average market rate gives you the power to negotiate.

If the proposed offers don’t meet your budget, you can always explore alternative solutions.

When evaluating proposals from multiple teams, remember this as a tip:
Compare their estimated costs and features, then choose an agency that offers the best value for your investment.

#12. What Do You Need From Us Before the Project Starts?

Launching a successful website requires collaboration and preparation from both sides.

That’s why you need to support the web development team by asking this question upfront.

Having everything the development team needs from the start will save time, reduce confusion, and allow them to hit the ground running.

This will also minimize delays and ensure the project progresses based on schedule.

By knowing what’s expected, your team can proactively contribute and collaborate effectively with the developers from the outset.

Need to Hire a Professional Web Development Team?

Throughout this article, we’ve explored key questions you should ask any potential web development team to make sure that they align with your specific needs and vision.

Ultimately, you need a partner that understands your business, communicates effectively, and prioritizes your success.

That’s where Intelivita comes in. With over 450 successful web projects delivered across 12 years, our dedicated team of 70+ experts possess the experience and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Ready to transform your online presence and achieve your business goals?

Contact us today and we’ll help you create a website that truly works for your business.

Technical Project Manager

Shaunak Shukla, an experienced Project Manager with over 14 years of experience in PHP-based technologies, making him a true authority in the realm of web development.

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