Shaunak Shukla

Technical Project Manager

Who is Shaunak Shukla?

Shaunak Shukla, an experienced Project Manager with over 14 years of experience in PHP-based technologies, making him a true authority in the realm of web development.

Shaunak's expertise spans a wide spectrum of platforms, including WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, OpenCart, Joomla, CakePHP, and various PHP frameworks and CMS.

With an academic foundation in Computer Science and a B.E. in Computer Technology/Science, Shaunak combines his solid educational background with a profound understanding of software engineering to deliver outstanding results.

His proficiency isn’t confined to PHP alone; Shaunak also excels in AWS, Node, Angular, GIT, REST API, and has mastered project management tools like JIRA, Target Process, GitScrum, and Kanboard.

Shaunak’s multifaceted skills encompass every aspect of web development, from requirements gathering to agile methodologies. He’s renowned for his prowess in PHP applications, front-end development, and an extensive command over web technologies.

Shaunak thrives in agile environments, ensuring the timely delivery of projects through cross-functional team leadership, project coordination, and risk assessment. His unwavering commitment to meeting project timelines, planning sprints, and effective communication guarantees project success.

With Shaunak’s wealth of experience and technical prowess, your web development projects are in the hands of a true professional. Shaunak Shukla – where innovation meets experience.

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Shaunak Shukla

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