Key Features for Successful Android Apps

Tuhin Bhatt

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  Published on February 15, 2024

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Every winning app has memorable features.

Think how Spotify keeps its loyal listeners with its AI-powered personalization feature for playlist and music suggestions.

Or how Duolingo, the popular language-learning app, integrates gamification to provide an interactive and fun studying experience.

Features of Android applications are the centerpiece of your app. The ideal features should be a balance between delivering a seamless user experience and achieving superior quality.

As a bespoke Android mobile app development company, our main priority has always been to help your Android app reach the high ranks in the App Store by adhering to best-in-class standards.

What are the features of Android most important to include?

7 Features for Successful Android Apps

Here are some key features of Android in mobile application development that will propel your app to success:

1. High-Caliber Security

Data privacy has been the biggest concern for users, especially with the rise of cyberattacks these days.

Therefore, by implementing robust cybersecurity features into your Android app, you can gain your users’s trust and loyalty.

This becomes essential especially if your Android app preserves and handles substantial amounts of user data, whether it is for M-Commerce (mobile commerce), gaming, social media, or online services.

Security should be one of the first features of Android in mobile application development.

Here are some best practices to safeguard your Android app against cyber attacks, from ransomware and phishing to denial of service (DoS) and social engineering:

  • Build your app with highly secure tech. This goes all the way to the platform you choose, the framework used for the code, and the server or hosting for the database.
  • Apply for compliance. Make sure that your Android app complies with GDPR (General Data Protection and Regulation) or take it a step further by obtaining security certifications such as ISO 27002 or SOC2.
  • Trust your security to IT experts. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporation, specific cybersecurity expertise might be hard to search for. Working with trusted IT experts like Intelivita will help you find any cybersecurity solution you need.

If you want a more comprehensive checklist, go check out our blog on “Security Measures in Android App Development”.

Looking for cybersecurity solutions to protect your Android app?

Partnering with an Android app mobile development company with years of experience in the field such as Intelivita will be the optimal choice.

2. Ease of Use

Every Android feature should be designed with user-friendliness in mind as it has a huge impact on customer engagement and retention.

An effective UI/UX design also signifies that your business is committed to serving excellent customer service.

However, ease of use in Android app development is not only determined by UI/UX but also by a variety of factors:

  • Responsiveness and adaptability: Make sure your Android app is optimized for different devices, screen sizes, and operating systems.
  • Clear navigation: Make it easy for users to explore your app by adding proper navigational elements, from menus to buttons, in familiar locations while reducing clicks.
  • Accessibility: Make your Android app accessible to people across ages.

If you’d like to check whether your app design is user-friendly or not, you can test it with usability tools.

3. Performance Optimization

Optimizing for speed is one of the most crucial features to boost your Android application performance.

A new study reveals that technology has made people more impatient.

If your Android app loads slowly, there’s a chance that customers will bounce and go elsewhere.

Aside from speed, customers are also more likely to use apps that are less likely to crash which you can mitigate through performance optimization.

Here are several ways to enhance your Android app performance and convert more users:

  • Reduce App Size – Android apps can provide huge benefits for the users. Firstly, they do not require much storage space. Secondly, they are fast to download.
  • Optimize Images and Videos – Media content is the most common culprit to performance issues. Thankfully, there are proven content optimization techniques that will not sacrifice quality, namely progressive images and adaptive video buffering.
  • Boost App Launch Time – Users always look for fast and responsive Android apps. Speeding up launch time can be done by identifying obstructions in the initialization process and removing them.
  • Battery Saving – Take out unnecessary resources so that your users can access your apps without worrying about drained batteries.

4. Customer Support

Every good Android app comes with good customer support.

Integrating customer support services should also be a starting point when you are developing an Android app.

There are a lot of options to enable interaction between your customers and your team within your app.

According to the latest Android development trends, artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbot has been on the rise.

Simply feed the AI with a range of test cases and documentation, and the technology will easily generate accurate information when your customers come in with problems or questions.

Android apps need to provide customer support that is reachable, ideally 24/7, and give users a set of contact points across channels.

In this case, even if your customer hotline is busy, customers will have options to go with other methods of communication.

Not only will this make their lives easier, but they will surely give your Android app a 5-star review on the app store.

5. Offline Functionality

It’s vital to provide offline access so that users can still access important features and data in your app even without internet connectivity.

This way, your app will still be functional for users living in remote areas where the internet latency is low, thereby increasing the daily active user (DAU) or monthly active user (MAU) metrics that are equally essential for Android app sustainability.

Here are some strategies to optimize for offline functionality:

  • Sensitive Data Management: Customize privacy settings and permissions to maintain secure access to sensitive information which includes bank statements and contact details.
  • Action Restrictions: During the offline mode, deactivate your app’s ability to take screenshots and record audio to prevent data leaks.
  • Shared Data Management. For some apps, such as Netflix, it is common for one account to be used by more than one user. Instead of inputting complex passwords which can decrease app usability, using authentication tokens for better data management can simplify the authentication process and improve the overall user experience.

6. Promotions and Offers

Of course, in-app marketing will go a long way in keeping your customers engaged and increasing incoming sales.

Promote your Android app with the following methods:

  • Social Media Integration – By letting users share your app features to different channels, you can organically build a community that appreciates your app while widening your reach as more people will become aware of your app, try it out, and become the next customers.
  • Push Notifications. With killer UI/UX copies, push notifications are surefire methods to engage your users. These notifications can be great use to inform users about the latest updates, exclusive promotions, or personalized content.

7. Data and Analytics

To continuously upgrade your app with the best technology stack of Android development and understand what features and updates to bring out next, integrate data and analytics.

From data, you can gain insights and understand user behavior and preferences better.

This way, you can personalize offerings or programs to maintain user loyalty.

Tracking can also help Android app developers identify which features are working and which ones are not.

Based on the results from the data-driven approach, you can strategically lay out the long-term roadmap to ensure that your Android app is up-to-date and relevant for its user base.


The success of your Android app all goes down to the features you incorporate in it and how they can collectively improve user experience, engagement, and sales.

If you want to integrate your Android app with the key features mentioned above, work with an IT expert who has made success stories in mobile development like Intelivita.

Contact us today and let us bridge your path toward Android app success.


Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. He helps passionate entrepreneurs build amazing tech products. Tuhin being a peoples man who has a passion to share his technical expertise with clients and other enthusiasts.

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