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    Augmented Reality

    How Augmented Reality Can Transform the Gaming Industry [Benefits + Use Cases]

    Tuhin Bhatt Co-founder of Intelivita

      Published on March 2, 2023

      8 min read

    With the advent of user-centric technologies, the demand for tech advancement in the gaming industry has been high.

    One such high-tech product with increasing popularity is Augmented Reality.

    Statista figures show over 1.7 billion mobile AR user app devices will be worldwide in 2024.

    This means the market is ripe, and the growth potential is huge. You only need to find a reliable AR app development company to get started.

    Are you a startup founder, a tech executive, or a serial entrepreneur? If yes, then keep reading to learn:

    • Definition of Augmented Reality
    • How Augmented Reality works in gaming
    • Benefits of Augmented Reality in gaming
    • Use cases of AR in gaming
    • And more!

    Let’s break things down:

    What is Augmented Reality?

    Augmented Reality entails integrating digital characters with the natural environment in real-time.

    That is, AR superimposes digital information in the real world. Thus, users can experience a mixture of virtual and natural characters through AR-enabled software and device.

    This technology is usually employed to digitalize the natural environment and provide users with added virtual information. It also improves engagement and provides an immersive environment for theoretical and computer-based activities.

    How Does Augmented Reality Work in Gaming?

    As explained earlier, AR overlays digital objects onto real-world objects in real time.

    An AR-enabled device captures the user’s surroundings, such as a park or room. It then tracks their motion and orientation to accurately lay digital characters onto real-world items.

    For example, consider an AR game that aims to catch virtual creatures appearing in your real-world environment. Here, the device’s camera lets you capture the natural environment and overlay characters on it. The sensors on the devices track your movements and adjust digital characters in real-time.

    Anytime you interact with those virtual creatures, your device senses the movement and sends the info back to the game.

    The game then sends audio and visual feedback. Thus, creating the ideal condition for an immersive gaming experience.

    Benefits of Augmented Reality in Gaming

    AR is revolutionizing the gaming world. Gamers can now enjoy a more immersive, competitive, and engaging experience.

    Due to the numerous benefits of AR in gaming, its adoption will grow at a CAGR of 21.98% between 2021 and 2028.

    Augmented Reality offers a range of benefits to the gaming industry. Some of these include:

    Image showing Benefits of Augmented Reality in Gaming

    Let’s delve into the intricacy of the article:

    Benefit 1: Immersive Gaming Experience

    Traditional video games entail sitting in front of a screen and interacting with the computer via a keyboard.

    However, with AR-powered gaming, you will interact with digital content overlaid over the physical environment. This makes it seem more real, like the player is a character in the game.

    For example, consider an AR game where you must defend your home against virtual characters.

    The game will overlay aliens onto your environment and make it seem like your physical home is under attack. You may need to move around the house to find the best spot to shoot them. This interaction causes the game to be more immersive and engaging.

    Another benefit of AR to gaming is that it aids gaming navigation:

    Benefit 2: It Aids Navigation in Gaming

    You can find playing a game that involves exploring a new environment challenging without a guide. However, AR can help you navigate more easily.

    For example, consider an AR game where you’ll have to find hidden characters at different locations. The game can overlay arrows and other markers on the environment to hint to the player in the direction.

    As you move correctly, the tag will move with you for guidance.

    Another example is when you’re playing a game to escape a maze. The game can overlay arrows upon the environment for direction.

    Benefit 3: Social Interaction

    Traditional gaming activity is a solitary task. However, with Augmented Reality gaming, you can interactively play the game with others. By creating collaborative gameplays, users can be more connected to each other.

    For example, you can collaborate with other players to capture virtual creatures. This creates a better social experience. An example is teaming up with your family to defend your home against virtual aliens. This provides a sense of shared experience.

    In addition, you can use Augmented Reality in gaming to create multiplayer. For example, AR games can challenge you and other players to virtual scavenger hunts, etc.

    Benefit 4: Educational Benefits

    AR has the potential to make gaming activities more engaging and educational. Due to the ability of AR to superimpose digital characters onto real-life objects, they can help to produce interactive learning.

    Let’s take a game about history as an example; using AR, you can view historical landmarks and how certain structures were formed. You’ll be viewing this like you’re physically in that location.

    Additionally, AR games can help to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. During the game, you’ll encounter some challenges that require reasoning and logic skills to solve. Doing that hones and exercises your brain’s problem-solving capacity.

    AR games can also help you learn new skills and better understand a range of subjects. For example, some AR games teach foreign languages, coding, and specific scientific concepts. Playing these games helps to improve your understanding of a range of topics.

    Benefit 5: Marketing and Advertisements

    AR helps companies and services to advertise their product uniquely and innovatively.

    For example, let’s consider an organization that plans to promote its services; they can create an AR game that features the product interactively.

    The more players interact with the game, the more their exposure to its features. This can result in improved brand interest and awareness.

    This technology can also help corporate entities target their audience more accurately.

    Since several AR games are on mobile devices and PCs, organizations can target them per location. In-app ads can pop up. Online games may even be personalized for individuals in specified locations.

    Now that you know the benefits of AR in gaming. What’s more? Let’s inspire your ideation process by discussing some real-life use cases of AR in gaming.

    Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Gaming

    Augmented reality gaming is a popular concept. The first noteworthy AR-based games were Pokemon Go and Ingress.

    Before that, most AR games had mediocre performances as they were usually used to test the efficacy of the technology.

    Here are some popularly used AR games in trend:

    Image depicting the Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Gaming, namely: Ingress Prime, Angry Birds, Draconius GO, Five Nights at Freddy's AR, and Jurassic World Alive.

    Use Case 1: Ingress

    Ingress Prime debuted as one of the mobile device’s most hyped AR games. It lived up to its expectation, with over 20 million downloads.

    The game directs you to specific locations to look for “portals.” Someone on your team will hack the portals and then make changes to prevent the other team from accessing the portal.

    Use Case 2: Angry Birds AR (Isle of Pigs)

    The Angry Birds AR is arguably the most engaging of the popular franchise. The game works by setting up a virtual table through your camera. You’ll then sling birds at the structure to crash the pigs on the table.

    There are 70 levels in the game and some popular Angry Birds characters to choose from.

    Use Case 3: Draconius GO

    It isn’t just similar to Pokemon Go in name but also in gameplay. However, rather than using Pokemon, you’ll use Dragons.

    In this game, players move around to find dragons to battle other players. You’ll get rewarded for defeating an opponent. Players with a flair for the popular Pokemon Go franchise will find this appealing. This game currently has over 100k downloads.

    Use Case 4: Five Nights at Freddy’s AR

    You’ll play this game by keeping an eye on the AR characters. They’ll aim to virtually jump out of the wall to attack you. Once detected, you’ll have to shock them to keep them back. It’s a never-ending looped game, so you can play them anywhere and at all times.

    Use Case 5: Jurassic World Alive

    Jurassic World Alive is a free location-based AR game that Ludia owns. Its mechanics are also similar to Pokemon Go.

    Here, players search for dinosaurs to collect around the real world. Once seen, they use it to battle other. You can make in-app purchases to activate premium features, such as the ability to customize your dinosaurs. You may also subscribe to access all in-app purchases at a go.

    Before creating your gaming application, it’s best to read this article on the cost of building an Augmented Reality app, as it’ll let you know the financial implication of your project.

    Let’s Help You Get Started

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    At Intelivita, we have an in-depth understanding and experience creating various Augmented Reality products for organizations worldwide.

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