7 WordPress Website Development Types

Tuhin Bhatt

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  Published on June 20, 2024

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WordPress takes the fear out of website building because its user-friendly platform allows you to create a variety of websites easily, from personal blogs to e-commerce sites

However, when building a WordPress site, you might struggle to determine which type of website is right for you.

Hence, this article will help you explore various types of WordPress sites and find the perfect fit for your vision.

Let’s dive in!

7 Types of Websites You Can Build with WordPress

Let’s see several types of websites you can create through WordPress development!

1. Personal Blog

Personal blog is a type of website where you can share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas on various topics.

It’s a digital space for self-expression, where the content is typically written in a conversational style, and reflects the blogger’s personality and interests.

This type of website would suit you best if you:

  • Want to document personal journeys or hobbies.
  • Are passionate about specific topics like travel, food, fashion, or technology.
  • Seek to build a personal brand or online presence.
  • Enjoy writing and sharing perspectives with a broader audience.

Furthermore, blogs aren’t just for individuals anymore – many companies are using them as a reliable marketing channel as well.

2. Business Website

Business website is an online platform that represents a company or organization.

It provides information about the business, including its products or services, company history, contact details, and other relevant content.

Lots of business owners are requesting custom WordPress development service provider to build this type of website, because it’s essential for:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence.
  • Large corporations wanting to provide detailed information about their services and products.
  • Freelancers and consultants offering professional services.
  • Any organization that wants to enhance its credibility and accessibility to potential clients.

Even big brands like Sony Music and The Walt Disney Company build their business sites with WordPress.

3. eCommerce Store

E-commerce store is a type of website where businesses can sell products or services directly to customers over the internet.

Usually, it includes features such as product listings, shopping carts, payment gateways, and order management systems.

You will need this type of website, if you’re a:

  • Retailer looking to expand sales online.
  • Entrepreneur launching new products or brands.
  • Small business owner aiming to reach a wider audience.

The good news is, using WordPress for building e-commerce sites is amazingly easy.

Just install the WooCommerce plugin, and it will provide comprehensive online store functionality to your site.

4. Portfolio Website

If you want to show your work, skills, and achievements in your website, then you need to create a portfolio site.

The main purpose of this site is to present work samples in a professional manner to attract potential clients, employers, or collaborators.

All in all, here are people who need to build a portfolio website:

  • Freelancers looking to showcase their work to potential clients.
  • Creative professionals such as designers, photographers, artists, and writers.
  • Agencies wanting to display their projects and capabilities.
  • Job seekers aiming to provide a visual resume to potential employers.

To create a professional-looking portfolio site, you can use themes like Astra and drag-and-drop builders like Elementor.

5. Forum Website

This is a platform where users can post discussions, ask questions, share information, and engage in conversations on various topics.

Forum websites are ideal for any community-focused organization which aims to foster engagement and collaboration among its members.

If you’re planning to build a forum website, you can install plugins like bbPress which will add forum functionality with ease into your site.

Additionally, you can also install the BuddyPress plugin to add social networking features to your forum, and Akismet to protect the forum from spam messages.

6. News Website

A news site is exactly like a digital newspaper, it offers timely and relevant news content to its audience.

It is usually dedicated to publishing articles and information on various topics such as current events, politics, sports, entertainment, and more.

This type of website is suitable for traditional news organizations that are looking to expand their digital presence, or even independent journalists who want to report on specific niches.

However, WordPress isn’t just for small news sites.

Major news outlets like Variety and the New York Post also use it to reach millions of readers daily.

7. Membership Site

Are you a content creator who wants to monetize premium content, such as tutorials, articles, or videos?

Or maybe you’re an online educator who offers courses and training programs?

If that’s the case, then you might want to build a membership site.

It is a platform where access to certain content, features, or areas is restricted to registered members only.

You can create a membership site easily in WordPress by installing the MemberPress plugin.

It allows you to manage subscriptions, content restrictions, and payments on the go.


No matter what type of website you want, WordPress provides the tools and flexibility to bring your ideas to life.

However, building a professional website requires not only the right tools but also expertise and experience.

To ensure your WordPress site meets your goals and stands out well, consider partnering with a reliable web development company like Intelivita!

Let’s build your dream site with us.

Contact our expert now!


Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. He helps passionate entrepreneurs build amazing tech products. Tuhin being a peoples man who has a passion to share his technical expertise with clients and other enthusiasts.

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