How to Outsource Mobile App Development (2021 Guide)

What will you do once you have the idea of creating an app for your business? It is natural to explore choices and decide whether to outsource app development or hire a team on your own.

To begin, finding the appropriate developer for your bespoke mobile application development project is not as easy as discovering a great restaurant on Yelp. This is because even if the food isn’t precisely what you ordered, you’re still satisfied and unlikely to get burnt by a 5-star restaurant.

In comparison, the road to discovering an excellent app developer is riddled with landmines. The dilemma of whether to outsource application development or hire an in-house app development team is real. And if you are the one who wants to focus on performing key business activities without much of a hush, then you’d be going with outside app developers.

Although there is no precise data on the overall number of cloud-based web apps globally, there are statistics on their user base.

According to Statista, the global population of consumers using cloud-based services increased from 2.4 billion in 2013 to 3.6 billion in 2018.

Today, we have an app for almost everything, from calling a cab to getting the medicines and even consulting a virtual doctor. These are the times for businesses to learn how to outsource app development and drive effective growth. But before you proceed to outsource app development, there are a few things that you need to know.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing App Development in 2021

Consider Before Outsourcing App Development

First, you need to define the essence of your app idea and later think of the best way to outsource application development.

In general, the mobile application specs are classified into three categories:

User requirements

Users are your key end objective. After researching the industry, you know what your consumers want – apps, front-end charts, easy use, robust security backend, etc.

Business needs

To outsource a mobile app development company concept, you need to choose your objective first, the result. Make a business strategy that pivots on needs and selects suitable outside app developers.

Application outline

To begin, consider the application. How do you envision it? Once you’ve completed your time, it’s time to tighten your seat belts and create outlines.

Given that you are outsourcing, you should provide a detailed description of your project rather than providing vague answers to outsource app development.

Your application requires two specific components-

Functional: Define operational parameters such as administrative functions, required authorization levels, and transaction kinds.

Non-functional: Some outline functions would now include documents outlining permissions, drive types, operating platforms for which the program should be designed, and security prerequisites, among other things.

Why Choose to Outsource App Development?

Why Choose to Outsource App Development

If you’re considering developing an app, outsourcing development may seem like the best solution. However, if you do not know how to create an app it is best to outsource app development and start determining its own set of problems if you are unfamiliar with its fundamentals.

When those concerns outsourcing projects, the primary challenge for businesses is locating a reputable outsource firm ready to work with you until you are pleased with the output.

Often, beginning work is more difficult than completing it, with several questions and difficulties cropping up at random intervals. However, this is not the case when picking the best outsourcing mobile app development firm that simply meets a few business requirements.

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Team of Talented Developers

Generally, the greatest developer talent pool propels any firm forward, and with the scarcity of top personnel, businesses are becoming more pragmatic about outsourcing projects. Additionally, mobile app development outsourcing provides an opportunity to source talent from global locations. When you speak to our mobile app developers at Intelivita, you are given qualified specialists to work immediately on your app development requirements.

Speeds up App Development Process

As simple as it sounds, hiring an in-house app development team needs considerable effort and time. At times, hiring suitable candidates for your firm can take months. Additionally, you would need to train these personnel, which takes time as well.

Hiring an ideal outsourced application development business is a better choice since these organizations already have a large pool of experienced developers on hand, and you won’t have to invest in in-house training developers.

High Efficiency

We are a team of mobile application developers in the USA known for their efficiency and design. As a result, you will certainly profit from their highly qualified and talented developers. Not to mention the tools and facilities we utilize, the numerous quality control techniques we employ ensure your application remains upscale, and many more.

These two benefits are the most critical ones that we should anticipate while outsourcing our mobile app.

Flexibility in App Development

Usually, developing a mobile application for yourself is a difficult process that requires a great deal of effort to satisfy the criteria and desired outputs. It gradually reduces the cost and harms budget allocation.

If your in-house procedure is involved in such projects or app development projects, the duties are onerous and may reduce the product’s effectiveness. This is where an outsourcing mobile app development firm may help since shared tasks increase job exposure.

Step by Step Guide to Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Clear & Concise Outline for the App

How are you going to ensure that the outsourced workforce understands the entire concept if you do not? When you know what your application should do, finding a company that outsources application development becomes simple. Additionally, it provides ample opportunity to reflect on the app concept’s promotion.

A trustworthy and experienced outside app developer may give additional knowledge, ideas, and strategies to assist you in effectively completing the job.

The first step at the beginning of any adventure is to create a route map. An engaging business outline and a summary of the primary characteristics of the product. Then, work towards incorporating internal performance metrics for the app’s traction, income. Lastly, ensure that your app represents your business’s beliefs and identity.

Go with a highly suitable mobile app development option

Move over how to outsource app development because there is no single solution to work in all cases! It is largely determined by your specified requirements and, to a lesser extent, by your budget. Make an informed decision about whether to pursue app development through a specialized agency, a freelancer, or a combination of numerous app developers in different places. Additionally, this should be in addition to your strategy and market analysis.

What are the options to consider before outsourcing mobile app development?

You may categorically choose any of the following modes when outsourcing app development. Freelance websites such as Upwork, Truelancer and Freelancer are the go-to platforms for your project to locate the perfect outsourcing business. Similarly, business directories like Clutch, where you can easily find outsourcing companies. Reviews, ratings, and portfolio links further demonstrate the quality of the services offered by the business.

Project-based model

This model type is appropriate for a start-up with a limited budget where you do not need to hire mobile app developers. The outsourcing company provides services for a specified length of time, and designated team members give the best output possible.

Team-as-a-Service (TaaS)

In this strategy, businesses outsource application development to a company where resources are tasked with scheduling tasks. If you are not looking to hire an in-house app developer team, this is a great option. The mobile app development tasks are allocated to teams, establishing a hierarchy of team leaders, and delivering timely project reports for the organization. The team you’ve engaged will oversee the entire testing process for the app.

Hire an App Development Company

If your firm is having difficulty responding to mobile app development inquiries, you may hire a team of outside developers for a mobile app development company.

They should offer insight into the required skills, technology, and statistics for your mobile applications and allow you to make informed platform selections. Develop your perfect product easily by outsourcing to an Android application development service or an iPhone application development company.

Outsource to Freelancers

This is the most cost-effective approach for your organization to begin using a mobile application development framework in particular by enlisting the assistance of a freelance developer. If you instantly need to create a mobile application and are limited in money, hiring a professional freelancer becomes more cost-effective.

Providing work assignments to freelancers has several disadvantages, including creating a standard viewpoint for your product, testing problems, and the potential for design complexity.

The alternative method of outsourcing freelancing is to form a team by aligning the necessary talents. Effectively, you may integrate them into current players or even join a splintered team and then pay them on an hourly basis to ensure product development success. You simply need to pay for the key components of your project and the application development process will be completed swiftly.

Establishing Key Milestones

The milestones are an integral component of the mobile app development project that should be planned wisely. Otherwise, the project will never be completed on time. Discuss the milestones which define the project’s timetable, specifying which app components will wear off within a certain period in addition to the start and end dates.

The milestones may include app design, execution of the invention, feature development, backend development, testing, and app submission. In agile development projects, a collection of features and design elements is maintained as a milestone for each sprint and then provided to the customer for testing and approval.

The evaluation and approval of features, modules, backend, design, and other aspects of the project reassure customers that the project is on track and finished on time.

Assessing the App Development Budget

While the budget may be identical, the development team’s costs will vary when you outsource app development. This depends on the project’s intricacy, the development team’s experience, and the time necessary to build the mobile app.

Naturally, there are many options to hire outside app developers in the market – from the cheapest to some of the most expensive. Typically, to save money, businesses go for the lowest option – resulting in the most unoriginal, mediocre, and applications that hardly stand out from the competition.

Interviewing Mobile App Developers

This holds true even if you hire an in-house app development team and it is the same with outsourcing app development. Once you compile a list of businesses that meet your criteria, the following step is to interview them to make your final selection. You may create a list of the selected companies/candidates and conduct one-on-one interviews with each.

You may inquire about their expertise, their goals, and objectives when it comes to creating applications, their ability to communicate effectively with you about the project, the price they charge, and customer evaluations, among other things. This will enable you to determine if they are a good match for your requirements.

Apart from this, you may discuss time management strategies, time disparities, and other factors that may affect the success of outsourcing an app development project.

Schedule Regular Follow-Ups

The development business must provide the incremental builds of the project to the customer following the project plan’s milestones. Often, developers do not adhere to the project timetable breakdown and thus miss deadlines for sprint completion, which is dangerous for time-critical applications.

It is important to regularly monitor the app’s development using a project management system (PMS), allowing the customer to know how much work the developer has completed concerning a predefined milestone. Ascertain that the firm has implemented a PMS.

How much does it cost to Outsource App Development?

The average hourly wage varies significantly per nation. While employing Latin American developers is marginally less expensive than recruiting developers in North America can provide great design and unique style to your mobile application. However, Eastern Europe is preferred for its cost as the cost of outsourcing mobile app development is $30 per hour.

You may then want to explore how much does it cost to make an app and get a ballpark on outsourcing app development in the USA.  The price and the service quality go hand in hand. Our top mobile app developers in the USA offer a great option to outsource app development at $25 an hour.

How much does it cost to Outsource App Development at Intelivita?

Additionally, our project managers are very organized and consistently schedule meetings around the client’s schedule. As a result, you’re certain to discover a committed team of developers that will provide a high-quality product at a reasonable outsourcing app development cost.

Additionally, it is simple to schedule a face-to-face encounter with our in-house app development team in the USA.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing your mobile apps should not be a norm rather than a conscious choice. It demands detailed awareness of the genuine situations much ahead of the ground reality. This includes money constraints, talent availability, and project urgency. Enough to let you pick the right mobile app development company with ease and conscience.

Outsourcing application development is simple if these crucial criteria are kept in mind. Sure, many companies are out there, and you need to pick the best one without losing money. A competent development team is identified by evaluating their experience, talents, background, and communication abilities.

Do you plan to outsource the development of mobile apps? Book a free consultation and discuss app ideas after signing the NDA. It is time to get started to kickstart your dream app in the right way to outsource app development.

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