Emmanuel Uchenna

Software Developer & Technical Writer

Who is Emmanuel Uchenna?

Emmanuel is an experienced and enthusiastic software developer and technical writer with 3+ proven years of professional experience. He focuses on full-stack web development.

He is fluent in React, TypeScript, VueJS, and NodeJS and familiar with industry-standard technologies such as version control, headless CMS, and JAMstack. He is passionate about knowledge sharing.

Emmanuel Uchenna boasts extensive experience as a technical writer and software engineer. He writes technical documentation for major companies such as Prismic.io, PureCode, OpenReplay, CopyCat, Bejamas.io and Memphis.dev. His technical writing covers topics ranging from frontend development and headless CMS to accessibility. Throughout Emmanuel’s writing, he simplifies complex, abstract concepts to make them more understandable for developers.

In addition to technical writing, Emmanuel is an accomplished software engineer. He is fluent in ReactJS, JavaScript, VueJS, and NodeJS. Emmanuel has led frontend development teams and served as the main technical decision maker regarding frontend architectures at companies like BACF Inc., Eratek.

His software engineering experience includes debugging codebases, building web applications, managing robust cross-functional teams of over 12 people, and keeping up with emerging technology trends.

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Emmanuel Uchenna

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Emmanuel Uchenna

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