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Efficient Cross-Platform App Development with Intelivita's Flutter Services

Flutter stands as a powerful open-source framework, offering the ultimate solution for crafting cutting-edge, cross-platform applications with a single codebase.

Flutter empowers developers to build native-like apps across multiple platforms while keeping costs in check. Its cost-efficiency is a game-changer, significantly cutting down development and support expenses.

At Intelivita, we specialize in maximizing Flutter's potential. We offer top-tier flutter development services that save you money while ensuring seamless performance. In the ever-changing mobile development arena, experienced Flutter developers are hard to find. Partnering with us grants you expertise and a direct route to app success.

Our Flutter App Development Services

Our flutter app development services is split into multiple offering: These include

Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter, a powerful open-source framework, is the go-to choice for crafting high-quality mobile apps that cater to both Android and iOS devices. The mobile apps we create with this stack have top-notch interoperability, are easily adaptable to multiple operating systems, and give a native-like user experience.

Flutter App Design Services

Turn your app ideas into captivating reality. We provide startups with wireframes and prototypes that expertly blend design and functionality, leaving no room for user experience issues.

Flutter App Migration & Integration

We seamlessly transition your tech to Flutter, ensuring security and reliability. Our team supports you from start to finish, and post-launch, we keep your app in top shape.

Flutter App Support and Maintenance

Keep your app in top shape with seamless support and maintenance. Our team swiftly troubleshoots any issues, ensuring your app's constant uptime. Expect timely updates and enhancements to maintain peak performance and keep your users delighted.

Flutter App Upgrade

Irrespective of the flutter release channels you follow, we can help make app upgrades from one version of flutter to the other. Using the latest version brings more stability, security, and flexibility to your application.

Desktop App Development

With the same codebase as web and mobile apps, we can help you create flutter desktop applications with custom animated UIs of any complexity. Thereby, increasing your reach and duplicating the experience mobile users get on desktop devices.

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Why Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development?

Cooperation with our Flutter app development company will be highly beneficial to your startup in the following instances:

Rapid Cross-Platform Deployment

Create solutions for multiple platforms without sacrificing user experience and within the shortest time frame.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Access expert Flutter app development services at a budget-friendly cost for your application project.

Efficient Code Revamp

Seamlessly upgrade your code stack to advanced, cross-platform technology without extended downtime for your live solution.

Swift Troubleshooting

Resolve recurring software issues efficiently with a skilled team of Flutter app developers.

Consistent User Experience

Ensure a uniform, high-quality user experience across various devices and platforms, reducing fragmentation.

Open-Source and Vibrant Community

Benefit from Flutter's open-source nature and the support of a thriving developer community, providing continuous updates and resources to enhance your app development journey.

Discover the Diversity of Flutter App Development Use Cases

Empowering startups is at the core of our Flutter-centric approach, bringing innovation and growth to businesses across industries.

Our Proven Agile Development Process

Experience seamless Android app development with our agile, fast-paced approach, boosting the performance of your app with every step.


Idea & Concept

  • Brainstorm initial idea
  • Define objectives and features
  • Research market and competition


  • Create wireframe for app
  • Design visually appealing UI
  • Define unique app UX


  • Develop app functionality
  • Utilize Dart and Skia Graphics Engine
  • Bring app to life

Deployment and Integration

  • Rigorous QA testing
  • Ensure a bug-free app
  • Smooth user experience


  • Evaluate app functionality
  • Assess performance
  • Ensure user satisfaction


  • Submit to app stores
  • Seamless deployment
  • Launch on Android and iOS platforms

Why Choose Intelivita as Your Flutter App Development Agency

  • Our Flutter development is exceptionally cost-efficient, offering a 2X cost advantage compared to other agencies in the USA and Canada.
  • We ensure seamless interoperability with various tech stacks and operating systems, requiring only a single codebase for a truly cross-platform solution.
  • Our Flutter codebase easily scales from mobile to web, desktop, and other embedded device applications.
  • We leverage reusable components to guarantee a swift time-to-market rate for your app.
  • With a team of 15+ Flutter experts, you’re in the hands of seasoned professionals.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in Flutter development and have successfully built 60+ applications using Flutter technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our flutter app development.

Flutter app development is the process of creating a mobile application using the flutter open-source tech stack.

The processes involved here entail:

  • Step 1: Install flutter on a suitable operating system
  • Step 2: Install the required plugin
  • Step 3: Write the necessary codes for the application design,
  • Step 4: Install the required APIs
  • Step 5: Test the product
  • Step 6: Product launch

For more information, read this article on how to develop a mobile app.

You should outsource in the following instance:

  • You lack the in-house expertise to create your desired deliverable
  • The cost of developing in your home country is exorbitant.
  • You want to troubleshoot a problem with your flutter mobile application but lack in-house skills for that

The cost of flutter app development varies with the location of the team, team type, complexity of the project, and many other factors.

Ideally, the cost of creating an app ranges between $15,000- $200,000, some can be more than that. For more information on app development costs, then read this article on the price of creating a mobile application.

The programming language is a truly cross-platform tech stack as you can use a single codebase for mobile, web, and desktop.

This cross-platform benefit is the primary reason why flutter app development services are in high demand.

  • A good grasp of SQL,
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript,
  • Ability to design reusable modules and code,
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • Ability to use third-party libraries in development procedures
  • Knowledge of Agile and waterfall development methodologies,
  • Ability to use code versioning tools like Jenkins, Git, etc.

Flutter is a popular open-source mobile application framework that lets programmers create natively compiled applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Below are some benefits of flutter to app development:

  1. 1. Hot reload and quick development: Flutter helps to build fast with its hot reload. This feature lets developers see real time changes when the make alterations in their code.
  2. 2. Rich widget library: Flutter has an array of pre-built libraries that makes it easy for them to create custom UI components faster and smoother.
  3. 3. Cross-platform development. A single codebase is required to create app for iOS, Android, desktop, and web. This reduces cost and product development time.
  4. 4. Easy to learn: Flutter is easy to learn, particularly for development with experience in object-oriented programming languages like Swift, C++ and Java.
  5. 5. Great user experience. Flutter allows developers to build expressive and beautiful User Interfaces for better experience.

Flutter iOS app development services creates applications that are easily integrable with Objective-C and Swift codebases.

This ensures that developers can create features that work with Apple’s native applications like safari, Apple Music etc.

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