Dedication to Excellence: Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system, driven by our policies, processes, and dedicated teams, ensures the highest standards of quality.

Experienced Tech Experts: Our expert team combines years of experience, proven tech proficiency, proactivity, and self-management.

Results Matter: Our approach is results-driven with KPI-based project management, ensuring your satisfaction through tangible outcomes.

A Quantitative Approach to Quality: Our KPI Framework

KPIs play a crucial role in our quality assurance process. They serve as benchmarks to measure and enhance the quality of our software.

We use specific KPIs, including:

Code Review Efficiency

Tracking the time taken for code reviews, ensuring thorough inspections without unnecessary delays.

Defect Density

Identifying and minimizing defects, improving the reliability and robustness of our software.

Test Coverage

Ensuring comprehensive testing to catch issues early and enhance the overall quality.

Customer Satisfaction Scores

Gathering feedback to adapt and optimize our solutions according to client preferences.

On-time Delivery

Meeting deadlines consistently, ensuring timely and reliable project completion.

Code Maintainability

Ensuring software remains adaptable and easy to manage over time.

KPIs for Development Process


Time-to-Market Efficiency

Streamlining the development cycle to ensure timely product delivery.


Change Request Resolution Time

Swiftly addressing modifications to prevent delays and maintain project quality.


Collaboration Score

Ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among our development teams.

KPIs for Software Quality

Bug Count

Quantifying and minimizing bugs to ensure a stable and error-free user experience.

Response Time

Evaluating the system's speed and responsiveness to optimize user satisfaction.


Ensuring maximum system availability and minimizing disruptions.

Security Vulnerabilities

Identifying and addressing potential threats to safeguard your data and software.

Our Software Development Stages

Our commitment to quality isn't a destination; it's a journey that spans every stage of the software development process. Our commitment to quality isn't a destination; it's a journey that spans every stage of the software development process.

Here's how we uphold quality in each phase:

Quality Initiatives Kick-off (5 Stages)

We begin by meticulously validating and documenting project requirements to eliminate ambiguity. Simultaneously, we align with client expectations through detailed discussions, ensuring a shared understanding from the start.

  • Initial interaction with the client to understand project ideas and business requirements.
  • Technical experts review documents and dissect them to determine the best approach.
  • Provision of a preliminary cost estimate, subject to revision in subsequent project phases.
  • Creation of a comprehensive requirements document, derived from your inputs.
  • Detailed scope of work, timeline, and milestone plan development.
  • Collaborative exploration of technology and digital products for an efficient solution within budget and timeline constraints.
UX and UI Design
  • Crafting an exceptional user experience (UX) that ensures user satisfaction.
  • Designing an appealing and user-friendly user interface (UI).
  • Focusing on both functionality and aesthetics for an all-encompassing user experience.
  • Commencement of development once scope and timelines receive approval.
  • Implementation of the agreed scope, as outlined in the Wireframe and Contract Specification.
  • Utilization of a well-established Project Management process.
  • Regular status reports provided in accordance with agreed-upon project milestones.

Feel free to explore below resources to get a comprehensive understanding of our methodology and how we define project scope.

Behind the Scenes Our QA Experts and Their Tools

At Intelivita, our Quality Assurance team plays a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of software quality.

Our QA Experts
  • A team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in software quality.
  • Certified experts with qualifications in various testing methodologies and tools.
Their Role
  • Rigorous testing at every software development stage to catch and address issues.
  • Validation of software against your requirements to ensure precise alignment.
Tools of the Trade
  • Utilization of industry-standard testing tools and automation for efficiency.
  • Validation of software against your requirements to ensure precise alignment.

Client Testimonials

Explore authentic endorsements from satisfied clients who share their positive experiences with our software development services.

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