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About the Customer & Project

Official Player Of The Match Ltd, led by the passionate owner, envisioned a unique platform for sports fans to actively participate in choosing the best player of the match in real-time.

The Official Player Of The Match App, the only dedicated app of its kind, empowers fans to have their say, from local matches to professional sports. The app features real-time voting, a results page to track opinions, and a chat section for fans to engage in lively discussions.

The Challenge

  • Real-time synchronization for the ‘Friends Voted’ feature posed challenges in ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Integrating social elements without compromising app performance was a key concern.
  • Enabling a secure and interactive chat feature demanded considerations for user privacy and real-time updates.
  • Integration with the existing voting system added complexity to the implementation.
  • Developing the ‘Favourite Club’ feature required a comprehensive understanding of user preferences.
  • Smooth integration with the app’s core functionality and ensuring an intuitive UI/UX design were significant challenges.

The Solution

Intelivita adeptly addressed Official Player Of The Match’s challenges by developing robust iOS and Android apps. For the ‘Friends Voted’ feature, a real-time synchronization mechanism was implemented, optimizing performance with efficient data structures.

The ‘Chat with Friends’ functionality saw the integration of a secure chat system with end-to-end encryption and push notifications. As for the ‘Favourite Club’ feature, an intuitive user interface was designed, seamlessly integrating with voting and results functionalities to enhance overall user engagement.

The collaborative effort resulted in successful solutions, showcasing Intelivita’s commitment to overcoming project challenges.

Client Review

Intelivita delivered a high-quality website and mobile app on time and within budget. The team was communicative, responsive, and easy to work with, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the service provider's professionalism.

Gareth Rees, Director

Official Player of the Match Ltd

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