Speed Up Medical Processes With Healthcare Software Development

Intelivita specializes in creating HIPAA, FDA/CE, and ISO 13485-compliant software MVPs that address the unique challenges of the healthcare sector. Using the Agile development approach, we can deliver bespoke medical software within just 2 to 4 months.

Let’s partner with us and together, we can build healthcare software that truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Our Medical Software Development Services

We’ll help you build custom telemedicine software and patient portals, and integrate healthcare systems into one centralized dashboard.

Custom Healthcare Software

We build bespoke software solutions that adapt to the unique requirements of your healthcare organization. This approach not only streamlines your daily operations, but also improves patient care, making your services more efficient and accessible.

Healthcare Software Product

Take your medical offerings to the next level and bring in more revenue with our bespoke software products. From idea generation to product commercialisation, we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare industry with our strategic IT consulting services. Our consultants bring years of experience to the table, helping you make informed decisions about software, infrastructure, and medical data compliance.

Data Security and Compliance

Protect patient data from all sorts of cyber attacks. We implement robust security measures like encryption protocols and access controls, so you can focus on delivering top-quality care with utmost confidence.

Telemedicine Solutions

We facilitate remote consultations, patient monitoring, and secure data exchange, bridging the distance between healthcare providers and patients. This ensures an easy access and convenient experience for all parties involved.

Patient Engagement Platforms

Manage patient records, registrations, and other administrative tasks easily in one place with Healthcare Information Systems, automatically integrated into your medical practice management software. 

How Our Healthcare Software Can Benefit You

Our healthcare software is designed to empower the likes of healthcare providers, administrators, and patients by offering a range of benefits:

Efficient Patient Care

Our software streamlines healthcare processes, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care rather than paperwork.

Enhanced Data Security

We prioritize data security and ensure compliance with industry regulations, safeguarding sensitive patient information.

Improved Decision-Making

Our software provides insightful data analytics, assisting healthcare organizations in making informed decisions for better patient experiences.

Streamlined Operations

Administrative tasks become more manageable, saving time and resources for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Remote Access

We build telemedicine solutions that enable remote consultations, expanding healthcare access to patients wherever they are.

Custom Solutions

We tailor our healthcare software to your unique needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your organization's goals.

We Provide Healthcare Solutions for Various Sectors

Whatever the type of business or sector you’re in, expect the same level of quality for your healthcare software.


Medical Device Manufacturers

Healthcare NGOs


Research Institutions


Pharmaceutical Companies

Telemedicine Companies

Mental Health

Health Insurance Providers

Dental Practices

Why Choose Intelivita as Your App Partner?

  • 12 years+ of industry experience in software development
  • Over 600 projects delivered, including medical billing software, patient portals, and more
  • We successfully developed FormAssist, a health coach app with 50,000+ downloads and 350+ 5-star reviews.
  • Our developed apps have been featured in Daily Mail, BBC News, Nottingham Post, and The Sun.
  • Our software solutions adhere to the highest industry standards, including HIPAA, FDA/CE, and ISO 13485.
  • Custom software solutions for your unique needs and budget
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Our Healthcare Software Development Process

We follow a meticulous and client-centric approach to healthcare software development.

Our process ensures the highest quality, security, and efficiency in delivering healthcare solutions.

Discovery and Planning

We start by understanding your specific needs and goals. Our team collaborates with you to plan the project, define objectives, and set milestones.

Process Arrow.

Design and Prototyping

Our designers create user-friendly interfaces and prototypes, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Process Arrow.

Development and Testing

The development phase involves building the software and making sure it meets all regulatory requirements.

Process Arrow.

Compliance and Data Security

We prioritize healthcare data security and compliance with standards like HIPAA, FDA/CE, and ISO 13485. Our solutions safeguard patient data and adhere to industry regulations.

Process Arrow.

Deployment and Integration

We seamlessly integrate the software into your existing healthcare infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions to your daily operations.

Process Arrow.

Support and Maintenance

We will provide ongoing support, updates, and maintenance to keep your healthcare software up to date and responsive to evolving industry needs.

Our Work

Explore Our Successful Healthcare App Projects, from telemedicine to patient management, showcasing our expertise in enhancing healthcare.

Innovative Technologies to Improve Your Medical Practices

Using cutting-edge technologies, we empower healthcare providers in enhancing diagnostics, treatment planning, and ultimately, improving patient outcomes.

Improve Lives With Intelivita Today

Ready to take the healthcare industry by storm? Partner with us to create a reliable app that elevates your medical services.

Client Testimonials

Read what medical professionals and healthcare organizations worldwide have to say about their experience working with us.

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Our Tech Stack

Explore the cutting-edge technologies and tools we use to deliver healthcare software development solutions.

FAQs on Healthcare Software Development

Find clarity on our healthcare software development services, ensuring your digital solutions are optimized for the industry's unique needs.

Healthcare software development services often include Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration, patient data management, secure communication, appointment scheduling, telemedicine capabilities, medical billing, and reporting functionalities.

Custom healthcare software development lets you improve data security and compliance, enhance patient engagement, streamline workflow, and save costs through automation.

They also help healthcare professionals adapt to evolving industry requirements.

It depends on your needs and requirements.

On average, a basic healthcare app might cost around $10,000 to $50,000, while more complex solutions with advanced features could range from $100,000 to several hundred thousand dollars.

Medical software development companies have different timelines when it comes to custom software development.

With Intelivta, basic mobile apps might take a few weeks, while more complex ones can take a couple of months or more.

Yes, our developers has experience in developing custom healthcare apps catering to the unique needs of healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders.

We can create mobile apps for various platforms, ensuring they meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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