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Intelivita is a full-service eCommerce development company and we have helped 500+ successful projects across diverse sectors since 2011.

We provide consulting and software development services for custom app development, website development, UI/UX design, eCommerce integration, app maintenance and support, and enterprise mobile app development.

Comprehensive eCommerce Application Development Services

Explore the potential of comprehensive eCommerce application development services. Our solutions are not just about transactions; they're about creating immersive digital experiences for your customers.

Custom eCommerce App

Combining in-depth market analysis with decoupled microservices and advanced technologies, we will design a well-defined eCommerce architecture unique to your business needs and guarantee a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

eCommerce Technology Consulting

Our time-tested technology consulting merges in-depth analysis and actionable planning to solve the most challenging problems in business, enter a new market, and future-proof your online store.

eCommerce Website Development

Every business aspires to have the best eCommerce website in the market, and our job is to help you reach that goal. Delivering excellence in both eCommerce front-end design and back-end functionality, we will make sure your business evolves as the top-of-mind.

eCommerce App UI/UX Design

Enchant your customers with a seamless and captivating UI/UX design that brings in real results: reduced cart abandonment rates, fewer payment declines, and a fully optimized customer journey from start to finish.

eCommerce Integration Solutions

Our integration solutions are well-suited for all eCommerce platforms, from Adobe Commerce and Shopify to BigCommerce and WooCommerce, that will automate most of your work so you can focus on growing your business.

eCommerce App Maintenance and Support

Our full-suite electronic commerce management, both on the technical and business sides, will keep your site safe from any vulnerability so it can provide a spotless shopping experience that will encourage your customers to keep coming back.

Enterprise eCommerce Mobile App Development

Thinking of building an apple or an eCommerce android app? Expand your market share with our next-gen eCommerce application services. Merging a spotless front-end design with top-tier UI/UX and a solid backend system powered by AI/ML, blockchain, and IoT technologies, we will design you a mobile app that outpaces your competition.

Together, Let’s Build Your eCommerce Success Story

Our eCommerce application development provides a full range of services, for small to big businesses, to develop the right eCommerce solutions that will not only capture your customers’ hearts, but also their trust.

Custom eCommerce App Development Solutions for Every Industry

We go above and beyond to drive your business forward with eCommerce industry-specific solutions, agile methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies.

Why Choose Intelivita for eCommerce Mobile App Development

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We Build Fast and Grow Your Business Faster

Take a chance on us – and see how our state-of-the-art technology solutions and innovative team of eCommerce experts will empower your eCommerce business’s growth, sales, and profits.

We Develop eCommerce Apps for All Types of Businesses

Our eCommerce app development services focus on designing industry-leading technologies to drive your business to the forefront, regardless of your business model.

(B2B) Apps

(B2C) Apps

(D2C) Apps

(C2C) Apps

eCommerce Aggregator

Any eCommerce Feature You Imagine, We Will Build It

We carefully review your company size, budget, and requirements to build superior-quality technology solutions that continuously scale as your company evolves

Livestream Shopping

Categorization and Showcase

Advanced Search

Loyalty Program's & Promotions

In-app Payments

Headless Commerce

Augmented Reality Assistance

Mobile Commerce

Social Media Integration

Marketing & Sales Analytics Integration

Seamless User Experience

Easy Registration/login

Multiple Store Setup

Catalog Customization & Order Fulfillment

Automated Inventory Management

Shipment Tracking with Smart Routing


Admin Dashboard

Marketing and Sales Management

Payment & Accounting management

Referrals/Invite management

AI-Powered Search

AI-Powered Product Recommendations

AR Assistance

Global Commerce Management

Multilingual Support

Comprehensive Back-end Support

Custom eCommerce development

Our Proven eCommerce Mobile Application Development Process Framework

From innovation to development, we combine structured problem-solving, best industry practices, and years of experience to help your business seize the market and provide endless technical support as you scale.

Our Portfolio Influences Customers to Repeat Purchases

We don’t take pride in our work; we take pride in solving our customers’ problems, from the most simple to the most complex. Here are some of the success stories we’ve managed to accomplish with our customers’ eCommerce businesses.

Client Testimonials

Explore authentic endorsements from satisfied clients who share their positive experiences with our software development services.

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eCommerce Tech Stack That Will Scale Your Business 10x

Our versatile stack of technologies – from automation and blockchain to AI/ML and cloud computing – will develop a solid front-end and back-end system to facilitate scalable business growth.

FAQs About eCommerce Consulting Services

We understand it takes a lot of considerations to lock down a business deal. That’s why we’re addressing all questions from our customers to help you make a thoughtful decision. But, if you are still unsure, contact us anytime.

The length of developing an eCommerce app or website depends on the complexity of the project. Having detailed requirements will help us plan our resources and software development timeline early on to build you the perfect MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and build on top of it as your business scales.

The most important aspects to take into account are the front-end appearance of your site (UI/UX, responsive mobile commerce, and a compelling design, etc), the strength of your back-end system (smooth transaction process with multiple payment gateway support, comprehensive supply chain and retail management, etc), as well as marketing and sales optimization (conversational marketing, SEO, etc).

Typically, an eCommerce website or app will cost $1,500 to $3,000. The factors that determine the pricing of your eCommerce site include: what type of platform your store uses, how complex your website is (which can be evaluated by the number of traffic you generate monthly), etc. Not to worry, though – our eCommerce app development company will provide you with a scalable yet affordable solution.

We are eager to help you with any requirement you need, be it on the business or technical side. Our eCommerce application development services will provide you with all expert resources to upgrade your technology and scale your business sustainably.

We are not platform agnostic and we provide support to various eCommerce platforms. We will analyze your business meticulously and offer you the best-fitted solution. We will also build on top of your eCommerce business and optimize its conversion through industry-standard technical, design, and marketing practices.

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