Why Choose Flutter for MVP Development?

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  Last updated on December 13, 2023

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Startups and App ideas” – These two terms had all the power to change the business and technology field.

Everyone has a startup idea, and every business needs an app.

In this highly evolving technology world, MVP came as a savior and an advantage to improve the software development process.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is leveraged by any kind of business, from small to large scale.

So before products come the MVP, which is just the functioning version of the product.

Now comes the real question – which is the best platform to build your MVP?

We are here to answer the question.

In this blog, we have taken the side of Flutter for MVP development.

We will discuss how Flutter application development has helped our clients build awesome apps and scale them to the next level.

Let’s get started.

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Why is MVP Essential for App Development?

Let’s begin with “What is MVP”?

MVP is the basic version of a software product that includes only the core features necessary to demonstrate its value and test its market viability.

In app development, an MVP is the simplest version of an application that can be released to users for testing and feedback.

An MVP generally contains only essential features sufficient to solve a user problem, and all the other features will iteratively be included in the final product.

Let’s get to know how MVP helps to build mobile apps better!

Image showing the Statistics of the main reasons for business failure among start-ups worldwide

The above statistical report by Statista clearly shows more than 35% of startups fail due to no market need.

What happens when you build a final market by spending a lot of resources and time but ending up finding that people don’t need your product?

Not the best thing to hear, but one of the most effective ways to avoid this critical situation is to build the MVP with minimum resources and time.

You can use the MVP with your target audience to find the market.

Good to hear. Let’s dig more into finding the benefits of MVP.

1. Validate your idea

Many times you may feel you have a great idea, but that doesn’t mean it can be successful.

We have seen many products reach the market at the wrong time and make a failure.

So testing the product in the real world before investing that huge amount of money is a bare essential.

Traditional software development is not flexible to test the product beforehand.

But MVP allows you to test your product with the early target audience.

MVP will allow you to see how the audience responds to your idea.

If it works and they need a better product, you can invest the money and make your idea a great success.

Also, you can save yourself from a big failure if it doesn’t work out as you thought.

2. Early reach to investors

You don’t have a bunch of time to make the investors believe in your idea.

But a functional model in hand will give you the upper hand.

You can use your MVP to attract investors in a shorter span of time.

You can make them feel how your product really works and how it solves the problem.

It is more effective than showing graphs and presentations.

3. Lesser time to market

In this world of competition, you can’t miss a chance or day.

MVP helps to reach the market early and helps win the competition.

You can create brand awareness for your target audience and create awareness before you even build the final product.

With relatively little time, startups can build their MVPs with the necessary features.

Also, an MVP helps to determine whether or not your efforts are meeting your expectations.

4. Cost-effective development

You avoid fancy features in the MVP and will create a product with basic features.

This is obviously cutting the MVP development costs, time and resources for developing the unwanted features.

When compared with the fully developed application budget, MVP demands just half of the amount to build.

Also, developing cross-platform apps with Flutter demands a lesser budget.

Find out the cost for developing your app using Flutter here.

Why is Flutter the Best for Mobile App Development?

Flutter is an open-source UI development kit introduced by Google.

Flutter is used to create a cross-platform app for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

Image titled Why Flutter is Best for Mobile App Development and showing points 4 benefits of flutter for MVP development namely: 1: Hot Reload, 2: Less Coding, 3: Ready-made Widgets, and 4: Upcoming Technology

You can create native apps with single coding.

A single programming language and one codebase can be used to create two different apps (for iOS and Android).

To develop an app using Flutter, you need to use the programming language, Dart.

Reasons to adopt Flutter for mobile app development:

  • Hot reload

The changes developers made are instantly reflected in the emulator. Instant checking of codes from the UI/UX perspective.

  • Less coding

You can use less coding for the whole development cycle. Single coding for apps in multiple platforms reduces the amount of coding rapidly.

  • Ready-made widgets

You can customize widgets ready-made widgets for both Android and iOS.

  • Upcoming technology

When you develop an app, you need to adopt a technology that performs better in the near future.

Flutter is evolving at a good pace and makes your product future ready.

Also, it has a very rapidly growing community.

Also read our expert comparison on Flutter vs React.

Top Reasons: Why Choose Flutter for Your MVP Development

We have seen how MVP development and Flutter are the best choices for app development.

Now we can merge the pros together and find out how they perform better together.

Let us start with the budget itself.

Minimize the development costs

When the company is a startup or in the bootstrapping stage, the budget plays a vital role in choosing the technology for the app or MVP development.

As you can develop cross-platform apps using single coding, and don’t need separate developers to develop the app for multiple platforms.

This significantly reduces the development costs of the app.

Without Flutter, you need to do separate coding for both Android and iOS.

Also, Flutter is an open-source technology, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for this framework.

Better documentation

Documentation plays a vital role when you use upcoming technologies.

But the documentation for new technologies won’t be good.

It’s not the same case in Flutter, it has very good documentation.

The examples for basic use cases are very detailed and easy to understand.

Native performance

Usually large businesses spend a lot of budgets to build native apps.

When you are a startup, the budget will be tight.

Flutter aids startups to build hybrid apps without compromising the quality and user experience.

Flutter-built applications are always renowned for their performance.

In order to give users a native experience, Flutter can be used to build out your application’s MVP.

Resources required are minimal

We build MVP to use minimum resources, Flutter adds more flame by integrating it with Firebase.

This Firebase integration paves the way for easy inclusion of analytics, authentication, hosting, real-time database, and more.

It helps to increase the speed of development and faster time to the market.


Another main reason why more than startups, focus to build their apps on Flutter is its scalability of it.

You can use the single codebase to scale to web applications, desktop apps, and embedded device applications.

In a growing business, Flutter’s easy-to-integrate capabilities allow you to evolve and expand your application’s solutions and performance without compromising on quality.

Enhanced and flexible user interface

Digital world is evolving, every development platform needs two important qualities – Flexibility and Scalability.

Flutter has both the qualities to stay ahead in the market.

Flutter’s success lies in its ability to produce software products with top-notch designs and better end results.

When Flutter is integrated with a powerful toolset it minimizes the need for a large development team.

The main reason for Flutter’s flexibility is its user interface design tools.

They can use these tools to create a custom-looking and -behaving app without designing every component themselves.

Moreover, Flutter allows developers to customize the built-in widgets, giving them the freedom to create unique designs while still maintaining sound and reliable code.

Increase investor interest

Apps created with Flutter are more likely to draw interest from investors because of the guaranteed rich performance across all mobile devices.

This is due to the fact that your product’s scope is greater and your target market is simpler to approach because Flutter apps may reach a wider audience more quickly while still providing high functionality.

Also, Flutter enables developers to devote more of their time and resources to perfecting your app’s features, ensuring that it starts off strong and receives the most beneficial feedback.

Investors would enjoy Flutter’s reputation for giving a dependable performance, stability, speed of development, scalability, and customization.

Some of the top companies who have built apps or MVPs in Flutter

Flutter has been in the industry for some time and we can find some awesome platforms built using flutter.

Look into the below list to know more:

  • Google Ads
  • Xianyu by Alibaba
  • Reflective – Journaling app
  • Postmuse – Instagram photo editing app
  • Google Pay – Tez
  • eBay Motors

Final Verdict

On a final note, Flutter demands less time and resources to build the MVP.

As an upcoming technology, you can build your app with Flutter to make it future-ready.

You can rely on Flutter for a rich user experience and faster time to market.

Moreover, it is better for scalability and for enhanced user experience.

Do you think Flutter is the best choice for MVP development?

You are just a click away to connect with our Flutter app development experts consultation.

Take your next step here.

Software Developer & Tech Writer

Godwin Alexander Ekainu is a software developer, technical writer, and consultant with over 3 years of experience in the tech industry. He is passionate about sharing his insights and expertise on Flutter and JavaScript development.

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