AR In Travel and Tourism: Use Cases, Trends, & More

Dhaval Sarvaiya

Co-founder of Intelivita

  Published on November 20, 2023

  6 min read

The advent of technology has blurred the geographical boundaries to travel the world, even more so after the invention of augmented reality (AR).

The application of AR in tourism and travel is exponential.

Now you can even visit Buckingham Palace without having to book a flight ticket to the United Kingdom!

Imagine if you implement augmented reality app development solutions.

You can reach audiences all over the globe and expand your tourism and travel business!

If you are excited about the potential of augmented reality in tourism and travel, this article is for you.

What Are the Advantages of AR in Tourism?

So, how lucrative is augmented reality in tourism and travel?

The travel and tourism sector took a strong hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But, thanks to AR, the process of recovery has been smooth sailing.

Based on the Market Data Forecast, the virtual tourism market is predicted to be valued at US$ 23.5 billion by 2028 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30.2% between 2023 and 2028.

Why is technology such a promising venture?

Here are some of the ways AR redefines your business growth:

  • Enhance customer experience: Through AR, users can step into the virtual world of their dream destination, be it the Taj Mahal in India or Machu Picchu in Peru, from the comfort of their homes.
  • Market your tourist attraction: Customers often do research before booking their travels. Through AR, immerse them through a virtual tour that will further convince them to visit your destination in person.
  • Unlock a new revenue stream: Flight tickets have been increasingly expensive. Enabling AR tourism, you can capture a larger audience size who intends to take an interactive tour at an affordable price.
  • Reduce administrative and operational costs: The initial investment for AR app development is more sustainable than hiring long-term administrative employees. AR also enables online booking for a smoother experience.
  • Improve learning experiences: Using AR, you can partner up with educational institutions and take the students on an educational field trip where they can deepen their knowledge in history and culture.
  • Support accessibility: AR can be an assistive tool for people with disabilities, enabling them to explore a world full of wonders through the screens of their phones or PCs.

What makes AR so interesting is its wealth of features that help users travel seamlessly, such as:

  • Translations – AR removes language hurdles as tourists can activate real-time translations for foreign language signs or texts.
  • Navigation – Integrating with Google Maps, AR adds directional cues such as arrows so travelers can arrive at their destinations without getting lost.
  • 360 view – Users can leverage the 360 view to explore the nooks and crannies of the place they visit.
  • Accessible for 24 hours- Perhaps this is one strength of AR compared to offline tourism. The availability of AR enables users to take virtual tours anywhere, anytime.
  • Virtual tourist guide – The AR technology can project a hologram of a travel guide to assist your visitors. What’s more, you can “hire” a celebrity tourist guide!

Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Tourism and Travel

If you need further conviction, take a look at how AR can take your business to the next level through the following examples.

AR in Hotels

Convince your prospective guests to make reservations by giving them a first-hand AR experience of your hotel where they can:

  • Take a look into different room types and let them decide which one is best for them
  • Get their hands on various hotel information, from room service details to food and cocktail menus
  • Assess if the conference and meeting halls can cater to your event requirements
  • Explore the full range of amenities and facilities they will receive

…And more. All of these elements are captured beautifully in the Holiday Inn Express Adelaide campaign.

AR in Flights

Aviation companies such as First Airlines take their passengers on a virtual tour through the picturesque islands of Hawaii, the historical sites in Rome, and the magnificent city of Paris.

They even take it further by offering four-course dinners. Who doesn’t want to travel after such a memorable airline experience?

AR in Restaurants

There is a lot to learn from the AR tour of the Michelin-starred restaurant and bar City Social.

Launching the world’s first cocktail menu, customers can scan their drinks to explore art through the ages, from Michelangelo to Banksy.

For added interactivity, customers can share their delightful experiences on social media, which symbiotically benefits the restaurant’s social media presence.

AR in Museums

The British Museum in London is another name to embrace the immersion of AI.

Using an app called “A Gift or Athena”, users can simply scan artifacts to learn about the history or even reveal hidden stories.

AR in Nature

With AR, allow travelers to take in the beauty of nature!

Such is the case with California’s Golden Gate Park.

Through the AR app “JIYU Wildlife”, visitors can find information on the reserve’s sprawling flora and fauna.

AR is even predicted to pioneer the movement in sustainability tourism.

Ready to adopt AR?

Learn about the trends first so you can deploy cutting-edge tourism and travel technology.

1. The Innovation of AR in Marketing and Advertising

Expedia states that 46% of audiences find advertisements with informative content to be influential in their decision-making.

Now that you know what your target market prefers, take advantage of AR to create compelling content!

Across the travel and tourism industries, marketers advertise the beauty of a tourist destination by setting up an augmented environment that is just as immersive as the real one.

2. The Gamification of Augmented Reality in Travel and Tourism

The gamification of AR has been around the block for some time, and it’s for a good reason.

Just take a look at this Escape Room that has gained 20 million views on YouTube, or the famous Jurassic World Alive.

This goes to show the hypnotic potential of AR in engaging customers.

With AR, take your travelers through an adventure of a lifetime, and challenge them on quests where they’ll receive rewards for succeeding.

Sounds fun, right?

3. The Unprecedented Potential of AR Glasses in Travel and Tourism

AR glasses are predicted to be the next big thing in technology, especially in the tourism and travel sectors.

AR will add overlays and hologram projections that will transform the users’ surroundings into a wondrous world of their dream destination, wilder than their imagination.

They can even interact with the 3D objects, such as picking up a digital informational brochure, as if they are performing the action in the real world.


The potential of augmented reality in travel and tourism is expansive, and the future outlook for the technology is even more promising.

More and more tourist destinations across the world, from museums to natural reserves, are implementing AR to capture global audiences and improve business revenue.

Challenges with AR development may arise. But you’re in luck – our team of tech experts in Intelivita will ensure every step in the process will be 100% smooth.

So, what are you waiting for?

Increase the relevancy of your tourism business with AR today! Let’s Connect


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