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The sharp incline in mobile applications has led to businesses looking for mobile app development in Toronto. Small and big businesses are gradually shifting to the digital world, regardless of the industry it functions in. Gear up for the next-gen business model with the quick adoption of mobile applications across the broad demographics of Canada.

As a leading app development company in Toronto, we offer a diverse range of mobile application development services for various platforms, including iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android. We have a team of skilled, creative, and dedicated app developers in Toronto offer mobile apps that turn your ideas into reality.

Our team of tech enthusiasts has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands, corporate enterprises, and startups with a demonstrated history of delivering desired results.

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Custom Mobile App Development in Toronto

Intelivita has a global presence as one of the top app development companies. And now, it is offering mobile app development in Toronto that provides end-to-end services for Android and iOS apps. We focus on helping our clients find the finest mobile app services to match their business requirements better. Our app developers in Toronto have worked across multiple industries to build new products. The quality of our designed mobile apps is bound to be compelling, intuitive, and attractive.

We are committed to assembling a nuanced team of mobile app developers in Toronto as we possess the necessary abilities and expertise and drive to contribute to your business’s success. Our whole development approach enables us to produce mobile applications for iPhone devices, Android devices, smartwatches, health tracking devices, and more.

Our dedicated team for mobile app development services in Toronto consists of top business strategists, user experience experts, and engineers with extensive expertise designing native and cross-platform products. We serve our local Canadian clients with our entirely scalable and secure applications, from enterprise-level mobile strategy to developing technology services for startups, SMEs, and significant corporate groups.

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Our Mobile App Development Services in Toronto

iOS App Development

Our iOS app development in Canada is committed to valuing a lean and speedy development process that embraces experimentation with no defined deadline. Being a preferred app development company in Toronto, our iOS apps pivot modern technologies to drive a better user experience.

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Android App Development

Intelivita provides robust and scalable Android application development services in Toronto, Canada, for various platforms and industry verticals, including enterprise and consumer. With our Android app development services, we can design mission-critical Android applications that require high speed and are completely integrated into the overall system.

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Flutter App Development

Flutter app developers may use a single code base to construct quality and seamless mobile applications. It has widgets that provide easy-to-use UI for a diverse range of platforms that constitute the framework’s foundation. We assist your organization in meeting its goals through delivering efficient, dynamic, and optimized flutter app development services in Toronto.

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AR App Development

Choose a team of dedicated app developers in Toronto for your next AR app development project as we specialize in integrating the physical and digital worlds via the use of cutting-edge technologies. Our team ensures leveraging platform potential to revolutionize the current market trend to meet your app requirements that deliver predefined results.

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VR App Development

Hire our mobile app developers in Toronto as they offer cutting-edge Virtual Reality application development services. Working with us for your next VR project would mean overcoming roadblocks in app development with unmatched professionalism and brilliance delivered by our app development company in Toronto.

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Cross-Platform App Development

Your search for a top mobile app development company in Toronto ends as Intelivita as we are a team of highly skilled cross-platform application developers. Our app developers can create highly robust and interactive hybrid applications for all major mobile operating systems to meet your business goals.

Native App Development

Get started with developing your native app idea as our app developers in Toronto work diligently to offer the most efficient and effective platform possible for boosting your business’s rating. They produce native mobile applications to enable businesses to leverage faster code execution and speedier hardware loading that is simple to build using native technologies.

Hire Mobile App Developers in Toronto with Industry Expertise

Unlock your true growth potential with our app development services in Canada that cater to multiple industries. Check out our core industry expertise to yield desired results for the business with the right app development solution.


From the most reputable source, seek tailor-made and result-oriented digital experiences for your eLearning platform. Contact our specialists to learn more about how our app development company in Toronto can help you develop your business.


Intelivita provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions that support business models and assist clients in increasing sales and establishing a strong market reputation through innovative mobile application development for the retail and eCommerce industries.


Life has changed as on-demand smartphone apps help people in their daily tasks. Everything is accessible through the app on-demand. Food ordering, taxi booking, domestic activities, on-demand applications give end-to-end services for iPhone users to improve life for consumers.

Social Media

Be the next tik-tok or clubhouse as our mobile app developers in Toronto offer comprehensive and intuitive apps for social media. Open the world of possibilities with our experience and expertise in creating powerful social media apps for users in Canada.

Health and Fitness

Being one of the top app development companies in Toronto, we are thrilled to contribute our bit to help people stay healthy and fit. Our team of app developers in Toronto can help create an intelligent health and fitness app that ensures user retention and stickiness.

Media & Entertainment

Reimagine your Media and Entertainment Company and captivate your audience with our dedicated media and entertainment app development services in Toronto. We give you top-notch entertainment solutions that will redefine the media and entertainment industry’s working patterns.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing our mobile app development company in Toronto is a sure way to ensure a great outcome. Businesses rely on us for various reasons, as mentioned below.


All our mobile app developers in Toronto promise a range of unmatched skill sets to deliver outstanding results with the right apps to match your ideas.


With us, you are assured of the latest technology stack and tools that work well to execute a mobile app development plan.

Process Standards

Our team of dedicated app developers follow the process standards that ensure higher acceptance in-app market while staying compliant.

Project Management

With a dedicated project manager assigned for each app development work, we deliver timely projects without compromising output.

Premium Quality

Intelivita leads as one of the top app development companies for a reason – the unmatched quality of app development.

UI/UX Design

Offering your mobile application with the best-in-class UI/UX design helps you connect better with your end-users to drive more business.


Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

Showcasing what we are best at

Showcasing what we are best at

Kickstart your App Development in Canada with our experts at Intelivita

Our Process

We at Intelivita look for an ideal option for your app with an intent to streamline your mobile app development in Canada. Take a quick look into our process that promptly completes the project and with minimal to no bottlenecks.


If you follow the Lean Startup methodology and bring a minimum viable product to market, you may anticipate your app being deployed quickly and effectively within 4-6 months.

Again, the app's pricing is determined by its complexity and your requirements. Additional criteria include the type of visuals used, the sound effects used, and the platform chosen. To obtain an estimate for the cost of your project, please send us your specifications, and we will contact you quickly. Till then, you can read - How Much Does it Cost to Make an App for Your Business in 2021? (

Each of our mobile application development projects is overseen by a knowledgeable project manager. He communicates with our clients throughout business hours via Skype, email, and phone and serves as a single point of contact to inform them of their projects' status.

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