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    ERP Software Development Services

    Improve ROI with our Custom ERP software development services for streamlined accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations.

    We help your ERP requirements with higher optimization and operational automation.

    • Real-time Monitoring of Business Activities
    • Advanced Analytics For Operational Intelligence
    • Innovative Integrations For Enhanced Agility
    • Robust ERP Systems For Higher ROI
    Optimize Your Enterprise Operations

    Enable Reliable Operations With An Advanced ERP Development Company

    ERP solutions are essential for enterprises to ensure smoother operations and enhanced project management. Intelivita provides advanced ERP development explicitly designed for enterprise requirements. We are an ERP software development company that offers intuitive insights into business activities allowing organizations to improve ROI. The best part is our dedicated ERP team that is 24*7/365, ready to ensure your operations are efficient.

    Intelivita’s ERP software development services are designed to monitor, fine-tune and improve the performance of critical business activities. We are a custom ERP software development company; we provide solutions in sync with enterprise-specific requirements. Whether you are a startup, established small business, or an enterprise, we provide ERP solutions customized according to your scale, size, and scope.

    Don’t wait for your competitors to climb up the ladder when you can build the growth escalator through our robust ERP systems!

    Let's Discuss Your Project

      Our ERP Development Solutions For You

      Intelivita provides customized ERP development solutions at competitive and flexible pricing. One of the USPs of our solution is real-time ERP reporting for enhanced business operations.

      ERP Development Consulting

      ERP development needs consideration of several aspects like tech stack, features, internal organization networks, data access permissions, specific roles designation, etc. Our consultants will help you figure out everything with a thorough analysis of your requirements.

      ERP System Development

      ERP systems are the backbone of your business activities, ensuring active tracking of KPIs. We build reliable ERP systems for your enterprise needs enabling operations to advance towards organizational goals.

      Custom ERP Development

      Every organization is different and has specific requirements for its ERP system. So, a one-size-fits-all solution does not work for every client—this is why Intelivita offers customized ERP software development services for your business.

      ERP System Enhancement

      If you want to amplify results and improve ROI on existing ERP systems, Intelivita is the right choice for your organization. We leverage advanced analytics to monitor, track and calibrate your systems for enhanced performance.

      Web-Based ERP Solution

      Digital transformations are about ease of doing business from everywhere, anywhere, and anytime. We understand the need for such business capabilities to provide web-based ERP excellence. You only need to feed the required data, and our ERP solutions do the rest!

      Practical Integration Services

      Advanced robotics to Artificial Intelligence, modern integrations into ERP systems of any business domain needs an equally capable solution. We offer ERP development with innovative integrations to enable unique functionalities for your operations.

      Important ERP modules

      Our customized custom ERP software development services are designed to cover all the essential modules for your business. Whatever business activity it may be, we ensure that your enterprise can improve productivity and returns through advanced capabilities.

      Order Management

      Whatever your business is, enhanced delivery operations enable higher service fulfillment, where Intelivita’s ERP solutions help organizations. We offer high-performance ERP applications and platforms for superior order fulfillment operations.


      Order fulfillment needs managed inventory and advanced store management capabilities. ERP development from our expert developers ensures that inventory management is seamless and aligned with your order fulfillment needs.

      Marketing & Sales

      Your product marketing and campaigns in the digital age have new challenges. Our marketing and sales automation provides the competitive edge your promotional campaigns need.

      Customer Relationship Management

      Customer relations are like mutual funds that provide regular returns on your investments. So, as an organization, advanced CRM analytics and actionable insights become crucial. Intelivita’s ERP solutions offer data insights and CRM automation.


      In the age of Manufacturing 4.0, your organization needs centralized visibility into each aspect of production. Our ERP solutions provide your organization with advanced features to track, monitor, and improve productivity for manufacturing operations.

      Supply Chain Management

      Supply chain management is crucial not just for better delivery but also to ensure that you don’t end up overspend due to damaged goods. Intelivita's ERP development ensures you have the features required for seamless supply chain management.

      Purchase Management

      Making the right purchase at the right time can make or break a business. Our ERP solutions help you make the right procurement decisions, check on existing inventory, the need for new stocks, and track storage. Intelivita offers your visibility into the purchase decision you need!

      Human Resources

      Managing machines is one thing, and human resources is another. You need to manage perks, productivity, and engagement for enhanced human resource management. Our ERP development provides features that help you with improved human resource management.

      Technologies we specialize

      Our ERP development company capitalizes on the latest technology stack and blends it well with the expertise and skills the team possesses. Here are some of the critical ERP technologies we deal with to keep businesses afloat and function seamlessly.




      Drive efficiency in business processes with ERP systems. Let’s begin now.

      Why choose Intelvita?

      Being in the business of providing critical technology solutions, we are enabling businesses with the power to stay ahead in the game. Hire our ERP software development company to experience the difference in process and customer service.

      Seamless Data Migrations

      Take your data to places regardless of what your legacy system is with our tailored ERP migration methodology.

      On-Time Solution

      Our ERP engineers keep you abreast of the latest developments in your ERP projects and provide solutions on time.

      Secure and Robust

      All our ERP software solutions are robust enough to comply with your organization’s standard and keep critical data secure.

      Expertise & Support

      Have ERP specialists who pay detailed attention to analyze your business processes and offer in-house technical support coupled with post-deployment training.

      Agile Approach

      Get the step-by-step ERP development approach with immense agility provided by our ERP team that enables you to make swift enhancements.

      Greater Customization

      We are here for tailoring the best ERP software solutions for business without any compromises to get your business the technology it deserves.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      ERP app development is still in its nascent stages. Queries about its performance and feasibility are common. Find answers to the most common questions that everybody has.

      The time required to enhance your current ERP systems depends on your specific requirements. For example, if you need a complete overhaul of the system or comprehensive modernization, it will take more time as we need to start from scratch.

      Yes, we do provide ERP solutions for startups! Whether you are a startup, an established small business, or an enterprise, we offer customized ERP development services that will be designed based on your specific requirements.

      Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all, so the cost of developing them depends on your needs. Factors like the project scope, type, complexity, and size of features affect prices. Engagement models for developers, QAs, and other resources also add to the expenses. The best way is to contact our experts and provide your preferences to get the most competitive packages for ERP development.

      As a leader in mobile application development, we offer the best ERP app development with advanced features and native capabilities. Our ERP developers have years of experience developing solutions for multiple platforms and operating systems.


      Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.


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