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ERP stands for an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. It defines a critical method that any modern organization would need in today’s time to automate key processes for business development. Choose our ERP software development company to get the ERP software solutions with valuable, in-time deliverables that work wonders.

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Next-Gen ERP Development Company

Intelivita provides personalized ERP implementation services and solutions. These are designed specifically for your business and take your needs, processes, and higher goals into account. Our ERP development company enables businesses to create new features in existing ERP systems that enhance and develop them. Leverage the power of our dedicated ERP team that offers in-depth knowledge and experience of customized ERP solutions in different industries.

Empower your business with our ERP software development services. It helps you efficiently manage critical business departments like supply chain, HR, finance, inventory, procurement, marketing, etc. Being a custom ERP software development company, we focus on optimizing business with the right solutions. The core offerings are aimed at adding value to startups and SMEs at large to streamline organization functions.

Get a robust ERP platform with the latest technology. We use artificial intelligence and ERP knowledge that drives business growth with efficiency, speed and high productivity.

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Our ERP Development Solutions For You

We provide cost-effective, customized ERP development solutions that work best for your USPs. Make smart business choices by facilitating processes by personalizing the ERP and running business smoothly.

ERP Development Consulting

Start in the right direction with our experienced team of ERP application development that can guide you through the process and help your business process.

ERP System Development

We offer ERP system development with the expertise to enable businesses to acquire lightweight ERP applications with different functions (functions) to cater to specific requirements.

Custom ERP Development

Breakdown intricate business processes with our custom ERP software development services. Let your team follow the best business practices for delivering work that creates an impact.

ERP System Enhancement

Upgrade and amplify the power of your current ERP systems as our ERP development company offers ERP enhancement services to get the most out of technology.

Web-Based ERP Solution

Drive unmatched efficiency with our web-based ERP application development wherein you need to do is to fill in the correct data and load your sheet for smoother process execution.

Effective Integration Services

Our ERP development company ensures integrating routine operations into your ERP software in real-time that acts to mediate the organizational processes.

Important ERP modules

Our hands-on experience in custom ERP software development services offers your business with a range of readily available ERP modules. Start pivoting on a range of crucial business processes. Pick your module that comes with unique tools to do away with performing mundane tasks.

ERP Development Consulting

As one of the top ERP software development companies, the consulting module is our innovation. It helps you leverage our deep experience in enabling growth through enterprise applications. Redefine your business process and re-model the programs with our consulting module. We specialize in designing technologies that optimize productivity and ROI on all of their tech systems for mid-market enterprises.


Manage your crucial business inventory with top ERP development services. We are offering an inventory module that helps you make the most out of your investments. This dedicated module can provide you with up-to-date stock information coupled with its location and for its longevity. Never go out of stock with our Inventory module in your ERP as you can always monitor stock movements to improve customer services and plummet storage costs.

Marketing and Sales

The key to a successful marketing campaign is to monitor and analyze data such as customer involvement, rates of achievement, promotional tactics, advertising, etc. This is a matter of meticulous preparation of promotions and long-term investments. The marketing module is the ideal resource for all the tasks described. Also, sales data are combined to find potential ways to boost revenue and attract new customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Identify your top customers and tap into the cross-selling opportunities by using our CRM modules. Our ERP software development services can help you tap additional sales opportunities and even maintain the existing relationship with customers. Dashboards and reports round out your more advanced CRM module features. Like financial management modules, you can use dashboards for at-a-glance analysis to assess how your marketing and sales efforts are performing.


ERP module for Manufacturing is an automated solution that helps to monitor day-to-day production activities. It ensures proper utilization of resources through implementation for ERP software development services and keeping manufacturing capacity at optimum levels. Get the communication rolling between the sales and manufacturing departments that can help you with effective inventory management. Your manufacturing module can help to forecast future data and sales whereby you can estimate profits in a few clicks.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management ERP systems allow a business to handle the full flow of products from supplier to the manufacturer and then a final customer. Choose our ERP development company to provide SCM ERP that helps ensure enough stock and eliminates the issue of shortage during the manufacturing cycle. The ERP framework for supply chain management helps streamline all major operations in the manufacture, transport and delivery of raw and finished products.

Purchase Management

The ERP module for purchases is one of the most sought after modules that allows companies to carry out all the tasks related to raw material procurement. The purchasing module combines the inventory and supply chain management program to ensure that all movement and product procurement details are consolidated and available for all departments. The ERP procurement module blends with our development services to eliminate data duplication and notifies the timely availability of materials.

Human Resources

The tasks of the module are to automate, regulate, and centralize the data of each employee. This includes the retirement cycle, including recruiting information, postings, promotions, assigned tasks, etc. The human resources module integrates with our ERP software development services to ensure that all workers have a robust database. The HR ERP module provides managers with full employee details at their disposal and ensures that the right worker is given an appropriate role.

Drive efficiency in business processes with ERP systems. Let’s begin now.

Technologies we specialize

Our ERP development company capitalizes on the latest technology stack and blends it well with the expertise and skills the team possesses. Here are some of the critical ERP technologies we deal with to keep businesses afloat and function seamlessly.

Why Choose Us?

Being in the business of providing critical technology solutions, we are enabling businesses with the power to stay ahead in the game. Hire our ERP software development company to experience the difference in process and customer service.

Seamless Data Migrations

Take your data to places regardless of what your legacy system is with our tailored ERP migration methodology.

On-Time Solution

Our ERP engineers keep you abreast of the latest developments in your ERP projects and provide solutions on time.

Secure and Robust

All our ERP software solutions are robust enough to comply with your organization’s standard and keep critical data secure.

Expertise & Support

Have ERP specialists who pay detailed attention to analyze your business processes and offer in-house technical support coupled with post-deployment training.

Agile Approach

Get the step-by-step ERP development approach with immense agility provided by our ERP team that enables you to make swift enhancements.

Greater Customization

We are here for tailoring the best ERP software solutions for business without any compromises to get your business the technology it deserves.


Work speaks louder than words! Our range of work demonstrates the expertise and command we hold over a plethora of technologies. We are constantly evolving and adapting to market demands to help businesses to succeed.

Showcasing what we are best at

Showcasing what we are best at

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