API Development Services

An API, Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools, rules, and protocols that enable two-way communications between one system and another.

It is primarily used for building software, applications, and websites with advanced capabilities.

APIs simplify complex programming tasks and optimize your resources for performance and cost efficiency.

So, if your business needs such a solution, look no more. Our team of API experts will build high-caliber API integrations that will accelerate your time-to-market and reduce redundancies.

Our Custom API Integration & Development Services

Experience how powerful integrations can be with our custom API development services tailored for maximum ability to fulfill the most complex demands as your business evolves.

Custom API development

Custom API solutions that will integrate effortlessly with your system, boosting your business’s strength and security. Develop innovations at a faster rate while significantly cutting costs with a robust yet user-friendly API platform.

API Integration Testing

Deliver best-in-class product innovations with our automated and methodological testing that ensures the best performance, reliability, and usability standards.

API Consulting

Drive your business forward with our dedicated consultancy services. We don’t just analyze your current systems – we work with you to strategize and craft tailored solutions that consider every detail from coding to security.

Web API Development

Highly flexible and scalable web API development that integrates a range of features for easier testing from automated documentation to optimized code implementation that will not only streamline your workflows but also foster better team collaboration.

Mobile API development

Take your mobile app to the next level with AI-powered features, such as payments and geolocation. Our priority is to ensure data security and ease of use so that your team can focus on creating dynamic, user-friendly mobile experiences.

Payment API integration

Increase checkout rates and reduce payment errors with our API integration services that support PayPal, Authorize.net, PayU, and a roster of top payment providers. Our solutions are well-adapted to your eCommerce portal to ensure fast and secure transactions.

Cloud API Development

Unlock business potential with our versatile cloud APIs, tailored for mobile, desktop, and cloud applications. Our specialization is building service-oriented archiectures (SOA) that integrate browsers, web sockets, operating systems, databases, and communication platforms.

API Implementations

Let us handle the full cycle API implementations for you, from design to deployment. Solve any technical complexities in server communications, content development, data synchronization, and microservices with our solution-centric approach.

Empower Your Business Growth with Powerful API

With over a decade of expertise, we’ve partnered with companies like Microsoft and Samsung, creating cutting-edge API solutions that enhance system efficiency, connectivity, and innovation.

API Development Solutions for Various Industries

We offer more than a web API. Our software development solutions are designed to scale your business with industry personalizations to ensure easier compliance.

Why Intelivita As Your API Development Company?

  • 13+ years in the API development industry
  • 30+ API development and integration projects successfully delivered
  • 15+ dedicated API developers
  • Expertise in platforms and technologies like Postman, Oracle, IBM, and more
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified API development company
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Advantages of API Development Services

Our primary strategy is to ensure our API development services align seamlessly with your business infrastructure, preparing you for large-scale growth.

Next-Gen Technology

Upgrade an out-of-date, rigid, and limited system with modernized, customizable, and robust technologies. Fast-track development and iteration so you can keep your business ahead in the tech race.

Comprehensive Management Platforms

Strong, user-friendly, and highly secure API management platforms that integrate a full-suite of tools to store, maintain, and strengthen your business assets.

Scalable Tech Solutions

Our platforms are not just resilient – they’re build with the newest technologies for maximum adaptability and stability as your business continues to expand.

Efficient Service Launch

Launch your services effectively on time and expand your user base. Our modern tools and agile approach will enhance your product’s appeal and functionality while consistently keeping it up-to-date.

Our Flexible Model For You

Each business has its unique needs. That’s why we offer highly flexible outsourcing models to match your specific requirements, saving you up to 50% on time, man power, and costs.

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Team Augmentation with API developers

Expert developers ready to uplift team productivity and tech performativity.

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Dedicated API Team

A dedicated team of developers who will drive your business forward with innovative rest API solutions.

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Full API Project Outsourcing

Talented technical specialists delivering quality and commitment on par with your internal team.

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Types of APIs We Develop

Extend your API functionality by implementing new layers of technology to your current systems. We establish smooth communications across diverse software components, technologies, and platforms.

Payment Gateway API

Say goodbye to abandoned rates and increase your sales by serving a better user shopping journey with our secure and reliable payment API, optimized for seamless integrations with Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, etc.

SMS and Communication API

Generate higher conversions with our SMS communication API. Deliver personalized messaging to your customers in real time and establish a stronger connection with them.

Social Network API

Build your own TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with our social network API. Grow a loyal community of followers and increase your customer engagement.

Shipping Carrier API

Multi-feature shipping carrier API to power up your supply chain. Integrate your OMS, WMS, or POS systems with hundreds of carriers. Automate shipment tracking and more.

Healthcare API

Provide better care for your patients with our healthcare API, an all-in-one solution for storing, analyzing, integrating, and accessing healthcare data in cloud-based applications.


Connect your application seamlessly with cloud computing solutions, from AWS to Microsoft Azure, and strengthen your IT infrastructure with controlled resource distribution.


Centralize your marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) in one dashboard. Manage all data sources in one place, schedule follow-ups accordingly, and increase your close win rates.

Logistics API

Reduce operational frinctions by streamlining 2-way communications between shippers and carriers with our logistics API. Our solution enables smooth integrations with ERPs, TMS, WMS, and financial systems.

Our API Development Process

Our API development company is committed to driving excellence through well-defined processes. Our proven and tested methods include analyzing your business and planning a detailed API development roadmap for sustainable growth.

Client Testimonials

Explore authentic endorsements from satisfied clients who share their positive experiences with our software development services.

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Tech Stack for API Development

Each programming language, framework, and tech stack that goes into your API solution is selected with much thought and consideration – because we want what’s best for your business.

API Development FAQs

Whether you’re seeking clarification on specifics or looking for broader guidance, our FAQ is designed to help you gain a clearer understanding of our API software development services and make informed decisions quickly.

API development services focus on enhancing your current web, software, or app system by optimizing your resources with high-performing technologies for a seamless exchange of data between two programs.

API allows for automation at scale, enhancing your productivity with higher accuracy.

on the front-end user experience. This is because APIs are the first components to be developed in a web or app creation.

Without an API, your sources of data will not be connected, which will impede productivity and lower the quality of work results.

Most commonly, there are three types of APIs classified by their accessibility: public APIs, partner APIs (only retained through partnerships), and internal APIs.

Additionally, APIs can also be categorized by business use, either vertical or technical type, or also by protocol (Rest API, SOAP, Async, GraphQL, etc).

It depends completely on your technical requirements.

That’s why we’ll do a thorough review of your current architecture and decide whether we’ll need to build you an API from the ground or upgrade your existing system.

API development costs depend on various factors, including the scale of the project, the resources you require (manpower, etc), and the complexity of the solution (e.g. type of platform, add-ons, etc).

Let’s discuss how we can bring your business to unprecedented heights with our API solution.

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