FormAssist is an outstanding on-demand mobile application for fitness, exercise, and diet. The application has been successfully downloaded by more than 50,000 users with the aim to make everyone fit and fine. Apart from offering the users diet and exercise services, we also integrated third-party applications through which our users would be able to connect their wearable devices and keep an eye on their workouts.

Solution .

Having hands-on experience building tens of hundreds of mobile applications, it was easier for us to understand our client’s requirements. And since we are familiar with all the technologies used in building this fitness application, we were never worried about hiring new manpower or learning new tech skills.

Our client has been clear with the interfaces., so there was no doubt about it. Our business development team also created in-depth documentation, including every single piece of information about the fitness mobile app development.

To make things easier and eliminate manual work, we have made the customers and coach interface entirely separate. With the help of API integration, we have also developed an admin panel to manage all the processes.

Once the document was prepared by our business development team, we presented it to our client, Adam Wills. He was highly impressed and gave us a nod to kick-start the development. Upon agreeing, we started adding some amazing features like:

  • User access to personal dietician
  • Workout coach interface
  • Tracking integration with wearable devices
  • Video addition
  • Messaging

About Client & Application Requirement

Adam Wills is a founder of Form Assist. Our client is based out of Turkey and always wanted to stay fit. His passion for being fit and healthy made him become an entrepreneur. That’s where FormAssist was born. The on-demand fitness aims to provide support to individuals on nutrition and exercise.

Since Adam Wills is a visionary man, he never made himself limited when it comes to exploring. In today’s application-dominating world, he planned to leverage the power of handy devices and digitalization. He always wanted to scale his business, which wasn’t possible by introducing an on-demand fitness application.

The Fit Solution for the Fitness App

The Challenge .

Developing an MVP version of the final mobile app is the first step we initiated and we did the same with the Formassist mobile application. Once the MVP was made available for the public to download, we kept on adding features asked by our client on regular basis.

The development process was both easy and time-consuming sometimes, but our developers were commendable when it comes to meeting deadlines and building applications. Besides, our developers were much involved in putting a lot of logic into building the Formassist application. Since the client asked to develop three interfaces, i.e., a customer, an admin, and a coach, we added more manpower and other resources to our team. And that’s how we finished and made our client’s dream come true.

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