Why You Need Mobile App Support and Maintenance Services

Businesses today rely heavily on software applications to streamline operations, connect with customers, and stay competitive. However, without proper maintenance and support, these digital assets can quickly become liabilities.

Imagine launching a groundbreaking app that captures the attention of your target audience, only to see it plagued by bugs, glitches, and security vulnerabilities shortly after. This scenario is all too common for businesses that neglect the crucial aspect of application maintenance.

This is where Intelivita steps in. We understand that app troubleshooting and maintenance play an important role in the success of any digital endeavor. Our mission is to ensure that your applications remain functional, secure, and up-to-date.

Application Maintenance Services We Offer

Designed to keep your app running at its best, our application support services range from addressing minor bugs to implementing critical security updates.

On-Demand Application Support

Experience responsive and reliable support like never before. Our seasoned experts are here to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and keeping your users happy.

App Monitoring Services

Proactive monitoring is the cornerstone of optimal application performance. We detect and address potential problems before they impact users, ensuring user satisfaction and your peace of mind.

App Upgrade Services

App updates are crucial to improve functionality and address security vulnerabilities. Our team will constantly upgrade your software, so users can enjoy new features and security patches without any disruption.

App Maintenance

The journey doesn't end at application launch – it's an ongoing process. Our comprehensive maintenance services guarantee the stability and reliability of your application, from bug fixes to performance enhancements

App Re-engineering

Is your app struggling to keep up with changing demands and technological advancements? With our re-engineering solutions, your app can adapt to evolving business needs and stay ahead in the tech game.

Application Integration

Unlock the true potential of your application by seamlessly integrating it with other systems and platforms. This not only streamlines business processes but also automates tasks and fosters collaboration.

OS & Server Migration

Moving to new operating systems or servers can be daunting, but not with Intelivita. Our dedicated experts handle migrations with finesse, ensuring minimal downtime and preserving data integrity.

Benefits of Mobile App Maintenance and Support

Without maintenance, your app can go from being a valuable company asset to becoming a liability in quick succession. Here are four key benefits our app support services offer:

Enhanced User Experience

Regular updates and fixes keep your app running smoothly, ensuring a positive user experience that keeps customers coming back.

Improved Security

We monitor your app for vulnerabilities and provide security patches to protect sensitive user data and your brand reputation.

Cost Savings

Preventing major issues through proactive maintenance is far more cost-effective than dealing with extensive repairs or app downtime.

Staying Competitive

Continuous improvement and new feature development can help your app remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Continuous Feature Development

Maintenance isn't just about fixing issues. It's also an opportunity to add new features and functions that adapt to changing user needs and preferences.

Reduced Downtime

By addressing potential issues proactively, maintenance can minimize app downtime. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on their apps for critical operations.

We Provide Application Maintenance Services for Different Industries

Whether you're in healthcare, finance, retail, or any other industry, our team of experts ensures that your application performs optimally and bug-free.

Why Choose Us for Application Development and Maintenance?

  • 12 years in the app development and support industry
  • 500+ mobile and web apps successfully maintained
  • Skilled software developers backed by cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and IoT
  • Tailored software solutions that match your specific needs
  • Continuous support to ensure your software runs smoothly
  • Stringent quality management processes at every stage of app maintenance.
  • Proven track record in securing sensitive data and implementing robust security management measures.
  • Continuous support to maintain open communication and ensure smooth collaboration.
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Our Software Building Process

We follow a systematic approach, combining creativity and technical expertise to bring your vision to life. Here are the five key steps we follow in our software development process:


Discovery & Ideation

  • Understanding Business Goals & Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • identify Potential Challenges
  • Create a Roadmap for Development

Design & Prototyping

  • Understanding Business Goals & Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • identify Potential Challenges
  • Create a Roadmap for Development


  • Understanding Business Goals & Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • identify Potential Challenges
  • Create a Roadmap for Development

Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Understanding Business Goals & Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • identify Potential Challenges
  • Create a Roadmap for Development


  • Understanding Business Goals & Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • identify Potential Challenges
  • Create a Roadmap for Development

Discovery & Ideation

  • Understanding Business Goals & Audience
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • identify Potential Challenges
  • Create a Roadmap for Development
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Tech Stack for App Optimization and Security Best Practices

We employ cutting-edge technologies and industry-standard practices to ensure your application performs at its best while staying resilient to security threats.

FAQs About Application Management Services (AMS)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our software maintenance consulting services.

Application maintenance involves ongoing activities to ensure that your software functions smoothly and remains secure.

Performing regular updates is necessary to fix bugs, enhance performance, and adapt to changing environments.

Virtually all types of applications can benefit from maintenance and support, including mobile apps, web apps, enterprise software, and more.

Whether it's a simple mobile app or a complex ERP system, regular maintenance is non-negotiable.

We have a dedicated support team available round the clock, all year round to address urgent issues promptly.

Our aim is to minimize downtime and keep your application running smoothly at all times

Data security is a top priority. We follow best practices for data protection during maintenance, including data encryption, regular security audits, and access controls to ensure that sensitive information remains secure.

The cost and time for maintenance and support can vary widely depending on the complexity of your application and the services required.

We offer customized plans based on your specific needs, and we can provide estimates after evaluating your application.

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