Shooting Game

Project Description

Its time for war and you are behind the enemy lines. Control the cannon to destroy the shooting helicopters, paratroopers, jets, and bombs. It is a graphical remake of our beloved the old pixilated para troops. Touch screen to control the cannon and shot the target to score points. Cannon can shoot multiple shots at once. One missile will destroy one target, use the missile to hit the parajumpers. This will destroy their parashoot and they will fall to die.

Scoring in the game:
  • 3 Yeps to destroy one jet
  • 2 Yeps to destroy a bomb
  • 3 Yeps to destroy a parajumper
  • -1 Yep to shot a missile

The shooting game will end if your cannon is by a bomb or any three parajumper lands on the ground. Definitely as you move through the levels, difficulty will increase and you’ll have extra fun then.

It is an endless action game, so score maximum each time you play. You can replay any level to get a better score and improve your skills.

Its time to shot commander!


  • Available For iPhone / iPad / Android
  • Download