Nut Hunt

Project Description

Skrat was an nut-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel that lived during the iced ages, attempting to store his precious nut.

During the days of the iced age, Skrat took an nut everywhere around, wanting to find a spot to save it for the winters. Skrat also went out looking for other nuts so as to further his savings, looking all over for more nuts.

Further on in time, through a mistake, Skrat was frozen in ice and survived the iced ages, some twenty thousand years later, washing up in a block of ice on a Arizona beach. Skrat lost his nut and now you can help him get to the nut to omit another cataclysm. The one who solves all the obstacles set out and captures the nut will be worthy to be the king of skratlantic.

Get ready to face 72 challenging levels by using determination, strategy and skill to overcome them.

  • Tap your way through the ice slabs to the nut
  • Collect the magic stars in the process
  • Be careful of falling on the forbidden icy river as it will lead to your end
Features :
  • 72 levels of physics fun
  • Icy cool Graphics
  • Cool music which blends in perfectly with the game
  • Amazing super realistic physics
  • Super easy game play
  • A perfect pastime for all ages


  • Available For Android
  • Download