Coin Dozer Adventures

Classic Carnival Arcade Game

Project Description

Tap coins onto the pusher to push coins, prizes and special bonus items towards you but be careful, don't push them off the edges. The best approach is to tap and distribute coins evenly with precision instead of piling up coins in one specific area.

Europe is your first stage and special XP items and prizes will help you unlock new destinations (Egypt, India & China) by reaching Level 38. For example, Egypt will be unlocked once you have reach Level 38 in Europe.

Coins are regenerated during game play and offline status so be ready to check your coin chest from time to time. You can also redeem free coins or get more from the coin shop.

Features :
  • Immersive 3D environment with realistic physics
  • Fun destinations to explore (Europe, Egypt, India, China)
  • Lots of Prizes and special XP items to collect & unlock


  • Available For iPhone / iPad
  • Download