Arabic Star Kids Learn Alphabet

Project Description

Arabic Star Kids Learn Alphabet الحروف العربية is a fantastic educational Alphabet App for toddlers, preschool, children and adults. This App is packed with awesome activities to help with your child’s cognitive development. Your child will learn basic Arabic Language, Arabic letters, Makharij of the Arabic letters, Letter Tracing and many more features including fun games to play. This easy to navigate application is delightfully colourful and entertaining allowing your child to learn and play independently while you relax - Let's begin and learn Arabic!

  • Alphabet
    Learning the letters is the first step to your child's reading development. With cool and high quality graphics your child will love this colourful and fun activity
  • Letters and Pictures
    Designed to boost language development your child will learn how to connect letters, words and pictures
  • Letter Recognition
    A fun activity designed to encourage and teach your child to learn, think and recognise the Arabic letters
  • Letter Tracing
    With the Letter Tracing feature, your child will learn how to form letters with guidance and practice with multiple colors
  • Makharij
    Reciting the Arabic letters correctly is the foundation of Tajweed and Quran. This feature has an awesome method to teach your child the 5 Makharij areas. An amazing way to help adults and kids practice the pronunciation of the Arabic letters
  • Memory Game
    Fun game to help develop your child's memory and thinking skills with multiple levels to play over and over again
  • Letters In Sequence
    This colourful feature enables your child to drag, drop and solve the missing letters in sequence
  • Voice Recorder
    Fun for everyone! record, play and listen to what amazing progress your child is making with Arabic language and Arabic letters
  • This feature has amazing pictures and a variety of colours for your child to draw, paint and enjoy art
  • With native Arabic speakers and English language, this is the perfect and complete child friendly app for you and your family to enjoy learning!


  • Available For Android
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